Microsoft IIS Internet Services Administrator
Web-based Server Administration

This Web-based tool provides access to most of the administration capabilities of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). In order to administer or view any of the services listed below, a login is required. The account logged into must have administrative capabilities (i.e., be part of the NT Administrators group). The look and feel of this web-based administration tool closely resembles that of the IIS administration application, although there are some minor differences in appearance. Note also that it is not possible to start and stop IIS services through this web administration page.

Select the IIS Service to view:

WWW WWW Administration <%if httpstatus EQ 0%>Running<%else%>Stopped<%endif%>
FTP FTP Administration <%if ftpstatus EQ 0%>Running<%else%>Stopped<%endif%>
Gopher Gopher Administration <%if gopherstatus EQ 0%>Running<%else%>Stopped<%endif%>

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