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Site Connector

The easiest way to connect two Microsoft Exchange Server sites is to use the Site Connector. The Site Connector enables any server in a site to deliver a message to a server in another site.

A Site Connector maintains a list of target servers in the remote site. Any MTA in the local site can choose a target server from this list and send the message to that server. For the message to reach its final destination, the target server may have to forward the message to another server within the same site.

You can designate specific servers to manage communication between sites. To accomplish this, you configure the Site Connector to use messaging bridgehead servers. A messaging bridgehead server receives a message from other servers in its own site and then transfers that message to a messaging bridgehead server in a remote site.

To use a Site Connector, you must have LAN connectivity with a protocol capable of using RPCs. To configure a Site Connector between two servers, you must have administrative permissions on both of the servers.