<%onerror error%> Internet Services Administrator - Directory <%if reqparam RF "bdir"%> <%redirect%>/HtmlaScripts/htmla.dll?dir/bdir+<%servname%>/diradd?rootdir?<%msgbody.rootdir%><%/redirect%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "cancel"%> <%goto end%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "doalias"%> <%!AliasVirtDir "/" msgbody.rootaddr%> <%elif msgbody.rootishome EQ "1"%> <%!CheckForVirtDir "/" msgbody.rootaddr%> <%endif%> <%if msgbody.rootdir EQ "" %> Path for virtual directory is invalid. Please correct.

<%goto main%> <%endif> <%!AddVirtDir%> <%!Update%> <%label end%> <%redirect%>/HtmlaScripts/htmla.dll?<%servname%>/dir<%/redirect%> <%label error%> <%if reqstatus EQ 14000%>

A home directory already exists for this service. Creating a new home directory will cause the existing directory to no longer be a home directory. An alias will be created for the existing home directory.

<%if platformtype NE 3%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "rootisread"%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "rootiswrite"%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "rootisexec"%> <%endif%> <%if reqparam RF "rootisssl"%> <%endif%>

<%else%> Error encountered : <%reqstatus%> <%endif%> <%label main%> Return to main menu