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Microsoft Exchange Server includes several options for connecting sites and connecting to foreign systems.

Component Description
Site Connector Provides the simplest mechanism for connecting two Microsoft Exchange Server sites in an organization.
X.400 Connector Can be configured to connect sites within an organization, or to route messages to foreign X.400 systems. The X.400 Connector conforms to the 1984 and 1988 International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT) X.400 standards.
Dynamic RAS Connector Can be used between Microsoft Exchange Server sites that don't have a permanent connection.
Microsoft Mail Connector Provides connectivity to Microsoft Mail for PC Networks and Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks (also known as Quarterdeck Mail).

Provides connectivity to MS® Mail (PC) gateways, including AT&T Mail, Fax, IBM Professional Office System (PROFS) and OfficeVision, MCI MAIL, MHS, and SNADS. (Note: These components must be purchased separately.)

Internet Mail Service Provides connectivity to the Internet so that users can exchange messages with other people on the Internet. Can also be configured to connect sites within Microsoft Exchange Server.
Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail Provides message transfer and directory synchronization between Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus cc:Mail systems.

In addition to connecting to sites and to foreign systems, you can use the Microsoft Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector, which exchanges Microsoft Schedule+ free and busy information with MS Mail (PC) so that users can view other people's free and busy times.