Chapter 1 Overview

1.3 Basic Steps for Scanning Images.
This section presents the basic steps for scanning images after you have installed the scanner successfully (See Quick Guide). For more detailed information on each MiraScan's features and functions, see the Chapter of  "MiraScan"

Step1. Open the image-editing software.
Step2. Click the "Acquire" from the "File" menu then choose "Image"( if it is your first time to use scanner, please remember to choose the MiraScan driver from the "Select Source" item). The MiraScan window will pop-up.
Step3. Place the image face down on the scanner glass with one corner of the pages next to the document set mark.
Step4. Click "Preview" at the bottom of MiraScan windows.
If the "Automatic Preview" feature is turned on, MiraScan automatically does a Preview Scan.
Step5. (Optional) If necessary, change the image type and other features using these pop-up menu on the front panel.
Step6. (Optional) Adjust the selection area to include only the part of the image that you want to scan.
Move the mouse cursor into the Preview Area and position the cursor in the upper left corner of the area you want to scan. Click and drag the mouse diagonally to the right corner of the area you want to scan. You will see a rectangular selection area. You can adjust it by clicking the selection area and move it.
Step7. Click the "Scan" button to get the image.
Step8. Repeat Step 3 to Step 7 if you want to scan another image.
Step9. Close the MiraScan window and come back to the image editing software.