What is the Internet?

A "Network of Networks"
The Internet is the world's largest computer network that you can use to exchange ideas and develop knowledge. The Internet connects over 20 million people. Users on the Internet can send e-mail to each other, download files, participate in online discussions on a variety topics and even purchase products.

The Internet is actually a "network of networks." The networks that comprise it are thousands of local-area networks--groups of computers connected by cables--that have been set up by universities, government agencies, research institutions, and corporations all over the world.

Information on the Internet can reside on any one of the thousands of computers, known as servers, that are connected to the Internet. The Internet contains a variety of different servers (e.g. Gopher, FTP, World Wide Web, Usenet News) that store information in different formats. Each type of server requires a different client application to browse the information on that particular server. NetManage provides a complete set of client applications that allow you to view, download, and search for information from any of the servers on the Internet. For example, if you want to see information about NetManage that is located on the Gopher server, you could start up the NetManage Gopher application and have a graphical user interface to "Gopherspace". For Usenet News, you would start up our NewtNews graphical newsreader interface; and so on for each of the popular Internet applications you want to use -- each with its own complete easy-to-use native Windows program.

NetManage and the Internet
There is a tremendous amount of information available to you on the Internet and the challenge lies in finding exactly what you want. NetManage is dedicated to developing tools and services that will make your search more manageable. NetManage is the world's leading supplier of dial-up and LAN-based TCP/IP networking products for personal and business use.

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