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78. SLang_is_defined


Check to see if the interpreter defines an object


int SLang_is_defined (char *nm)


The SLang_is_defined function may be used to determine whether or not a variable or function whose name is given by em has been defined. It returns zero if no such object has been defined. Othewise it returns a non-zero value whose meaning is given by the following table:

      1    intrinsic function  (SLANG_INTRINSIC)
      2    user-defined slang function (SLANG_FUNCTION)
     -1    intrinsic variable (SLANG_IVARIABLE)
     -2    user-defined global variable (SLANG_GVARIABLE)
See Also

SLadd_intrinsic_function, SLang_run_hooks, SLang_execute_function

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