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28. SLsmg_draw_object


Draw an object from the alternate character set


void SLsmg_draw_object (int r, int c, unsigned char obj)


The SLsmg_draw_object function may be used to place the object specified by obj at row r and column c. The object is really a character from the alternate character set and may be specified using one of the following constants:

    SLSMG_HLINE_CHAR         Horizontal line 
    SLSMG_VLINE_CHAR         Vertical line 
    SLSMG_ULCORN_CHAR        Upper left corner 
    SLSMG_URCORN_CHAR        Upper right corner
    SLSMG_LLCORN_CHAR        Lower left corner
    SLSMG_LRCORN_CHAR        Lower right corner
    SLSMG_CKBRD_CHAR         Checkboard character
    SLSMG_RTEE_CHAR          Right Tee
    SLSMG_LTEE_CHAR          Left Tee
    SLSMG_UTEE_CHAR          Up Tee
    SLSMG_DTEE_CHAR          Down Tee
    SLSMG_PLUS_CHAR          Plus or Cross character
See Also

SLsmg_draw_vline, SLsmg_draw_hline, SLsmg_draw_box

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