Chapter 5. ADF

5.4 Maintenance

5.4.1 Mylar
Mylar is an important point for image quality, because all image is scanned through the mylar. It is located under the ADF. The rubber between the paper and mylar can leave some dirt, paint or fiber on the mylar. Any dirt on the mylar can produce vertical strips, blurred images and color changes to the scanned image. Therefore, be sure to clean the mylar plate periodically. Follow these steps to clean the mylar:
  1. Turn off the scanner, then unplug the ADF cable from the scanner.
  2. Remove the paper tray from the ADF, then remove the ADF from the scanner and turn the ADF upside down.
  3. Lift up the mylar gently from either side of the mylar:
    • Diagonally insert a narrow instrument (screw driver, clips, etc.) between the mylar and the base. The inserting point should be close to the folded point of the mylar.
    • Lift up a corner of the mylar from the folded side.
    • Slide the stick horizontally from the opening of the mylar to lift out the mylar.

  4. Clean both sides of the mylar with a soft piece of cloth.
  5. Insert the mylar into paper path:
    • Place a stick beside the edge of the mylar around the corner.
    • Slide the stick toward the hole of the paper path to insert a corner of mylar.
    • Insert the stick into the hole between the inserted and non-inserted part of the mylar and slide the stick to insert the whole piece the mylar.

5.4.2 Roller
The rubber wheel(roller) can be cleaned only by alcohol or water.

5.4.3 Lubrication
SAE 30-40 graded oil can be added onto gears and bearings ot reduce noise and friction.

5.4.4 Surface
  1. Use a moist cloth, if necessary, with mild soap or detergent. However, do not use volatile solvent.
  2. The sensors, motor, wiring and control board can be damaged by water. When cleaning, beware of excessive moisture that may permeate into the above parts.
  3. The surface is soft, so do not apply detergent with any abrasive or hard brushes