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Types of Configurations

You can install one, a few, or many Microsoft Mail Connectors in a site. You may need only one to service an entire site, or you may want to install one on every server in your site. The number of connectors you install should be determined by your message volume. For example, you may want to centralize traffic between a Microsoft Exchange Server site and an MS Mail (PC) system on the same LAN. This would require a Microsoft Mail Connector in every site. This configuration uses Microsoft Exchange Server as a backbone for MS Mail (PC) postoffices in your organization.

If you connect the Microsoft Mail Connector to an MS Mail postoffice set up as a hub for message transfer, you can route mail to every MS Mail postoffice directly connected to that hub. With a LAN connection, you can upload routing information for these postoffices from the hub to the connector. The hub provides an indirect connection between the connector and all these postoffices.

Note   You must apply the MailerDisable command on any existing External MTAs or Multitasking MTAs responsible for delivering mail to the Microsoft Exchange Shadow postoffice, including any other mail transfer executables such as File Format Application Programming Interface (FFAPI) gateways. For more information, see the Microsoft Mail 3.2 Administrator's Guide.