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What is FlexED
FlexED is the most powerful tool in the market in designing and creating your internet home pages. The ease at which FlexED operates, allows even the computer illiterate user to create professional home pages quickly and cost effectively. The FlexED Web Editor designs and creates pages for the World Wide Web (WWW). Web pages created by FlexED produce HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documents, a text-based language. Internet Browsers like Netscape and Mosaic read the HTML files, and display them on the screen.

FlexED is a stand-alone program. This means that it doesn't need an expensive word processing program to run or a viewer to view your HTML pages. While you are creating your HTML documents, you can view the document at hand with FlexED’s viewer. That is, you can view your Web Pages as it would display in any Web Browser while you create your documents. This is the only available HTML editor that supports all versions of HTML and future versions. FlexED offers many ways to creating HTML documents easier. If you are an experienced HTML author, you can type all the formatting tags directly, or select them from menus and pop-up lists. Unlike other editors, with FlexED once you have inserted tags you can double click on the tags and you will be presented with a dialog box which allows you to change the parameters. If you are new to HTML, FlexED has screens and wizards to allow you to create and format your documents easily, insert images and tables, and create hypertext links or hot spots (links to other documents) onto your document without having to learn the HTML language. HTML tags are colour coded so they can be easily distinguished from your own text.

FlexED Features

Colour Syntax Highlighting
HTML Tags appear in a different colour, HTML Tags are visible at a glance.
Tag Dialog boxes
Double click on HTML Tags to display dialog box to change parameters, you dont have to remember all the parameters available. Editor will not alter parameters it does not recognize, this enables you to use new parameters that are not supported by all Viewers.
Built in HTML Viewer
With the built in HTML Viewer you do not need to have a HTML browser to view your HTML pages, built in viewer supports HTML 2.0 and HTML 3.0 forms. Watch your HTML page come alive as you create your document.
Frames Support
New Frames Wizard allows you to create Frames in seconds. View your frames within netscape with a click of mouse button.
Netscape DDE Support
View your documents within Netscape 2.0 +. DDE supports allows you to view your documents without openning a new copy of Netscape.
Image Maps
Client side Image maps couldnt get any easier. Select an image and draw your hot spots. That simple ! Design complex image maps in seconds. Image map editor is built into the editor, no need for external tools to generate complex image maps.
Use the many wizards that are available. Create tables, forms, image maps, hyper text links and much more in seconds.
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+61 2 894 1313 +61 2 894 2067 sales@infoflex.com.au

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