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Server Setup

It is important to establish the naming conventions for your organization before you install and configure the system. The directory names for the organization, sites, and servers cannot be changed without reinstalling the software. You can change the display names at any time. For more information, see Microsoft Exchange Server Concepts and Planning.

Creating the Service Account

Before running Microsoft Exchange Server Setup, you must create a Windows NT service account. A service account is a user account that Microsoft Exchange Server services (such as the system attendant and the directory) use to run. You should use the same service account for all Microsoft Exchange Server computers in a site.

To perform the following procedure, you must be logged on as a domain administrator.

  1. In the Administrative Tools group, choose User Manager For Domains.
  2. From the User menu, choose New User.
  3. Type the name of the service account and the password.
  4. Select User Cannot Change Password and Password Never Expires.
  5. Clear the User Must Change Password at Next Logon and Account Disabled check boxes.
  6. Choose Add, and then choose Close.