<%onerror error%> Internet Services Administrator - Service <%if platformtype NE 3%> <%if msgbody.anonun EQ ""%> You must specify a user name

<%goto main%> <%endif%> <%else%> <%if msgbody.comservercomment EQ ""%> <%endif%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "cancel"%> <%goto end%> <%endif%> <%if servid EQ 1%> <%!Clear ftpallowanon%> <%!Clear ftpanononly%> <%elif servid EQ 4%> <%!Clear authanon%> <%!Clear authbasic%> <%!Clear authnt%> <%endif%> <%!Update%> <%label end%> <%redirect%>/htmla/htmla.htm<%/redirect%> <%label error%> <%if reqstatus EQ 2500%> <%if rpcstatus EQ 5%> Access denied to this service. <%elif rpcstatus EQ 1062%> This service has been stopped. <%else%> RPC error <%rpcstatus%> <%endif%> <%elif reqstatus EQ 8000%> One or more of the parameters are incorrect. <%else%> Error encountered : <%reqstatus%> <%endif%>
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