Chapter 2. Scanning Concepts

2.6. TWAIN, SCSI ID and I/O Address
Depending on the contents of your documents, basically, we can classify them into three image types.

2.6.1 TWAIN
TWAIN defines a standard software protocol and API (Application Programming Interface) for communication between application software and image acquisition devices (including scanner). TWAIN was developed to meet the need of consistency in application software or devices. TWAIN-compliant are those follow the basic TWAIN requirements.

2.6.2 SCSI ID
SCSI is the abbreviation for Small Computer System Interface. The primary objective of the interface is to provide most computers with device independence within a class of devices. Thus, different devices can be chained and added to the host computers without requiring modifications to system hardware or software. Each SCSI device occupies one address on the SCSI bus. The address (0 through 7) is used to select one of the devices to communicate with and is called the SCSI ID. The SCSI ID is 2 by factory default. You can change it later if there is a SCSI ID conflict in your environment.

2.6.3 I/O Address
The I/O address is what a scanner driver uses to communicate with interface card. The MiraScan TWAIN driver performs an automatic configuration to find the I/O address. You can also adjust it by manual adjustment function.