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Dial-up Options

You can use the Internet Mail Service with the Windows NT Remote Access Service (RAS) to connect to another site or Internet service provider. You specify how frequently the connection is established and how long the connection to the site or provider remains open.

Your Internet service provider may require a command that identifies you and notifies you that you are ready to receive messages. When the connection is established, you can specify a command, such as a ping command, to run on the local computer.

Microsoft Exchange Server supports the use of an SMTP extension called ETRN. After the client host submits the ETRN command to the server host, a new connection is established from the server host to the client host. This validates the identity of the client host.

For more information about using ETRN, see Chapter 9, "Planning Connections to Other Sites and Systems." Additional information is also available in Microsoft Exchange Server Operations and RFC 1985, "SMTP Service Extension for Remote Message Queue Starting."