Upgrading from WebSurfer Sampler to a Full Chameleon Product

The Sampler was designed to give you a taste of the full TCP/IP application suites that NetManage offers.

As a Chameleon WebSurfer Sampler user, you are entitled to special upgrade pricing to Internet Chameleon or Chameleon products. Click here to send a request to NetManage sales for more product information and pricing. NOTE: Connect to the Internet first.

Internet Chameleon

A Complete Internet Solution.

Internet Chameleon takes you all the way from signing you up for a new account, to automatically configuring your connection, to connecting you directly to the Internet. Once you are up and running, Internet Chameleon provides all you need in one package, with a dozen Internet applications to explore your new world.

Now Anyone Can Use the Internet.

Internet Chameleon's easy graphical user interface takes the guesswork out of navigating the Internet. If you know how to point a mouse and use standard Windows applications, you are ready to use Internet Chameleon.

Get on the Internet Now!

It will take you only 5 minutes to install the software on your computer using the easy setup program, and another 5 minutes to get connected to the Internet with a new Internet account.

The Automatic Internet application allows you to sign up for a new Internet account and automatically configure your software for connection to the Internet in a few short minutes.

No Need to Worry About Software Compatibility Problems.

With Internet Chameleon, you won't have to struggle with shareware applications from different vendors. The Internet Chameleon application suite is guaranteed to work together smoothly. And network communication takes place with the industry standard WinSock, which means you can run any WinSock application seamlessly over Internet Chameleon.

Choose Your Own Internet Service Provider.

Internet Chameleon works over ANY service provider's dialup account. Dialup accounts include PPP, SLIP, CSLIP and high-speed ISDN. You have the flexibility to choose a provider that offers local service in your area, the best monthly fees, and quality support.

Application Highlights

Up-to-date information on all NetManage products is also available on the NetManage home page at www.netmanage.com. Select the Product Information link from our home page.

Internet Chameleon includes a full application suite and a protocol stack for Internet communications. Internet Chameleon's Winsock-compliant NEWT TCP/IP protocol stack is 100% DLL and uses no precious base memory. Run multiple application sessions at the same time. Dialup speeds of up to 115.2 Kbps are supported for SLIP, CSLIP, PPP and native ISDN connections so you can cruise the net at warp speed.

Gopher - Gopher Client

FTP - File Transfer

Archie - Search Tool

NEWTNews - News Reader

Mail - Email

Telnet - Terminal Emulator

WhoIs - Phone Book

Finger - User Lookup

Ping - Diagnostic Tool


WebSurfer allows you to browse the World Wide Web (WWW). WebSurfer features such advanced features as local cacheing (storage) of retrieved text and images to speed up browsing time, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Style Scheme for customizing page display, history tracking of pages viewed, hotlists of favorite pages, and comprehensive connection status. The Edit HTML feature also allows you to view HTML source code for any WWW document.

The WWW is a set of servers on the Internet that contain multimedia hyperlinked documents. Hyperlinking allows you to follow any topic thread by moving from one related document another. The WWW is unique in its use of hypertext along with multimedia such as sound, video, and graphics.

The WWW is split into two parts, client and server. The server manages the data and answers requests from the client, while the client application (WebSurfer) allows you to connect to all the servers and gather information.

NetManage has constructed a page of useful starting points to help you get acquainted with the WWW. We call it the Jump Point page.


The Gopher application allows you to browse through information located on several thousand Gopher servers (or GopherSpace) around the world. The resource material in GopherSpace consists of data in a variety of formats such as text, images, sounds, and services such as Telnet connections, index servers, and phone book servers. Information is stored in hierarchical directories. Servers are usually organized by topic or by location.

When you open your NetManage Gopher application, you will find that it already points to the NetManage Gopher server. You will also find that the NetManage Gopher software has another pointer to the central Gopher server, the University of Minnesota Gopher.

An online catalog, known as Veronica, allows you to do key word searches of GopherSpace. Your NetManage Gopher application supports this search tool. To find GopherSpace catalogs start at the central Gopher server.

FTP Client and Server

The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application is used to transfer files between Internet computers. Both client and server applications are provided with NetManage software. The FTP client downloads files published on any remote server on the Internet to your PC. The FTP server permits others to access files on your local hard drive while you are connected to the Internet.

The NetManage FTP application also provides an intuitive point and click interface that keeps track of sites that you have connected to so that you can return to them easily.


The Archie application is an Internet information system for gathering data and indexing widely distributed collections of data. Archie allows users to retrieve public domain files (of text, graphics, or sound) from anonymous FTP hosts (servers that can be accessed by anyone on the Internet).

The NetManage Archie software comes preconfigured with a list of Archie servers located around the world. Archie is also linked to the NetManage FTP software which makes it easy to download files once you find them.


The NEWTNews application allows you to subscribe to any of the thousands of newsgroups on the Internet. You can read and post articles, post follow-up articles, and check for new article groups.

The first time you start NEWTNews, it may take longer than normal because the application will download a list of newsgroups that you can subscribe to. NetManage provides a newsserver, newtnews.netmanage.com, which is set for automatic connection in your newsreader. The NetManage newsreader allows you to sort messages by date, sender or topic. Once you are using your Internet provider's newsserver, you can post messages to any of the groups or respond via Email to anyone in the group.


The Mail application provides electronic mail (Email) services that allow you to send and receive mail and to retrieve mail from a server. Your Internet provider will supply you with an Email account and a mailbox.

In addition to sending and receiving mail over the Internet, you can use NetManages MIME capability to send attachments (such as spreadsheets or graphics) with your mail. There are also mailing lists you can subscribe to that allow you to participate in discussions or monitor areas of interest. NetManage's Rules feature can sort messages from these mailing lists and automatically put them in folders to be read later.


The Telnet application is software that enables your PC to emulate a virtual terminal so that you can communicate with a wide variety of remote systems (including other computers where you have an account).


The WhoIs application is a directory service that displays information about Internet users. The information includes the user's full name, U.S. mailing address, telephone number, and email address. WhoIs comes preconfigured with the names of various WhoIs servers around the Internet.


The Finger application displays information about each user on a specified host. This information includes the users login name, full name, the time they logged in, as well as the terminal or host from which they logged in. If no user name is specified, Finger displays information on all the users currently logged in to the specified host.

To test out Finger on the Internet, fill in the host field with "geophys.washington.edu" and the user field with "quake", press the finger button and you will get earthquake information.


The Ping application is a diagnostic tool for checking your network connection to a particular system on your network, it is useful for checking to see if you Internet connection is active and working.

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