Top 10 reasons to register your shareware!

  1. Get rid of that annoying delay every time you load the program!
  2. Registering is fast, easy, and safe with the new online credit card registration.
  3. By registering, you support the author, and encourage the author to continue adding new enhancements and features.
  4. When you register, your registration is automatically good for several of my projects - SBNews, SBJV, SBImgExp, SBLog, SBSlot, SBRail, SBPop, and a couple of other things that start with "SB". 7+ programs for the price of one? Sounds like a deal to me!
  5. You're already reading this, so we all know you're considering registering, so you might as well stop thinking about it and just go ahead and do it! :)
  6. You won't feel guilty anymore when you email me asking for new features and/or bug fixes.
  7. You can tell all of your friends that you supported Shareware!
  8. If you use the program, it's only right to support the author -- I've placed my trust in you by delivering a fully functional version, now repay that trust by registering!
  9. I take registered users very seriously -- I log on several times per day to check and process registrations and I am committed to continuing support in the future.
  10. Get rid of that annoying delay every time you load the program! (Important enough it ought to be listed twice!)

A few words about me (Scott Baker), and my history as a shareware programmer:

I have been writing and distributing shareware for over twelve years. I first started when I was approximately 13 years old with a DOS bbs door-game called Galactic Warzone and I continue today with Internet related applications such as SBNews and SBPop. I have always supported my registered users, in fact I still converse with some Galactic Warzone players a full twelve years after I wrote it!

I am committed to providing useful, robust, and well-functioning products. I pay close attention to user suggestions, and most of the enhancements you see are something that some user, such as yourself, has suggested to me. I take care in fixing any problems promptly and always maintain recent and up-to-date versions of my software online.

I presently have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and am working on attaining a Masters degree. I consider each of my programs a professional effort generated as a product of my education and my experience in the programming community. If you would like to converse with me about my experiences with shareware, or are interested in becoming a shareware author yourself, then feel free to email me at

A note about ethics:

I feel very strongly about the right of individual privacy. To this effect, I do not participate in bulk-mail schemes, nor do I use "SPAM" techniques to promote my products. I never have, and I never will. I do not give out email addresses to anyone. Period.

You, as an individual, have a right to your privacy. And you have a right not to be bothered with bulk-advertising tactics. Some day, someone with the necessary authority will take charge and put and end to it. I encourage you to act to protect your rights.

Lately, I have noticed a disturbing trend -- The owners of certain "other" news utilities have been shamelessly spamming the newsgroups to promote their products. These people purport to sell you utilities designed to filter out SPAM, yet they use SPAM to advertise their own product? What's going on here? Paying for their services will only contribute to the problems that we're all facing!

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