This tool sends its output to synthesizers connected to your computer.
If the Synthesizer field is set to , the output is sent through all MIDI Controllers to all synthesizers. Otherwise, it is only sent to the MIDI controller the desired synthesizer is connected to.
If the First channel is set to , output is sent to the same MIDI channel that input was received from. Otherwise, it is forced to the desired MIDI channel.
If the Number of channels field is set to 1, output always goes to same MIDI channel. Otherwise, each new note, and any MIDI Effects events associated with it, are sent to a new MIDI channel. For example, if First Channel is set to 3 and Number of channels is set to 3, successive notes are sent to MIDI channels 3, 4, 5, 3, 4, 5, and so on. If you are using an Delay control that is generating 3 notes for every one pressed, Number of channels should be set to 3 or higher.
If the Instrument field is set to , output is sent to whatever instrument was indicated by the input. Otherwise, output is forced to the desired instrument.