This page lets you experiment with audio waveforms by creating them with the above tools, and then listening to them. These three pictures show different ways sound might look if you could see sound with your eyes.
  • The first window shows the fundamental waveform that gets repeated thousands of times per second.
  • The second window shows the sound's pitch over time.
  • The third window shows the sound's volume over time.

  • While the left mouse button remains pressed, drag the mouse within any of the above windows.

    To draw a horizontal line, press the shift key and the left mouse button while dragging the mouse.

    To hear the resulting waveform, press the Play button.
    To insert this sound into your song:
  • press the Copy button,
  • click the Contents tab,
  • click the Record tab,
  • create or select an Audio track or Rhythm track,
  • click the Compose page to edit that Audio track,
  • select Paste from the Edit menu.
  • Note that this page only supports an Audio Quality setting of CD - Mono.