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89. SLang_create_slstring


Create a hashed string


char *SLang_create_slstring (char *s)


The SLang_create_slstring creates a copy of s and returns it as a hashed string. Upon error, the function returns NULL, otherwise it returns the hashed string. Such a string must only be freed via the SLang_free_slstring function.


Do not use free or SLfree to free the string returned by SLang_create_slstring or SLang_create_nslstring. Also it is important that no attempt is made to modify the hashed string returned by either of these functions. If one needs to modify a string, the functions SLmake_string or SLmake_nstring should be used instead.

See Also

SLang_free_slstring, SLang_create_nslstring, SLmake_string

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