Chapter 5. ADF

5.3 Troubleshooting

5.3.1 LED Message
There the ADF from the shipping carton. Keep the carton and packing materials for future use. Check if the following items are present and in good condition:
If any item is missing or damaged, please contact your local dealer immediately.

Detailed conditions are illustrated below:

    This LED blinks if ADF motor is turned on, and it will be off if the ADF cover open.
    This LED will turn on if no paper on the paper tray, and off at the beginning of each scanning.
  • JAM
    This LED is initially off. Once a paper jam condition arises, it turns on and turns off until the driver shows "paper jam".
  • 5.3.2 Read Past End of Media
    This error condition arises if selected the scanning area exceeds the paper dimensions. This condition cannot be detected before scanning. If the end of the paper crosses the light path of the scanner during scanning, this error condition occurs. However, there is a tolerance of 0.5 cm to this error. When this error condition occurs, the ADF motor stops but scanning continues.

    5.3.3 Paper Out
    This error arises while scanning is performed but no paper in tray

    5.3.4 Paper Jam
    Paper jam condition may arise in the following conditions:
    1. Paper jammed
    2. Paper length exceeds
    3. Paper slips
    4. Paper separation fails at intake
    6. PAPER OUT SENSOR fails

    When paper jam occurs, follow these steps:
    If paper jam is caused by conditions 2 or 3, you don't always need to remove paper, The next scanning will eject the remaining part of the previous paper and clear this error condition automatically.

    When paper is jammed inside the ADF, follow these steps:

    1. Turn off power.
    2. Remove the paper tray.
    3. Lift up the ADF cover.
    4. Open the U-Turn guide plate inside, if necessary.
    5. Pull out the paper carefully. If necessary, use tweezers to pull out jammed pieces of paper.
    6. Cover the U-Turn guide plate. See section 5.3.6 to remove the U-Turn guide plate.
    7. Lift up the ADF and check the mylar. If any piece of paper is left inside the mylar, a paper jam may occur again.

    5.3.5 ADF Cover Open
    This error will occur while the scanner is scanning with ADF function.

    5.3.6 Remove The ADF Cover
    Lift up ADF cover a little bit open and lift out the cover out of the pins.

    5.3.7 Remove the U-Turn Guide Plate
    Step 1.Lift up the guide plate
    Step 2.Pull up both ends of guide plate.

    5.3.8 Installing the U-Turn Guide Plate
    Step 1.Insert the slots of the guide plate to the pins on side wall.
    Step 2.Lay down the guide plate to a fixed position.