This page shows the music for the active track, selected in the Record page.
Since the track's Type attribute is set to Instrument, it shows sheet music.
  • To change the song's current position:
  • Drag the scroll bar at the top of the screen, or
  • Drag the hand over the desired note.
  • To insert a new note,
  • position the hand over the place to insert the note,
  • select a note symbol by clicking on it,
  • set the volume control to the desired volume for the new note,
  • play the desired note on the on-screen keyboard or your synthesizer's keyboard.
  • To build a chord, hold the shift key down until the last note in the chord is pressed.
  • To delete a note,
  • position the hand over the note to be deleted,
  • press the Delete Note button.
  • To change the song's tempo, click on the Metronome tab below.