Scott M. Baker,

I have decided to include several of my shareware programs into a sort of "package deal". Most of these programs share a similar code base and it works out best of I just lump them all together. Paying the modest $15 shareware registration entitles you to use of all of the programs listed in this agreement.

Registration is good for all versions -- past, present, or future -- of the programs listed in this file. You only need to register once.

Paying the $15 registration fee entitles you to use of all of the following:

  1. SBNews/Newsbot ... SBNEWSxx.ZIP and/or SBN32_xx.ZIP
    An automated news retrieval utility. Automatically downloads, uudecodes, and displays images from binary newsgroups. Many bells and whistles.
  2. SBJV ... SBJV16xx.ZIP and/or SBJV32xx.ZIP
    Jpeg/Gif/Bmp/Pcx Image file viewer. Includes visual thumbnail index, catalog generator, and download categorizer.
  3. SBRail ... SBRAILxx.ZIP
    Model Railroad ScreenSaver.
  4. SB Image Explorer ... SBIMGxx.ZIP
    Image browsing utility; Similar in format to the popular Windows-95 Explorer. Supports thumbnail browsing, etc.
  5. SB Log ... SBLOGxx.ZIP
    Log statistics generator for web sites. Generates a comprehensive statistics report in html format from the log files of your web site.
  6. SB Pop ... SBPOPxxx.ZIP
    Internet Email Notifier. Watches your incoming email and alerts you when new mail arrives.

Registration Policy (via US-Mail):

  1. Mail $15 (a personal check made out to "Scott M. Baker" is fine) to my US-Mail address. Include your EMAIL address with the check. [You can also register online via credit card; see below]
  2. I will generate a registration code that corresponds to the email you included. I will email this registration code back to you at the address you provided.
  3. Load up newsbot/sbjv/sbimg and select Register from the menu. Enter your email and the code I provided. The program will now be registered. [Note: For SBRail, the register info may be located by pushing <setup> from the Windows-95 screensaver configuration box]
  4. Your registration is good forever, and will be supported under ALL FUTURE VERSIONS of these programs.

Online Registration via Credit Card:

I now support online credit card registration with a secure html server. You can find my software registration page at page includes instructions and will direct you to the ordering page which is located on a secure server.

The secure server supports the Secure Sockets Layer and encrypts your credit card information so that it cannot be intercepted or tampered with by anyone. It's a widely accepted standard and absolutely the safest way to do business on the web. You can also fax credit card information to me at 520-797-8325 if you'd prefer.

I usually process registrations fairly quickly, so you should see your code within a few hours. I guarantee that I will have it processed within 48 hours. So far, my average turn-around time has been approximately 4 hours.

Once you have received your code, you may proceed with the registration as described in the "Registration Policy (via US-Mail)" section above.

The charge will appear on your credit card as "SB Software".

Specific registration benefits include:

  1. Removal of "shareware delay" in SBNews/Newsbot, SBJV, and SBImg.
  2. Newsbot's automatic start command line feature.
  3. By supporting the author, you encourage me to continue devoting work to the project, which in turn causes me to create a superior product, which ultimately benefits you!

Please do consider registering this shareware if you continue to use it. The programming is very involved and time consuming, and it really gives me a lot more incentive to add new features if I receive compensation for my work.

How to contact me:


Scott M. Baker
2241 W Labriego 
Tucson, Az 85741 

My Bulletin board:

I've taken the BBS down due to lack of use. Please use my Internet email address instead at


My Homepage:

Fax/Answering Machine:

Find the latest SBNews/Newsbot at this address:

Find the latest SBJV at this address:

Find the latest SBRail at this address:

Find the latest SB Image Explorer at this address:

Find the latest SB Pop at this address:

I also try to maintain recent copies of my shareware on the following sites:

If all of the above fail, you might want to try the search site. Their address is

About the shareware philosophy:

Many of you are familiar with shareware, but for some it is a new concept. Shareware is not free software. Shareware simply entitles you to evaluate the software for a certain period of time before having to pay for it. That way, you can make sure that the software is really worthwhile before you have to part with your hard-earned money.

While I usually do not place an explicit evaluation term on my programs, I would expect that if you find the software useful for 30 days or more, then you should pay for it. It's the right thing to do. Paying for the software is usually referred to as "registering", and when your payment is received, I will send you a registration code. This registration code can then be entered into the software, removing any "nag" features (such as "delays") that might be present. Most of my programs also have an about box that proudly displays your name, so that all your friends will know that you supported the software.

All of my software features a lifetime registration policy. You only have to register once. If I release a new version of a particular program, your registration is automatically good for it. You need never register again.

So why should you register? Registering provides me with the financial support that I need to continue my programming efforts. The more registrations I receive, the greater my incentive to continue working on a project. The more work I put into a project, the better the finsihed product, and the more you'll enjoy it. So you can see that by registering you ultimately benefit yourself!