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6. _apropos


Generate a list of functions and variable


Integer_Type _apropos (String_Type s, Integer_Type flags)


The _apropos function may be used to get a list of all defined objects whose name consists of the substring s and whose type matches those specified by flags. It returns the number of matches. If the number returned is non-zero, that number of strings which represent the names of the matched objects will also be present on the stack.

The second parameter flags is a bit mapped value whose bits are defined according to the following table

     1          Intrinsic Function
     2          User-defined Function
     4          Intrinsic Variable
     8          User-defined Variable

    define apropos (s)
      variable n, name;
      n = _apropos (s, 0xF);
      if (n) vmessage ("Found %d matches:", n);
      else message ("No matches.");
      loop (n)
           name = ();
           message (name);
prints a list of all matches.

Since the function returns the matches to the stack, it is possible that a stack overfow error could result if there are two many matches. If this happens, the interpreter should be recompiled to use a larger stack size.

See Also

is_defined, sprintf

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