Chapter 4 Problem Solving and Service Information.

4.2 Troubleshooting

  1. Determining Error Messages
    the power-on test or while scanning, some errors may occur. Error messages are displayed in two ways. Scanner problems are determined through various display patterns of the Message LED indicator, and sometimes through a message box popping up on your screen. For errors regarding PC system, SCSI connection and so on, error messages are displayed in pop-up message boxes. The following are what they are and the proper responses.
  2. Error Messages Displayed Via the Message LED Indicator
    Depending on the flash count patterns of the Message LED indicator, errors can be classified into 11 conditions. There may be more than one error at the same time and they will be shown in turn. There is a long dark period on the Message LED indicator between errors. The error flash count is as follows.

    Message LED Indicator Error
    1 flashes 1 time EPROM ERROR
    2 flashes 2 times DATA RAM ERROR
    3 flashes 3 times SYSTEM RAM ERROR
    4 flashes 4 times ASIC ERROR
    5 flashes 5 times LINE MOTOR or HOME SENSOR ERROR
    6 flashes 6 times FILTER MOTOR or FILTER SENSOR ERROR
    7 flashes 7 times DCOFFSET ERROR
    8 flashes 8 times LAMP or CCD ERROR
    9 flashes 9 times TPO LINE MOTOR or SENSOR ERROR
    10 flashes 10 times TPO LAMP ERROR

    Error Messages Displayed in the Pop-up Message Boxes

    Error Message Corrective Action
    1 Scanner not found!
  3. Check whether the power switch is on or off.
  4. Check whether the SCSI cable is properly connected or not.
  5. Make sure the driver is installed.
  6. Data source may be occupied by another scanner driver, please release the data source by restarting your computer, then re-acquire MiraScan driver again.
  7. 2 Can't find SCSI card
  8. Check whether the SCSI card is properly inserted in its slot or not.
  9. Make sure the power is on.
  10. The TextBridge OCR doesn't work.
    of all, make sure if the TextBridge Setup has chosen the right data source, if not, please run the "Setup" program from the TextBridge program group to get the right scanner source.
    Second, set the MiraScan driver scanning mode in B/W Line Art.
    To have better character recognition, the driver threshold value has to be properly set.
    For Win31and Win95, the default value of threshold is 128.
  11. My computer sometimes crashes while I am using the scanner.
    different version of TWAIN(from the application software) sometimes may not be compatible with our driver's. We strongly recommend users to install the MiraScan driver after you have installed other application software. If you do not and the system can not run stably, please try to re-install the MiraScan driver.
  12. Why does the PC show "Scanner not found" after I choose "Acquire"?
  13. Please make sure the scanner is power on before the PC is power-on, if you have already powered on the PC, you have to restart the system or choose the "Refresh" button from the System of the Control Panel in Win95 system.