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The following Anvil Studio accessories are available from Willow Software.

Accessory Pages
  Pages can be added to the Anvil Studio book that:
  • print high-resolution sheet music for your recorded or composed songs.
  • control patch libraries for a variety of specific synthesizers.
  • allow you to view and edit several different tracks simultaneously.
  • allow you to record songs with several audio tracks.
  • allow songs to be viewed in Player-Piano-Roll and other formats.
  • provide tools for Music Composition.
  • Learn to play a song by stepping through it as you watch it played on a keyboard.
  • can be used as piano and voice-training exercises, including
  • sight-training and ear-training for intervals and chords,
  • rhythm exercises,
  • key signature recognition,
  • music notation flash cards,
  • evaluation of one and two-hand scales in various keys with various dynamics.
  • MIDI Manager
      MIDI Manager is an accessory that can be added to Anvil Studio that:
  • supports multiple MIDI Out ports and Patch Bays,
  • provides a graphical view of your MIDI setup.

  • Performance Tool Packs Various Performance Tool Pack accessories are available that let you add more tools to the Perform page, including real-time tools for:
  • Arpeggio
  • Delay effects
  • Chord harmony
  • Modulation
  • Pitch Bend
  • Channel Volume
  • Panpot
  • Sustain
  • and more...
  • MIDI Programmer's Kit Anvil Studio is built with a set of ActiveX objects. The MIDI Programmer's Kit provides you with the same objects for:
  • Loading, editing, and saving a multi-track MIDI Sequence (*.MID) file.
  • Controlling your computer's MIDI and Audio hardware.
  • Displaying notes in Staff and other formats.

  • The kit also shows how to create your own Anvil Studio accessories, including:
  • support for specific synthesizers.
  • tools that can be added to the Perform Anvil Studio page.

  • The kit includes documentation, sample Visual Basic applications, and a royalty-free license allowing you to distribute them with your own programs.

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