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Remote Access

Remote access refers to network access over telephone lines. Some messaging systems have separate client programs for remote computing, but Microsoft Exchange Server has remote networking available to all clients. If users have the appropriate network support and remote communications software installed, they can make remote network connections to personal and public folders on Microsoft Exchange Server computers.

Remote users and mobile users with portable or laptop computers can work offline or online:

Work offline   They can use Outlook offline and later connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer and send mail composed offline, download new mail, and download the offline address book.

Work online   They can use a modem to connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer.

To connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer, remote users must use a dedicated remote server or connect directly to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer that provides the remote access software.

Microsoft Exchange Server can run on Microsoft Windows NT Server computers with any of the following remote access software installed:

Remote access software Description
Microsoft Windows NT RAS server Supports connections from RAS and ShivaRemote clients.
Shiva LanRover Supports connections from ShivaRemote and RAS clients.
Other Any remote access server software that is compatible with RAS or the network software that is currently used by your mobile users.