Deadline Systems SendM@ail FAQ

  1. How do I send mail ?

    Right click on the taskbar icon and select the Send... option. A dialog asking for the recipients email address, the subject of the email and text (or body) or the message will appear. When you've typed these details click on Send and thats it.
    Alternatively, double click on the tray icon and the Send Dialog will appear even more quickly.

  2. How do I send an Email to more than one person at once ?

    Type in the email addresses in the To field of the Send Dialog seperated by commas or spaces.

  3. The colour of the dialog is a disgusting yellow, how do I change it ?

    The Change Background option is only available to Registered Users. Also, due to Windows limitations it must be a solid colour.

  4. How do I send a message with a Subject line as well as text ?

    In the body of the message type Subject: followed by your subject. Then leave a blank line and type the rest of the message. It is possible to send just a message with a subject and no text. This applies to a text file if you're sending mail from the command line and also the the Send Dialog box. Note There must be a space following the colon on each header line.

  5. How do I send mail from the command line ?

    You need to create a text file using an text editor such as notepad (not Word or WordPad). The first line of the text file must be the list of recipients - seperate them with either spaces or commas. The second and subsequent lines of the text file are the message. Save it as mail.txt in the same directory as SendM@ail. Then from the SendM@ail directory type sendm32 mail.txt.
    An example of the contents of the file mail.txt is shown below

    Subject: News of great new mail app for the net
        Check this out - I've just discovered a great new app on the net.
    I'll let you have the URL when we get together on Friday.
    Regards Al
    If you specify the -t option on the command line you must omit the list of recipients from the first line. This is useful for mailing attachments.

  6. How do I register SendM@ail ?

    You need to visit the Registration Page. A license number will be generated for you (usually within 24 hours) and emailed back to you with confirmation of your purchase.

  7. I don't have a credit card. Can I pay some other way?

    In addition to credit cards, RegNet can accept cash, check or money order. Be sure to include all of your contact information with your payment. Make checks (drawn on a US bank) payable to Wintronix, Inc. and send to the following address:

    RegNet (Wintronix)
    21200 Trumpet Drive #201
    Santa Clarita, CA    91321-4441
    When your check arrives, we will process your registration and fulfill the order.
  8. How do I send data files as attachments from the command line ?

    SendM@ail can encode files using industry standard MIME protocols. To send the file to George you would need to enter the command sendm32 -m
    The -m option tells SendM@ail to encode the file using standard MIME protocols. The -t option tells SendM@ail to send it to George.

  9. Now I've got a license number what do I do with it ?

    Start SendM@ail as usual. Go to the About Dialog and click on the Register Button. You can then type in your name and company name and your new license number. You must type in the details exactly as shown on your Registration Certificate.

  10. What's the most recent version of SendM@ail ?

    It's currently V1.08. And it's always available at

  11. I'm a software developer who needs to incorporate email into my application. How can SendM@ail help ?

    Since SendM@ail can be called from the command line it can easily be invoked using the WinExec() or CreateProcess() APIs. There's no need to learn MAPI or interface to obscure DLLs. Talk to us about volume discounts or bundling SendM@ail with your products or even customisation.

  12. Can I send big files ?

    The only limit is your computers memory. This is usually translates to files of at least 1 megabyte. However, it is not a good idea to send large files over the internet, they often get delayed because smaller messages get priority. Therefore it's usually best to keep file sizes below 64K. If you are using SendM@ail on your own intranet them this will not apply to you.

  13. I'm a database user who needs to incorporate email into my application. How can SendM@ail help ?

    SendM@ail can be send text messages to a recipient that is named in the text file. If your database can create reports and output them as text file in a format such as the following you can use SendM@ail.
    To: Subject: Button Homer, I forgot to tell you, don't press the red one. Al
    See our developers page for more details.

  14. I'm an environmentally aware computer user who feels that email could be used more effectively in my organisation. Can SendM@ail help ?

    Yes. Anything that is printed and subsequently mailed using the postal service could be emailed instead. SendM@ail can be integrated with your applications to automatically email these documents/printouts. This would save the trees and the cost of postage as well. Tell your Computer Department about your ideas and get them to check out this URL.

  15. Can I use SendM@ail with my WWW page to allow forms to be emailed ?

    Yes. You'll need to modify your PERL or CGI scripts to generate a text file and also pass the correct parameters to SendM@ail.

  16. I produce a report every week and need to send it to the same recipient list ?

    Set up a shortcut on the Windows desktop with a command line such as
    \sendmail\sendm32 -amyaddresses.lst myreport.txt.
    And then when your report is complete just double click on the shortcut. You could also set up a batch fle or script to do it automatically when the report is created.

  17. What are people using SendM@ail for ?

    If you're using SendM@ail in an innovative or unusual way tell us about it.

      Can you suggest any additions to the SendM@ail FAQ ? If so mail us

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