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Lotus cc:Mail Import and Export Programs

The cc:Mail Import and Export programs are the interfaces between the connector and a cc:Mail post office on the same LAN. Message format translation is necessary when sending to and from either system. The cc:Mail Export program writes cc:Mail messages in a fixed format to a file in the connector store. The Connector for cc:Mail service converts the messages and message attachments and then uses the cc:Mail Import program to import the messages to the cc:Mail post office.

Access to a licensed copy of Lotus cc:Mail Import and Export programs is required for every Microsoft Exchange Server computer with a connector. Edit your server's system path environment variable to include the location of the Import and Export files, or place them in a directory included in your system path. You should store licensed copies of the Import and Export programs on the server where the connector is installed.

Note   The connector supports the Lotus cc:Mail Import/Export for MS-DOS only. Lotus cc:Mail Import/Export for OS/2 is not supported.