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Services for Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server uses Windows NT services to run in the Windows NT Server environment. You can use the Services option in Windows NT Control Panel to determine which services are configured to run on a Windows NT Server computer and their current state. Services can be started, stopped, paused, and continued. The Startup column indicates whether this service starts automatically when the Windows NT Server starts or whether the service must be started manually. It also indicates whether the service is disabled.

Microsoft Exchange Server supports the following Windows NT services.

Service Name Responsible for
Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail Transferring messages between Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus cc:Mail systems.
Microsoft Exchange
Maintaining directory and replicating directory information.
Microsoft Exchange
Directory Synchronization
Exchanging addressing information between Microsoft Exchange Server and any system using the Microsoft Mail 3.x directory synchronization protocol.
Microsoft Exchange Event Service Running public folder workflow applications.
Microsoft Exchange Information Store Storing mailboxes and public folders; also delivers messages between users on the same server.
Microsoft Exchange
Internet Mail Service
Routing Internet messages.
Microsoft Internet News Service Communicating with USENET hosts on the Internet to provide bidirectional newsfeeds.
Microsoft Exchange Key Management Server Public key management services for digitally signing and encrypting messages.
Microsoft Exchange
Message Transfer Agent
Routing messages between servers in a site and between sites.
Microsoft Exchange
System Attendant
Handling general administrative tasks, such as monitoring.
MS Mail Connector Interchange Translating Microsoft Exchange Server information to MS Mail information and vice versa.
MS Mail Connector (PC) MTA Transferring messages between the connector postoffice and external MS Mail (PC) postoffices.
MS Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector Distributing free and busy information to and from MS Mail and Schedule+ environments.