LeanCD requires two DLLs, MFC42.DLL, and MSVCRT.DLL. These are large files and are no longer included in the distribution since many people already have them. By not including these files I have reduced the distribution file by 600K, so even though this will make installation harder for the people who do not already have the DLLs, I think it is worth it. If LeanCD will not run download one of the following sets of files: - - (requires a cab viewer) Open the .CAB file, drag the .EXE to the desktop, and double click on it. The DLLs are installed for you. Don't forget to delete the .CAB file, and the .EXE file! & - - Copy files to the windows\system directory. & - - Unzip the files, and copy them to the windows\system directory.

If you can not find these files, please email me, and I will find a new location for you to download them.


About This Program

In short: LeanCD Player is the smallest CD Player in the CD Suite from RC Software. Its goal is to be small and at the same time completely functional. It takes up a small amount of memory, and very little screen space.

In order to be small this player forgoes a few of the more advanced features other CD players have. If you want more features, and can spare more space on your screen, check out the new version of Qhorz Player, or QuantumCD, coming soon from RC Software.

Motivation: I think programs should not waste screen space like most apps wantonly do. My program may not do all the things other players do, but it does more with its small amount of screen space than any other CD player I know of.

Because of its size the player is not quite as easy to learn how to use as the one that comes with Windows, but try sticking the Windows CD player in the unused space of your title bar! In fact, try that with just about any CD player and you will fail. Perhaps you have a 21" monitor, and have space to waste, if so, you will probably be happier with some other CD player. But if you want a CD player that you can always see, without giving up any useful space on your screen, I think you will want to learn how to use LeanCD.

The CD Suite

The CD Suite is a set of software for playing audio CDROMS. It is currently unfinished, but a few of the programs that will make it up are complete enough to merit distribution.

How To Order

This program is shareware, please register! Registering entitles you to free upgraded versions of the CD Suite (shipping and hanlding extra), which include registered versions of new programs added to the Suite.

The registration cost varys by delivery method:

· $8: 3.5" disk sent by US mail. · $5: Zip file sent by email attachment.

Please send cash or check made out to Alan Robinson.

Contact Info

Smail: RC Software

Alan Robinson

Rt 1 Box 696

Floyd, VA 24091


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