This window lets you edit the audio wave for the current sample.
Initially, the entire sample's wave is shown. To see the wave in more detail, zoom in by scrolling the horizontal and vertical Zoom scroll bars.
Click Audio Quality to change quality and memory requirements of your recording. CD quality consumes 88,200 bytes per second, or 5 million bytes per minute.
FM Radio quality consumes 22,050 bytes per second, or 1.25 million bytes per minute.
Old Radio quality consumes 8,000 bytes per second, or 480,000 bytes per minute.
With the left mouse down, drag the mouse over the sound window to select part of it.
To hear only the selected sound, press the Play Selection button.
To copy the selected sound to the clipboard, select Copy from the Edit menu.
To paste the clipboard, click the mouse where you want it to go and select Paste from the edit menu.
To delete the selected part of the wave, select Delete from the edit menu.
To set the selected part of the wave to complete silence, select Clear from the edit menu.
To replace the selected sound with the same sound played backward, select Reverse from the Edit menu

To filter the entire sample, press the Filter button. If you only want to filter part of the sample, select the desired time period before pressing the Filter button.
You can make the sample, or part of it, Louder or Softer in volume, or Higher or Lower in pitch by pressing one of those buttons.
To help you synchronize with recorded MIDI instruments, vertical tempo lines are drawn at the start of each 16th note.