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Types of Configurations

Before you connect a Microsoft Exchange Server site to an MS Mail (AppleTalk) system, determine how many Microsoft Mail Connectors you need. In general, your decision should be determined by your network topology. For example, if you have multiple MS Mail (AppleTalk) servers geographically dispersed across multiple LANs, you may require one Microsoft Mail Connector on each LAN.

Also consider how many MS Mail (AppleTalk) servers will indirectly connect to a Microsoft Mail Connector through access components. The performance of the Microsoft Mail Connector and the Microsoft Exchange Connection depends on message traffic. For example, multiple MS Mail (AppleTalk) servers on the same LAN, with a single instance of the Microsoft Mail Connector servicing one MS Mail (AppleTalk) server and remaining MS Mail (AppleTalk) servers through access components may not be advisable. For a higher volume of message traffic, connecting a site to multiple MS Mail (AppleTalk) servers on the same LAN requires more than one Microsoft Mail Connector.