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Installation Requirements

When the Microsoft Exchange Connection is installed on an MS Mail (AppleTalk) server, it is designated as the gateway server. This gateway server acts as a messaging hub for other MS Mail (AppleTalk) servers, called gateway access servers. This process is similar to the way in which Microsoft Mail Connection software is used to connect MS Mail (PC) and MS Mail (AppleTalk) systems.

Microsoft Mail Connector Requirements

For each Microsoft Exchange Server computer, there can be only one instance of the Microsoft Mail Connector. To use the Microsoft Mail Connector with MS Mail (AppleTalk), your Windows NT Server configuration must include:

You can configure a Microsoft Mail Connector on any Microsoft Exchange Server computer. However, you cannot configure multiple connections from a single site to a single MS Mail (AppleTalk) server.

Microsoft Exchange Connection Requirements

The Microsoft Exchange Connection is a gateway for the MS Mail (AppleTalk) server. This gateway works with the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA to transfer messages between the Microsoft Mail Connector postoffice and MS Mail (AppleTalk). MS Mail (AppleTalk) server requirements include:

Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server with Quarterdeck Mail Server

To connect Microsoft Exchange Server to Quarterdeck Mail Server computers in multiple sites, you should use multiple connections rather than backboning. If you keep Microsoft Exchange Server messages on a Microsoft Exchange Server computer and Quarterdeck Mail messages on a Quarterdeck Mail Server computer, you avoid problems with message conversion and the delays inherent in transferring messages between two native formats. It also makes it possible to have more than 32,000 Microsoft Exchange Server addresses on the Quarterdeck Mail Server system.

Note   No additional configuration is required to make a single connection between Microsoft Exchange Server and a single Quarterdeck Mail Server computer.

To configure multiple connections to Quarterdeck Mail Server computers, you must add an addressing dynamic-link library (DLL) to Microsoft Exchange Server that automatically generates Quarterdeck Mail proxy addresses for Microsoft Exchange Server users. The Quarterdeck Mail proxy enables Microsoft Exchange Server to convert addresses to the correct Microsoft Exchange Server format so that the replies will work. To automatically create the MSA address type, install Macproxy.dll before adding any users to Microsoft Exchange Server.

In addition, all Quarterdeck Mail Server sites must exchange address lists with each other. If the sites are not fully replicated, Quarterdeck Mail Server cannot resolve the name that the gateway submits, and Microsoft Exchange Server will send a non-delivery report (NDR).

In small, isolated sites, backboning over Microsoft Exchange Server may be the only way to deliver messages. Macproxy.dll may be required in this configuration if more than one Quarterdeck Mail Server computer has a connection to Microsoft Exchange Server.

For information about installing Macproxy.dll, see Microsoft Exchange Server Operations.