The basics of using HP Web PrintSmart software
Use these instructions to retrieve and print a small collection of Web pages. Try out a few formatting changes or a new stylesheet. Later on, read the online User Guide on the Help menu for detailed information about HP Web PrintSmart software.

  1. Open your Internet browser. When you do, the HP Web PrintSmart Shortcut Bar also opens.
2. Search the Web for pages you want to collect and print. When you find a site you like, click the Retrieve button. Continue searching the Web until you have collected a few pages.
3. Click the Open HP Web PrintSmart button on the Shortcut Bar to open the HP Web PrintSmart Tree View and Quick View screens. Web pages that you collected are listed in Tree View.

To view a page, click on it to display it in Quick View.

4. Click the Format menu and experiment with formatting changes. For starters, click one of the Font Size options. Or click the Format box to apply a new stylesheet. Watch as the text changes in the page displayed in Quick View. Your selections apply to all pages you have collected for printing.
5. Click the Print button or click Print on the File menu to print the Web pages you have collected and formatted.

What's next?

More information is available about basic and advanced features of HP Web PrintSmart Web printing software. Click the Help menu to open the online User Guide and the Help documents.