Chapter 3. MiraScan

3.1 Introduction
MiraScan, the driver of a scanner, is TWAIN-compliant and designed to be user-friendly with its iconlized user interface. Besides, MiraScan implements all the functions such as color-enhancement, descreen and built-in self error detection that improves scanning quality and speed.

The following window appears when the MiraScan TWAIN driver is invoked.

Menu Bar 
contains the File menu, the Settings menu, the Image menu and the Help menu.

  • The Setting menu lets you select some useful setting items, including "Auto Save Current Setting", "Load Default Setting", "Automatic Preview", "Scan Size" and "Show Information".
  • The Effect menu allows you to select some special imaging editing effect, including "Invert", "Mirror", "Descreen", "Color Wizard" and "Under Color Removal".
  • The Adjustment menu allows you to adjust some scanning configuration, including "Brightness/ Contrast", "Color Adjustment", "Histogram/Tone Map" and "Monitor Gamma Adjustment.
  • The Help menu provides access to the online help and lets you view this user's guide by Microsoft Internet Explorer or other browser.
  • Toolbar 
    contains six buttons that you can click on. These buttons include Invert, Mirror, Brightness/ Contrast, Color Adjustment, Tone/Histogram and Remove Film Color. Tooltips pop up to explain the button function when positioning the mouse on a button.

    Combo Boxes
    contains Image type, Original, Scan Mode, Resolution, Scale, Color Wizard and Descreen. You can select appropriate items from each combo box.

    Command Buttons 
    contains Preview, Zoom, Scan and Cancel. To get a whole view of your document, use Preview. To get a close-up look of the scanning area, use Zoom. To begin scanning. use Scan. And to cancel the preview, zoom or scan process, use Cancel.

     Preview Picture Area 
    The preview picture area is where you can see your image in rough quality and point each individual pixel that you want to read the value from. You can also set the scanning area to see an instant preview of the effects caused by parameter changes from those Image functions. There are two rulers to help you set the scanning area.

    Status Area
    contains the process indicator and status bar. The process indicator shows the completed scanning job. The status bar shows dimensions of the scanning area and the scanning status.


    The following sections of this chapter are detailed guidance of all the MiraScan driver functions.