Chapter 6. TPO

6.2 Installation

6.2.1 Unpacking the TPO
Before you begin, the scanner must be installed correctly, and you must be familiar with its operation. Follow these steps to unpack the the TPO:
Step1 Remove the TPO from the shipping carton. Keep the carton and packing materials for future use. Be careful not to scratch the diffuser. The diffuser is the translucent white acrylic sheet on the bottom of the transparency adapter.
Step2 Check that the following items are present and in good condition:
  • TPO
  • A calibrating frame
  • User's guide
  • CD-ROM
  • If any item is damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer immediately.

    6.2.2 Setting up the TPO
    Follow these steps to set up the TPO:
    Step1 Turn off the scanner.
    Step2 Unplug the scanner power cord, and remove the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) if it is installed (refer to the ADF user's guide). Otherwise, just remove the scanner top cover.
    Step3 Unlock the screw at the bottom of the TPO.
    Step4 Insert the mounting posts of the TPO into the holes at the rear of the scanner.
    Step5 Gently lower the TPO onto the scanner.
    Step6 Plug the cable into the slot on the rear side of scanner.
    Step7 Turn on the scanner.

    6.2.3 TPO Initialization Test
    Follow these steps to perform the TPO initialization test:
    Step1 Acquire the MiraScan driver in Windows from the image application software (e.g., ImagePals, PhotoImpact, Color-it).
    Step2 Choose positive/negative film from the Original combox box.
    Step3 Click Preview on the MiraScan driver.
    Step4 Check the preview area of the driver if the scanning image appears to confirm whether the TPO works properly or not. If the test fails, please see section 6.2.2 to set up the TPO again or see 6.3 on troubleshooting tips.

    6.2.4 Using the Transparency Calibrating Frame
    Before scanning any transparent media, put the calibrating frame on the scanning window. The TPO comes with the transparency frame with the following functions:
  • Position transparencies on the scanner copyboard glass.
  • Protect the scanner calibration area for proper image quality.