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36. fgets


Read a line from a file.


Integer_Type fgets (SLang_Ref_Type ref, File_Type fp)


fgets reads a line from the open file specified by fp and places the characters in the variable whose reference is specified by ref. It returns -1 if fp is not associated with an open file or an attempt was made to read at the end the file; otherwise, it returns the number of characters read.


The following example returns the lines of a file via a linked list:

    define read_file (file)
       variable buf, fp, root, tail;
       variable list_type = struct { text, next };

       root = NULL;

       fp = fopen(file, "r");
       if (fp == NULL)
         error("fopen %s failed." file);
       while (-1 != fgets (&buf, fp))
            if (root == NULL)
                 root = @list_type;
                 tail = root;
        = @list_type;
                 tail =;
            tail.text = buf;
   = NULL;
       () = fclose (fp);
       return root;
See Also

fopen, fclose, fputs, error

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