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60. SLang_load_file


Load a file into the interpreter


int SLang_load_file (char *fn)


The SLang_load_file function opens the file whose name is specified by fn and feeds it to the interpreter, line by line, for execution. If fn is NULL, the function will take input from stdin.

If no error occurs, it returns 0; otherwise, it returns -1, and sets SLang_Error accordingly. For example, if it fails to open the file, it will return -1 with SLang_Error set to SL_OBJ_NOPEN.


If the hook SLang_Load_File_Hook declared as

      int (*SLang_Load_File_Hook)(char *);
is non-NULL, the function point to by it will be used to load the file. For example, the jed editor uses this hook to load files via its own routines.
See Also

SLang_load_object, SLang_load_string

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