Advanced tab

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The Advanced tab has been made for peoples who want to perform more difficult tasks with HTML (Un)Compress. You can add files to the list on the lower left in a few ways; At first, you can double click a file in the file list, it will automatically be added to the list. You can also select one or more (i.e. by using SHIFT and CONTROL) file and then push the add button. You can also add whole directories to the list by selecting a directory on your upper right and then pushing the add button. All the files in that directory, using the wildcard you selected in the filter Combo-box, will be (Un)Compressed. You can change the filter by selecting something else from the list or by just typing in another one. You can remove files and/or directories from the list by selecting one or more files/directories and the pushing the Remove Button

You can also save a list of all the files and/or directories you want to compress by pushing the Save List... Button. Later, you can then reload that list by pushing the Load List... button. By using the Options tab you can also load a default list at startup of HTML (Un)Compress.

You can start (Un)Compressing by pushing the (Un)Compress button. A dialog will ask you to confirm whether you are you want to go on or not. Make sure there are only HTML files in the list, other files would be severely damaged. If you want to (Un)Compress files in all the Sub-Directories of the Directories you selected, check the In Subdirs checkbox at the bottom.