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1X2R1301.ZIP 1997-03-18 00:00 716K$ 1 X 2 R i c h V. 1.301 $ Veikkausohjelma Windows 3.1, 95 ja NT käyttöjärjestelmiin. Ohjelma sisältää Vakion, Vedot, Lotot, Speden Spelit, Otteluanalyysin ja budjetin. Ohjelman avulla tarkastuvat myös Lotto- sekä Vakio- HARAVAT helposti. Paketti [1/2] $ Nettipaja $
1X2R1302.ZIP 1995-08-15 00:00 834K$ 1 X 2 R i c h V. 1.301 $ Veikkausohjelma Windows 3.1, 95 ja NT käyttöjärjestelmiin. Ohjelma sisältää Vakion, Vedot, Lotot, Speden Spelit, Otteluanalyysin ja budjetin. Ohjelman avulla tarkastuvat myös Lotto- sekä Vakio- HARAVAT helposti. Paketti [2/2] $ Nettipaja $
1X2A131.ZIP 1997-04-23 00:00 45K$ 1 X 2 R i c h v. 1.31 $ Päivittää 1x2 Rich:n analyysin versioon 1.31. Ohjelma tarvitsee version 1.30x toimiakseen. [1/1] $ Nettipaja $
1X2_1302.ZIP 1997-04-23 00:00 66K$ 1 X 2 R i c h v. 1.302 $ Päivittää 1x2 Rich:n päävalikon versioon 1.302. Ohjelma tarvitsee version 1.301 toimiakseen. [1/1] $ Nettipaja $
MCHANG10.ZIP 1995-05-28 00:00 23K(V1.0) MCHANGER - Win 32 BMP/SCR/WAV Changer Copies bitmaps, .WAV samples, and screen savers (that are in standard Windows format) from the specified directories to the Windows
JGIBAR11.ZIP 1996-08-15 00:00 58K(v1.1) JG Iconbar for FileManager An intelligent and highly configurable iconbar. Integrates with FileManager. Passes selected files to icons. Allows Menu commands, programs, and .BAT files as icons in the same iconbar. NO dragging required. Allows file deletion without the annoying messagebox. Try it, you'll like it! Works with WINFILE under Windows 95 (not Explorer). Shareware (US$ 15) email:
SUPRMN20.ZIP 1995-12-14 00:00 29K(v2.0) SuperMenu. Popup access to Win95 StartMenu. SuperMenu is a popup-menu which makes it possible to select the Win95 StartMenu button by clicking right mousebutn
DOSLFN22.ZIP 1997-05-04 00:00 47K(v2.2) DOSLFNBK: Win95 Long Filename Backup. Backs up Win95 long filenames and attributes from DOS or a DOS window. This allows you to use older DOS-based backup and archive programs with Win95. It also makes it possible to recover from a catastrophic disk crash without re-installing Win95 first. Runs in DOS or Win95. Shareware.
ANT_DEMO.EXE 1997-01-03 00:00 278K(v3.0) Ant_Demo.Dot A WYSIWYG HTML Conversion Utility. The Ant template works in all versions of Word (6.0 and above) - Word for Windows, Word for Macintosh, NT and WIN 95 - to facilitate the creation of hypertext documents. The complete version of the program is shareware. Current information is available at
FIXREG.ZIP 1996-06-05 00:00 3.5K- FixReg v.1.0 ShareWare - FixReg can be used to restore the registry to the settings used on the last successful boot. This can be extremely useful in those situations where an ill-mannered program makes changes without bothering to ask for permission; such as associating every known file type to itself, or worse causing your system to crash. A must have.
4NT295.ZIP 1997-05-27 00:00 543K4nt 2.95 pre-release. Enhanced command processor for Windows NT 3.5 and 4.0. Replaces CMD.EXE, enhances most standard Windows NT commands, over 50 new commands. Command editing, history, aliases, directory navigation, point-and-shoot file selection, much more. Compatible with 4dos and CMD.EXE. Pre-release version for evaluation and testing, expires July 31, 1997. 05-27-97 release A.
95EXTRA2.EXE 1998-07-26 00:00 210K95Extra 2.0 For Windows 95 Installs enhancements to the MS Windows 95 operating system: MaxMTU, FixedDiskCache, DragFullWindows, UnZipClick, NotepadAnyFile, SpecialFolders, CleanTemp
95BOOTR3.ZIP 1995-11-14 00:00 7.8K95booter: Windows 95 Multi Booter Previous DOS, Menu, and More! Requires:Windows 95
STIME101.EXE 1996-04-30 00:00 754K============ SmallTime (v1.01) ============== SmallTime is a handy little utility timer designed specifically for Windows 95!. It will remind you of an event occurring up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds later. It features five unique alarm sounds, four display types, drap-and-drop custom sounds, and more! All this in an attractive package that looks nice on your Windows 95 desktop. Shareware. Registration fee: $5.00. From GadgetWare.
ACCESO2M.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 143KACCESO 2m por Gustavo de Domingo Utilidad para leer los discos formateados con 2m bajo Windows95(TM). Utility for reading 2m's formatted disks under Windows95(TM).
ALM32.ZIP 1996-03-07 00:00 454KALMANAC v3.5d - (Windows 95/Windows NT) A powerful calendar application for Windows 95 and NT. Separate, configurable windows for your calendar, daily schedule, to-do list, phonebook, and/or notes. Contains search tool - displays what you need, when you need it. Calculates recurring events, sunrise sunset times, moon phases, Julian Day, and Calendar Week. Adjusts calendar and schedule data to any time zone.
ASA57D.ZIP 1996-10-17 00:00 560KAS-EASY-AS: The Extraordinary Spreadsheet! Latest version of the Shareware Industry Award Winner for Best Application, 1992 Packed with dozens of new features! Linear Programming, Multivariate Regression; External user Functions; 3d Graphics... And Standard features like .WKS & WK1 file compatibility; Hundreds of Math, Financial, & Stat Functions, dbase interface; Matrix operations; and more...
DE_ASAPI.EXE 1998-03-10 00:00 874KASAPI drivers for CD Writer Pro. ASPI replacement with more features.
UWIN32B.ZIP 1997-12-20 00:00 4.5MAT&T U/Win32 BASE package. Provides most of the UNIX utilities including the UNIX shell to Windows NT and Windows 95 users.
UWIN32D.ZIP 1997-12-20 00:00 1.7MAT&T U/Win32 DEVELOPMENT package. Provides most of the UNIX utilities including the UNIX shell to Windows NT and Windows 95 users.
F2I-100.ZIP 1996-12-17 00:00 286KA UTILITY FROM SERWIZ COMM - FIDONET 2 INTERNET MAILER 1.00 - . Redirects Fidonet mail to internet . email addresses using WINDOWS 95 . and WINSOCK. Redirect up to 250 . nodes or points using MIME. Also . fully control Windows 95 Dialup- . networking and can be executed . completely automatically. . Supports Binkley style outbound . AND Frontdoor / InterMail style . netmail attaches (ArcMail)! . Allows you to reroute
RAISE105.ZIP 1991-01-22 00:00 10KAUTO-RAISE Version 1.05 Win Auto Raise Util
WIPE.ZIP 1995-12-28 00:00 1.6KA Win95 shortcut and icon that uses pgp to wipe files when they are dragged to it. By Ryan Hartman
TCLOCKEX.ZIP 1998-09-22 00:00 312KAdd seconds and date to taskbar clock, Win95/98
A2NT201.EXE 1998-06-17 00:00 1.2MAdministrator Assistant Toolkit: v2.01 Windows NT Security management tools: user passwords, file system and registry access permissions.Windows NT Security management tools: user passwords, file system and registry access permissions.
ALARM.ZIP 1996-03-29 00:00 103KAlarm! Version 1.51b By Robin Choo G. C. for Windows 95
ALARM95.ZIP 1996-01-18 00:00 240KAlarm 95 is a complete alarm program that lets you schedule one time alarms or recurring alarms. Recurring alarms can be set to occur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The intuitive interface lets you view your scheduled alarms by day, week, month or year. Alarm 95 is totally integrated into Windows
ANYWHERE.ZIP 1997-10-27 00:00 14KAnywhere 1.0.16 for Windows 95 is a small utility to easily copy, move or rename a file from within the Windows Explorer. Very similar to the Any Folder power toy but a little easier to use as it gives you the directory trre and you don't have to click the Browse button. Requires the VB 5.0 Runtimes.
APOLLO15.EXE 1998-10-25 00:00 894KApollo Version Number: 15 License: Freeware Description: Easy and simple MP3 player. Intuitive interface, with support for ID3 tags and the ability to decode to WAV files.
APPBAR32.ZIP 1996-04-05 00:00 37KAppBar v0.95 Simple and fast menuing system for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. Makes user defined menus for launching applications at the top of your screen like the Macintosh.
AS101.ZIP 1997-01-06 00:00 3.6MAstra SiteManager 1.01 - A tool that searches a web site for all the links and provides a visual representation. It also pinpoints broken links or access problems, compares maps as your site changes and reads your server's log file and superimposes usage patterns on your site map to improve its effectiveness by letting you see where everyone is going.
ALW202.ZIP 1994-11-21 00:00 476KAstronomy Lab 2 for Win95/NT. Personal Micro Cosmos simulator.
CAUB101B.ZIP 1997-01-06 00:00 1.4MAuto-Bot for Windows 95 (formerly AutoXfer) 1.0b1 - STARBASE-21's Autobot for Win95 automates many internet related tasks, including: Checking for waiting email, sending/receiving email, compressing files, decompressing files, setting your PC's clock, fu ll Telnet sessions and running external programs. These actions can be combined into jobs which can be scheduled in just about any way imaginable.
AWAVE40.ZIP 1997-01-06 00:00 391KAwave v4.0 /Audio & Wavetable Instrument File\ ( Format Converter, Editor & Player ) ) for Windows 95, ( or, Windows NT v3.51, ) \ or, Windows 3.1 w. Win32s v1.3. / + Reads more than 100 audio file formats. + Writes to most common formats. + Graphical audio and instrument editors.
BALITOOL.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 1.3MBali Tools 4.15 is a Windows 95/NT utility that adds a lot of functionnalities that you can access using an icon in the tray area. You may : quit or restart windows, inhibit the screen saver, use a calculator, manage your phone numbers and 'to do' list, modify automatically your wallpaper, launch applications or documents directly from the tray area, count how much time you spend using Internet, announce the time every half
BPUT95.ZIP 1995-07-24 00:00 606KBarry Press Utilities for Windows 95
BLTC60.EXE 1998-06-18 00:00 716KBig Little Talking Calculator v6.0 [700k] W9x/NT4 FREE. I have blurred vision without my glasses. But some people can't see that well even WITH glasses. Here's a calculator which not only has large (physical size) numbers, but it also has talking capabilities. It's perfect for those of us who need larger applications--or if we've got a kid in the house. If only my calculator talked when I was a kid, I could have been a physicist by now. Nah, this is much more exciting.
BFA97109.ZIP 1998-08-02 00:00 405KBlowfish Advanced 97 - The secure file encryption and wipe utility for Windows 95/NT. Offers Blowfish, PC1 TwoFish, Cobra128, GOST and triple-DES as standard algorithms. IDEA can be upgraded easily. Open UCDI driver system for better trust and own driver creations. Key setup with SHA-1. Secure, configurable data wiping. Additional data compression. Easy-to-use file browser with favorites and drap+drop support. Job files for comfortable working. Auto password detection plus many other useful features.
BONGAU17.ZIP 1996-06-19 00:00 321KBongaus v. 1.7 Bongausohjelma Windowssiin Ohjelmalla pidät lintuhavaintosi järjestyksessä. Voit tulostaa elinpinnat ja vuosipinnat. Valmiina useiden lintujen nimet eri kielillä. Tarvitsee vbrun300.DLL:n Platinum Media Entrance
BCD46W32.ZIP 1996-07-25 00:00 700KBusiness Card Designer Plus V4.60a New! JPG,TIF,PNG,BMP,PCX,WMF support Create stunning business cards with ease on your printer. Use rotated text, boxes, circles, lines and clip art and OLE objects. Any font, size, style and color. Card Expert. WYSIWYG. FULL COLOR SUPPORT.
BL322.ZIP 1997-02-21 00:00 799KByeLines 3.2.2 for Windows 95 simplifies the process of creating signature files for email or newsgroup applications. It consists of an ASCII text editor and a small tagline database. In use, ByeLines merges the signature lines and different taglines. Ta glines are then changed automatically. ByeLines will work with any application that uses ASCII files for signatures. ByeLines allows multi-line taglines! * HomePage:
EXCBE.ZIP 1995-06-26 00:00 32KCAB-Extractor 1.0. Shell for the *Microsoft Diamond Extract Tool*. Helps to locate and extract files in cabinet files (like Win95 installation disks).
CAL9609.ZIP 1996-09-02 00:00 74KCAL 96.09 FREE scheduler for home or office. Here's a personal or office scheduler that can be upgraded for network and multiuser situations. It works with any version of DOS or WINDOWS, needs mouse and VGA monitor. Author uses this in his medical practice. Weekly meetings quickly entered or removed, searchable for any word or client name, finds open appointments, prints staff schedules, schedules staff meetings and serial meetings.
CDDIAG12.EXE 1998-08-19 00:00 330KCD-R Diagnostic is a new program intended to help people creating CD-R and CD-RW media. It is also useful for examining CD-ROMs to find out what is really going on. For a detailed explanation of what this program can (and cannot) do, check l.
CDCOPY.ZIP 1998-07-31 00:00 860KCDCOPY: Copy CDDA (audio tracks) to disk
CDRCUEB3.EXE 1998-08-19 00:00 423KCDRCue Cuesheet Editor is the syntax-highlighted cuesheet editor for CDRWIN and DAO, programs for CD-R created by GoldenHawk Technology. 60 day demo.
CDW9521Z.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 474KCD Worx for Windows 95, Ver 2.10.0579 can read CD digital audio tracks and save them as wave file without any quality loss (digital copy). It works on every CD-ROM drive if this drive and its device driver support MSCDEX raw reading. A built-in jitter correction (synchronization) can be used to eliminate intermittent ticks (pops and breaks) in the resulting sound file and thus always get an absolutely accurate reproduction of the CD.
CLOSING.ZIP 1996-01-31 00:00 49KChange your Win 95 shutdown screens to say something a little funnier.
CLIPN20.EXE 1995-08-21 00:00 186KClip'nSave 2.0 for Windows NT/95 - Clip'nSave is Windows NT/95 based screen capture program
CM_401.ZIP 1996-06-15 00:00 521KClipMate 32-bit v4.01 - Clipboard Utility for Windows95/NT. ClipMate remembers all items that you copy to the Windows Clipboard. Lets you view, edit, combine, and print clipboard data. Support for most clipboard formats, including BMP, Picture, RTF, OLE, and More! New Features: Flexible Collections, twin 16 and 32-bit versions, bitmap printing. Shareware $25 by THORNSOFT Development Twin 16/32 Executables, New Interface, New Features
CM95-10.ZIP 1997-01-02 00:00 1.5MClockMan95 Event Scheduler v1.0.054 Automate nearly any application or internet task with the most comprehensive task scheduler for Windows95, NT 3.51 & NT 4.0. Integrated award-winning WIL windows-based batch language (over 450 functions) allows users to automate multi-step and complex tasks. Automation Assistants automatically write scripts for popular 3rd party programs.
CPZIP.EXE 1995-07-11 00:00 288KCodePage changer to Win95. Delete 1st VGAOEM.FON and DOSAPP.FON (+hs) in Win95's Fonts directory by DOS boot and then run CHANGE.EXE in Win95's DOS Shell.
CBFREE32.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 639KConversion Buddy (tm) 3.2 Freeware Converts one measurement unit to another. Powerful scientific precision. 1700 conv. factors included. Add your own. Paste results and precision report into Windows docs. Option- ally, spell out result. Thirty six point one five feet is equivalent to eleven point zero one eight meters. Works like Windows Help Find. No nags. OK to copy, distribute at no charge by BBS, CDROM. by J.E.Presley
COPERN98.EXE 1998-09-27 00:00 2.1MCopernic 98 Version Number: 2.51a License: Freeware Description: More than a Browser Searchbot, in fact this one is also a fully functional standalone searchbot that pulls all the best features together for one excellent product. Features numerous document handling filters and functions and excellent indexing and history functions. Very fast and responsive searches, with the results displayed in a comprehensive, logical manner.
CNTDWN11.ZIP 1997-05-07 00:00 372KCountDown 97 - freeware utility which will give you the age of something in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Also displays the total number of elapsed seconds, minutes, hours, and weekends in a countdown type of format. Up to 25 items can be added. Displays items in the future and the past. Use it to track time until birthdates, anniversaries. Designed for Windows 95. Freeware from Contact Plus
CPUIDLE3.ZIP 1998-06-01 00:00 224KCpuIdle 3.0 for Win95/DOS CpuIdle runs a HLT command in an idle priority thread under Win95/98. That allows modern microprocessors to save power and stay cool. Includes DosIdle for DOS. BEST TOOL for OVERCLOCKING.
CUNEI30.EXE 1997-03-07 00:00 2.7MCuneiform v3.0 OCR software for Win95
CFIT95.ZIP 1996-03-03 00:00 256KCurve Fit 1.0 - Utility that allows you to define a set of X-Y data points, select a curve type and fits the data to the selected curve type.
CPAST221.ZIP 1996-04-13 00:00 25KCut & Paste is a text mode mouse based program that allows you to select a part of the screen using only the mouse, and to paste it to the keyboard buffer, or to a file, or to a printer. Allows selection of many parameters. Works in a Windows DOS box.
DD32_1-1.ZIP 1995-06-26 00:00 37KDATUM Directory Program 1.1b27. Colored unix like ls command for Win95/NT (C) Nader Sahib
DISKDATA.ZIP 1998-01-20 00:00 353KDISKDATA. Näyttää graafisesti kovalevyn tilankäytön. Win95.
DATECRCK.ZIP 1996-04-27 00:00 9.6KDate Cracker Version 1.0 for Windows - Time limit Demo Remover This program, in conjunction with the Configuration maker included, will turn off the time-limited demo of MOST programs. CRACKCFG.EXE is Windows program and must be Run from Windows only. Read DATECRCK.TXT for nformation on how to use Date Cracker.
DISAPPR.ZIP 1996-07-31 00:00 384KDisappear is a little utility that makes the background of Windows 95 icons disappear
DSKRVR11.ZIP 1996-05-21 00:00 66KDiskRover v1.1 Basic Computing Shell Multi-drive shell, straight forward with colored & fonted display. Built- in TreeTool to start it from anywhere. Can handle over 20 external programs. Runs from other shells incl. WINDOZE. For Flickerfree Freeloaders from... FREE WARE
NJWIN10J.ZIP 1995-10-22 00:00 401KDisplay japanese characters under win 95 apps
SW150.ZIP 1996-03-27 00:00 735KDo you wish to remove those arrow overlays that Windows puts on the shortcuts that you make on the desktop? Or do you wish to change some other things about Windows 95 but have no idea of how to do it? ShellWizard takes all the hard parts of configuring Windows 95 the way you like it. Its simple interface offers easy navigation and includes a detailed online manual. ShellWizard allows you to add and remove document templates. You can also change all the file attributes. ShellWizard evens locks Windows Explorer so the it won't alter any changes that you have made. It allows you to choose which program to open unassociated documents instead of seeing that ugly and cryptic dialog box. ShellWizard offers a Macro Language which allows you to use pre-existing plugins which expand the capabilites of ShellWizard. ShellWizard's Macro Language even allows you to create your own plugins to further
DV95122C.ZIP 1996-01-26 00:00 650KDrag And View For Win 95/NT v.1 .View files in Win 95 with right button. Edit text files. Views most popular database,word processor, spreadsheet, graphic and multi media formats, plus also ASCII and HEX. Copy to clipboard, print, search and goto functions. Rotate graphics and save in other bitmap formats. Plays AVI, MRI, MID and WAV files. ASP Shareware. Latest version. Windows 95/NT support. Adds support for PowerPoint, and Latest MS Office files
DZ95.ZIP 1995-10-12 00:00 643KDrag And Zip For Windows 95/NT v.1.0 Zip File Manager. Zip and unzip file with a right button click. Built-in zipping and unzipping.
EMCD2.ZIP 1996-09-03 00:00 2.9ME.Multimedia Presents E.M CD-Player for Win95/NT4 A nice looking CD-Player and easy to use... Give it a TRY! Look out for futher products from E.Multimedia
ERSALL.ZIP 1997-01-07 00:00 5.2KERS : Emergency Recovery System. Windows 95 only. June 1996.
ESMENU.ZIP 1996-12-18 00:00 798KES Menu-For-Windows - Icon-less desktop for Windows 3.1 or 95. Features: Prevent access to DOS exiting 3.1. Password protect any of your programs or entire submenus. Automatic PIF file creation for DOS programs. Prevent multiple loading. Never needs double click. Function key access to FileManager, Control Panel, Run and DOS Prompt for Administrator KeyWords:WINDOWS SHELL MENU DESKTOP Shareware from Easy Software Reg. from $25
ECD77W95.ZIP 1996-08-17 00:00 248KESS-Code 7.7 / 32-BIT Windows95/NT Version ESS-Code converts binary data (pictures, sound, applications) to plain-text for transmission on the Internet. Supports UUE, UUD, MIME, UNMIME, SHIP, UNSHIP, BTOA, ATOB, MAC BinHex, file splitting/joining, filtering, and a comprehensive batch language. 100_ 32-BIT, FULLY MULTITHREADED, Drag & Drop. There is an optional *WIZARD* interface for -easy- encoding/decoding.
ECPD3235.ZIP 1980-01-01 00:00 257KEcopad32 V3.50 Text Editor for Win95 Print up to 8 pages of condensed text on one sheet of paper. Supports any printer that is compatible with Windows95/NT * Shareware version is fully functional. * Ecopad can now load/print files up to 32MB * Two sided printing. Requires Windows95 or WindowsNT 3.51 Maintenence Release of Version 3.x
VIEWEX97.ZIP 1997-07-06 00:00 3.7MExcel97 viewer (WIN95/NT)
EZDESK17.ZIP 1995-11-05 00:00 74KEzDesk for Windows(R) 95 Ohjelma, jolla voi tallettaa ikonien paikat resoluutiokohtaisesti (win95:n bugi) SW US$15
DESKTOP9.ZIP 1996-09-24 00:00 1.0MF-Secure Desktop 1.0 Beta F-Secure Desktop Beta is subject to the terms detailed in the Beta license agreement accompanying it. Easy to Use, Easy to Setup
FMANJR12.ZIP 1994-12-08 00:00 51KFILE MANAGER JR. 1.2 for Word 4 Win 6.0
SCRNTIME.ZIP 1996-04-06 00:00 6.4KFergware Screen to Screen Timer 1.0 - Once started, this app times the amount of time each window, in Windows95 has focus. This is useful if you want to monitor how long a user spends on each screen of a particular application, or how much time, over the course of the day a user spends on an application.
AMDK6UPD.ZIP 1998-09-26 00:00 241KFixes Win95 bug that causes crashes with 350MHz and faster AMD K6-2 CPU's.
FLEXBISO.ZIP 1995-08-10 00:00 433KFlex and Bison for Windows 95 sources.
FLUTE.ZIP 1995-04-03 00:00 692KFlute 1.5 scripting language for Win3.1/95
FORGOTIT.ZIP 1996-12-19 00:00 57KForgot-It for Windows 95 1.81 is a very small Windows 95 software-'post-it'. It's usefull to keep notes on screen, rather than on paper. It takes place in the Windows taskbar, allows printing, alarms, multiple-notes, and several little tricks...
FORMPWR.ZIP 1994-12-06 00:00 1.1MFormPower v1.11ab EZ-Forms for Win*3.1 The ultimate visual forms processor! Create,
FORTUNE.ZIP 1994-06-10 00:00 323KFortune, p„iv„n mietelause. Paketti sis„lt„„ sek„ Windows ett„ DOS versiot. Mietelauseet
FS99501.EXE 1998-05-14 00:00 1.1MFullShot 99 Version Number: 5.01 License: Shareware Cost: $59.00 Description: FullShot is an exceptionally good screen shot program that was designed for easy use. FullShot applies capture buttons to all active programs for point and click screen capture capabilities. FullShot allows screen capture, window capture, region capture, mouse pointer capture, and many more.
GRDUW20.ZIP 1996-12-12 00:00 281KGRDUW Disk Utility for Windows 95 V2.00. Full Functional 32-bit Shareware (NOT run on Win/NT). Support for 720kb, 1.2mb, 1.44mb, 1.72mb and MS-DMF (1.68mb) diskettes. Duplicate and Compare diskettes. Save and Load Diskette binary images. Boot sector check and recreate. Optimized disk Format and Verify. Detailed disk information. Hard Disk/Diskette Repair capability. Completely integrated with the explorer. 40us$.
GREP3211.ZIP 1995-06-29 00:00 24KGREP32.EXE for both Windows 95 and NT
GREYRACE.ZIP 1996-05-07 00:00 131KGREYHOUND tietokanta, tehty Access 2.0 Ajat matkoille 280, 480 ja 680 kausilta 94-96 Mahdollisesti tarpeellinen vedonly”jille.
GATOR121.ZIP 1995-06-28 00:00 667KGator Edit 1.201 - ZiffNet-PC Magazine 1995 shareware award nominee. A powerful text editor for MS-Windows. Open up to 100 files, many text formatting tools, configurable
GOALTIME.ZIP 1997-07-23 00:00 178KGoal Time Tracker (GoalTime) is freeware that manages a list of your goals and the time you spend on them. It keeps you focused on the task at hand and helps you account for your time. Requires Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0.
HIDEIT11.ZIP 1996-02-23 00:00 73KHIDE-IT! v1.1 for Windows 95 HIDE-IT! is Freeware
HOGS16.ZIP 1995-05-07 00:00 187KHOGS V1.6 - Find the biggest memory hogs. Which Windows programs use the most memory?
HP12C11.ZIP 1995-04-10 00:00 166KHP-12c Financial calculator emulator. Emulates the Hewlett-Packard financial calculator: bonds, real estate, loans. Fully programmable, continous memory. Requirements: vbrun300.dll, Windows 3.1, VGA with 256 colors.
VYHA050.ZIP 1997-12-15 00:00 32KHPY-ajastin. 30 minuutin yhteysajan muistutus. Windows 95. Ilmainen - freeware.
HTMASC12.ZIP 1996-07-02 00:00 295KHTMASC V1.2,the fast and easy way to convert pages from the World Wide Web (*.htm) to plain Textfiles (*.txt).All of the HTML tags (e.g., <HEADER> are removed and entities (" ö are converted. HTMASC also offers full text handling capabilities with all the standard features like searching for text,using the Clipboard, printing... and you get nice extras like bookmarks and a powerful undo facility.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="HACKIT4.ZIP">HACKIT4.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-04 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 15K</td><td>Hack-It v4.0 2 by Charles Nutter It's finally here! This is beta 2 of Hack-It v4.0. It is a complete re-write of Hack-It!, which was a Delphi 2 program, but is now in Visual C++. New to Hack-It! v4.0: Extensive window / process control Complete child window listing Executable file size dropped to 5_ of previous version Uses MFC v4.0 libraries - mfc40d.DLL and msvcrt40.DLL Charles Oliver Nutter Headius on Internet Relay Chat</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="HAPDICK.ZIP">HAPDICK.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-05-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3K</td><td> is an animated cursor for W95/NT</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="DTOP10.ZIP">DTOP10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-11-26 00:00 </td><td align="right">9.7K</td><td>Have you ever tried to get back to the Windows 95 desktop for a moment after opening more than one DOS windows? If so, you know the frustration. DTOP version 1.0 offers the convenience of using ALT-Tab to return to the Windows 95 desktop, no matter how many DOS windows you have open.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="HIDDEN.ZIP">HIDDEN.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-11-30 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 18K</td><td>Hidden is a tiny program which starts any other program in a hidden state. Hidden programs do not display their main window, they don't show up in the task manager, nor can you switch to them. Most useful for programs that must be running but need no interaction. This program will get those guys out of your way!</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="INWTCH95.ZIP">INWTCH95.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-01-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">340K</td><td>InWatch95 V1.0 - MUST HAVE for those who try out numerous applications. Track changes to Windows95 directories, win.ini, system.ini, msdos.sys and Registry (system.dat & user.dat) from session to session and during new application installation.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ISPY242.ZIP">ISPY242.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-03 00:00 </td><td align="right">782K</td><td>InfoSpy - The Complete Windows Utility Program which combines the power of a Resource Monitor, a task scheduler, an environment spy, system alarms, Screen Capture utility, On-Top utility and Windows activity tracing in a friendly, clear MDI interface. Chosen by Windows Magazine for Superior Shareware May 1995. Highly reviewed by Computer Shopper May 1995, given a 5 star rating by Ziff-Davis reviewers. InfoSpy can provide a discreet accurate trace of all keyboard act- ivity. Also program usage can be monitored and reported on. These features can be used to ensure kids are not misusing Windows or Internet. InfoSpy can examine and report on Windows tasks, modules, open windows, classes, open files, global atoms, memory usage by task, multimedia devices, memory control blocks, DOS device drivers, environment, CMOS, VxDs, virtual machines, version info, timer info, GDI & USER heap,</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="IDA130.ZIP">IDA130.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-01-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">253K</td><td>Instant Drive Access v1.30 for Windows 95/NT4 Little utility which gives you access to all your drives by the click of an icon in the traybar.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="FVIEW115.ZIP">FVIEW115.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-01-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">217K</td><td>JEC File viewer for Windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="JDK11-BE.ZIP">JDK11-BE.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-12 00:00 </td><td align="right">5.2M</td><td>Java-Developer-Kit 1.1 Beta (winnt)</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="JKL0898.EXE">JKL0898.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">3.1M</td><td>Joukkoliikenteen aikatauluohjelma syksy -98</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SHOVEIT2.ZIP">SHOVEIT2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-01-02 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 15K</td><td>Korjaa Win95:n pienen vian: Jos pidät käynnistysvalikkoa ylhäällä, jäävät valikot sen alle. ShoveIt korjaa tämän pienen vian.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="LBLWZ24D.ZIP">LBLWZ24D.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-11-09 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>Label Wizard version 2.4a win32 (11/09/95): An all-purpose label utility program for Windows 3.x (Win32s), 95, NT.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="IE4POWER.EXE">IE4POWER.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-08-08 00:00 </td><td align="right">235K</td><td>Latest PowerToys from the Microsoft IE developers. These PowerToys, like all the others, are not supported Microsoft Tech Support.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="LC10.ZIP">LC10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-09-11 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 61K</td><td>LaunchControl v1.00 - lets you set the environment variables and the window size and position for DOS/Win applications. First Published in PC Mag Oct 10 1995.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="FILERUN.ZIP">FILERUN.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-01-12 00:00 </td><td align="right">190K</td><td>LionSoft FileRun v1.0 100_ made in Finland! Great program for keeping the most important Windows- programs in one place! Download and be amazed! Requires vbrun300.DLL!</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="LOCK-97.ZIP">LOCK-97.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-22 00:00 </td><td align="right">899K</td><td>Login system protection program for Windows 95 workstations.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MIMEWP61.ZIP">MIMEWP61.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-05-15 00:00 </td><td align="right">3.7K</td><td>MIME.WCM WP6.1 macro converts MIME encoded characters to readable ones. Characters included are the most common ones and own modification is</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ODOM110.ZIP">ODOM110.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-11-01 00:00 </td><td align="right">207K</td><td>MOUSE ODOMETER (v1.10) TOTALLY COOL desktop gadget for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1! NEW VERSION now includes MicroMode to use even less desktop space. How far do you move your mouse each day? You'll soon know with Mouse Odometer! Features an exclusive cleaning alarm.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MP3ORG20.ZIP">MP3ORG20.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-04-14 00:00 </td><td align="right">493K</td><td>MP3 Organizer Version Number: 2.0a License: Freeware Description: MP3 Organizer is a program made for managing and playing MP3 files located on several disks. It frontends winamp and comes with a simple MP3 DLL to play music directly from the database.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="VB40032.ZIP">VB40032.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-10-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>MS Visual Basic v4.00 Run-Time DLL. (32-bit)</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MEMPRO95.ZIP">MEMPRO95.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-10-11 00:00 </td><td align="right">544K</td><td>MemPro - Memory-Mapper for Windows 95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="METZSTOP.ZIP">METZSTOP.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-06-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">147K</td><td>Metz Stop 1.0 asentaa pienen kuvakkeen Windows95:n TaskBar:iin, josta voi käynnistää/lopettaa Windows95:n</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MA21.ZIP">MA21.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-07-15 00:00 </td><td align="right">639K</td><td>Microangelo v2.1 for Windows 95 [Impact] Provides access to icons of all sizes and color formats used by Windows 95. Browse, manage, create, and edit icons from 8x8 to 64x64 pixels in size and up to 256 colors. Explorer-like Browser specializes in locating icons on your system. Double-click to open icons for editing in Studio, libraries for viewing in Librarian. The Engineer replaces system icons, removes shortcut arrows, etc...</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP1.ZIP">80DLEP1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-09-14 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.5M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP2.ZIP">80DLEP2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP3.ZIP">80DLEP3.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP4.ZIP">80DLEP4.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP5.ZIP">80DLEP5.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP6.ZIP">80DLEP6.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP7.ZIP">80DLEP7.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP8.ZIP">80DLEP8.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP9.ZIP">80DLEP9.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP10.ZIP">80DLEP10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP11.ZIP">80DLEP11.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="80DLEP12.ZIP">80DLEP12.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.4M</td><td>Microsim Designlab v8.0 *DEMO*. Includes Filter Designer, Schematics, Pspice Optimizer, Pcboards etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="POWERTOY.EXE">POWERTOY.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1996-11-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">205K</td><td>Microsoft Powertoys utilities for Windows 95 last version 17.11.1996</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WING.EXE">WING.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1996-05-07 00:00 </td><td align="right">818K</td><td>Microsoft WinG version 1.0 WinG version 1.0 provides fast DIB-to-screen blts under Windows 3.1, Windows for Work- groups 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT version 3.5. Win WinG will not run on Windows NT version 3.1 or earlier versions of Windows.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MILLNIUM.ZIP">MILLNIUM.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-10-22 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 44K</td><td>Milltest v1.0 [44k] W9x FREE. How can you tell if your computer is ready for Y2k? Give it the Milltest! It'll read the date & time, resets them to 12-12-1999 and 23:59:59, and wait for the big change. If the change reports the year 2000, you're in the clear. But, if not, it tells you that you need a corrective program (Millnium.exe, included in the download). This doesn't fix every Y2k problem in your PC, but it could identify & solve a possible problem.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MODSTA17.ZIP">MODSTA17.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-04-25 00:00 </td><td align="right">155K</td><td>ModemSta 1.7: Animated icon replica or larger indicator displays of modem's front panel.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MOONPHAS.ZIP">MOONPHAS.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-03 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 14K</td><td>MoonPhase displays the of the moon in the tray notion area of the system task bar on Win 95.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MBM372.ZIP">MBM372.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-26 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>MotherBoard Monitor for Win95/98. This program will try to access one or more of the following chips: LM78, LM79, WinBond W83781D and LM75 on your motherboard and will try to provide you with information about your motherboard's temperature, voltages, fan speeds and cpu temperature.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MXPLO130.ZIP">MXPLO130.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-10-10 00:00 </td><td align="right">824K</td><td>Multimedia Explorer Revision Date: October 6, 1997 License: Shareware Multimedia Explorer allows you to view your multimedia files (avi's, images, midi's, wav's, etc).</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MPD55.ZIP">MPD55.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-02-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">707K</td><td>My Personal Diary for V5.5 New version for WIndows 95! Keep a PRIVATE diary or journal. Designed with privacy in mind to keep your diary or journal private. Multiple user feature allows an unlimited number of people to keep diaries and/or journals independent of one another. Treasure Chest, Spell Checker, Auto dial, Multi-search, To-Do list, Contact Manager.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="NBUST12D.ZIP">NBUST12D.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-02-23 00:00 </td><td align="right">191K</td><td>NAG-BUSTER version 1.2d.Copyright (c) 1992- 95 Erik Famm, NORWAY. A fully automatic program that removes intro. screens (nags), checksums, time limits and other crippled routines and irrelevant information</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="NYANYA2.LZH">NYANYA2.LZH</a> </td><td align="right">1996-06-27 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 31K</td><td>NYANYA.LZH (Meow Meow Mouse is a Windows) utility to automatically move the mouse pointer to the active controls and buttons when a dialog box is opened.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="NESTC042.ZIP">NESTC042.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-09-22 00:00 </td><td align="right">331K</td><td>Nesticle v0.42 DOS/Win95 based emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System written in C++/Asm</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="CELLDEMO.ZIP">CELLDEMO.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-09-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>Nokia cellular Phone demo-only for demo work`s like cellular phone, but not in demo try and buy..</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="CQUARD.ZIP">CQUARD.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-27 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.5M</td><td>Norton CrashGuard for Windows95 CrashGuard 2uns in the background and monitors your system for crashes.It recovers from the crash and lets you save any unsaved data.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="NCG_FREE.EXE">NCG_FREE.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-23 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.6M</td><td>Nortonin CrashGuard v1.1.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="CUPHOLD.ZIP">CUPHOLD.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-05-01 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 64K</td><td>PC Cupholder v1.0 [65k] W9x/NT4 FREE. Every computer nowadays comes with a free cupholder. You should find it close to your floppy drive. Just push a button, and the cupholder pops out. You can set coffee mugs, Styrofoam cups, or even tumblers on top of it. Until I found this program, I had no idea it even existed. My workspace has more room now, and I owe it all to this new cupholder program. [NOTE: it's a CD-ROM drive, the program is based on a true tech support call]</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINBEN40.ZIP">WINBEN40.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1993-10-25 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>PC Magazine WinBench v4.00</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PCWB32.ZIP">PCWB32.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-06-23 00:00 </td><td align="right">2.2M</td><td>PC Webopedia Lite v1.9 [2.3M] W9x/NT4 FREE. Computer terms--there seems to be a dozen new ones every day. How can you keep up with all this techno-madness? Or better yet, catch up? Use this free HLP file with over 2,000 computer terms, their clear-cut definitions, and related links. Computer Instructors shouldn't be without this file, and neither should novices (or anyone wanting to know more about the latest cyber-terminology). My eyes could use a rest!</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PAGER43A.ZIP">PAGER43A.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-06-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.2M</td><td>PERSONAL PAGER 4.3 Win31 Win95 Electronic diary</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PAGER43B.ZIP">PAGER43B.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-06-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">551K</td><td>PERSONAL PAGER 4.3 Win31 Win95 Electronic diary</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PSACRDNT.ZIP">PSACRDNT.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-02-10 00:00 </td><td align="right">576K</td><td>PSA Cards 2.22 for Windows NT - addressing Program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SHAREENG.ZIP">SHAREENG.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-18 00:00 </td><td align="right">319K</td><td>Paddies 1.2 - Easy to use notepads, like sticky memos. They store data on disk and restore it at next start. Always available in taskbar.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PASSWDNT.ZIP">PASSWDNT.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-03-06 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 28K</td><td>PasswdNT(R) version 1.0 - APassword Recovery Program for Win NT</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PTRACK.ZIP">PTRACK.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>Password Tracker Deluxe. Version Number: 3.48 Revision Date: September 21, 1998 License: Shareware Evaluation Period: 30 days Description: Password Tracker Deluxe stores passwords and usernames neatly and securely on your computer so you don't have to remember them. It sits in the system tray and watches for dialog boxes and can automatically insert usernames and passwords when appropriate!</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PATCH_2.ZIP">PATCH_2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-04-09 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 29K</td><td>Patch 95: Quick switch from Win95 to DOS</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="P&PL200.ZIP">P&PL200.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-05-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">9.7K</td><td>Pen & Paper v2.0 Lite by SHP. It's free! Use it to write down notes.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PIANP11.ZIP">PIANP11.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-03-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">4.9K</td><td>PianPois v1.1 - helposti ulos Windowsista Apuohjelma, jolla voit sulkea Windowsin kätevästä pikavalikosta sekä käynnistää Windowsin tai koko tietokoneen uudelleen. Vaatii Windows 3.1:n tai uudemman, mutta toimii myös Windows 95:ssä. Copyright (C) 1994, 1996 Jere Käpyaho</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="POSTIT.ZIP">POSTIT.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-11 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 29K</td><td>Post-It -utility for Windows 95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="PDEVAL20.ZIP">PDEVAL20.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-31 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.2M</td><td>PowerDesk 2.0. Great new shareware utilities for Win 95 & NT 4.0. Includes a fantastic Explorer Plus with many features and enhancements. Also includes a PowerDesk utility that includes a multi desktop feature. Very nice set of utilities.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="QUICKCD.ZIP">QUICKCD.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-06-21 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 16K</td><td>QuickCD for Win95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="QNOTE23.ZIP">QNOTE23.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-29 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.2M</td><td>QuickNote 2.31 is a notepad for putting down reminders, task lists. QuickNote can rollup so other people don't see your notes. It support up to 8 pages of notes. If you are a network user, the notes are saved under your user name.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="QM4.ZIP">QM4.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-02 00:00 </td><td align="right">2.4M</td><td>QuikMenu 4 Windows v4.1b <ASP> Most powerful available replacement for the Explorer shell. Virtual desktop environment for 32-bit Windows. Features include fully customizable desktop environment; multi- level password security; multiple screen pages; image/text/sound import; utilities (file manager, calendar, etc.). Compatible with QuikMenu versions for DOS and Win 3.1x Req. Windows 95 or NT(4.x). NeoSoft Corp.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RAIN10.ZIP">RAIN10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-05-15 00:00 </td><td align="right">121K</td><td>Rain 1.0. Especially designed for overclockers. Puts your CPU in HLT mode when idle. Win95/98.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RA32_3B1.ZIP">RA32_3B1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-10-27 00:00 </td><td align="right">835K</td><td>Real Audio 3.0 player for Windows'95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="REGCLN41.EXE">REGCLN41.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1997-03-12 00:00 </td><td align="right">403K</td><td>RegClean 4.1a (build 7364.1) Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 (with Service Pack 3) Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (all versions) and later Microsoft Windows 95 (all versions) and later</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="REGEDITX.ZIP">REGEDITX.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-07-11 00:00 </td><td align="right">213K</td><td>Regedit help for Win95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="REGSRCH2.ZIP">REGSRCH2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-04-15 00:00 </td><td align="right">655K</td><td>Registry Search and Replace v2.10 helps to automate the frequent maintenance of the Windows NT and Windows 95 registration databases. The registry serves as the primary source of configuration information for the user's operating system and applications.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RESCUES4.ZIP">RESCUES4.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-03-03 00:00 </td><td align="right">506K</td><td>Rescue 95 v4 - safeguards and restores Windows 95. Never reinstall Windows 95 again. Rescue 95 restores Windows 95 in less than two minutes. A DOS program restores Windows 95 even when Windows 95 won't start. Requires Windows 95. This is the Shareware version.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RESOURCE.ZIP">RESOURCE.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-06-11 00:00 </td><td align="right">248K</td><td>Resource Monitor 1.1 (32 Bit) is a program which is designed to keep track of your Windows 95 System, User, and GDI Resources, Disk Space and Memory</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ROTHUNIN.ZIP">ROTHUNIN.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-07-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">124K</td><td>Rosenthal UnInstall v5 <ASP> - Safely remove unwanted Windows & DOS programs. Files, directories and system changes may be kept or automatically removed with system cleaned up and restored. An absolute must-have necessity for trying out new software, CD- roms & demos. Highest awards! Excellent!</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RBOOT11.ZIP">RBOOT11.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-15 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 23K</td><td>RubberBoot 1.1 allows you to boot from Windows'95 or your old version of DOS by predefined choice. The operating system chosen will boot up until RubberBoot is run again to change the default.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SKED15.ZIP">SKED15.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-03 00:00 </td><td align="right">184K</td><td>SKEDEZY 1.5 V. easy scheduler for Windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SPRBR20O.ZIP">SPRBR20O.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-07-16 00:00 </td><td align="right">251K</td><td>SUPERBAR v2.0 <ASP> SuperBar is a Windows program for adding user-configurable toolbars to *any* Windows application.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="S95E4013.ZIP">S95E4013.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-05-01 00:00 </td><td align="right">658K</td><td>SWEEP for Windows 95 version 2.85</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="NANOSEC.ZIP">NANOSEC.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-01-31 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.8M</td><td>Set system clock from NIST or USNO atom clock</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SSETUP26.ZIP">SSETUP26.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-07-27 00:00 </td><td align="right">714K</td><td>Setup Studio 2.6. The ultimate toolkit to build nice setup programs for Win 3.1/95.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SW20PRO.EXE">SW20PRO.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1996-11-06 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.8M</td><td>Shell Wizard 2.0 Pro Apuohjelma, joka auttaa sinua muuntelemaan Windows95:n kätkettyjä optioita</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SHRTCTR2.ZIP">SHRTCTR2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-11-19 00:00 </td><td align="right">195K</td><td>ShortCutter 2.01 - Upgrade from version 1.0. A complete revamp of the complete shortcut management utility for Win95/NT. ShortCutter finds all links on your computer and allows you to perform actions including deleting or resolving broken links. It will also find empty files, empty directories, and internet shortcuts.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SYSINFO.ZIP">SYSINFO.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-06-11 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 10K</td><td>Simple enhanced uptime utility for Windows NT and Windows95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ATOMTM.ZIP">ATOMTM.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-03-31 00:00 </td><td align="right">105K</td><td>Sleek and straightforward, AtomTime95 can keep the clock on your Windows 95 system right in step with the public-access atomic clock server of the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado. It can be used with any Winsock-compliant Internet link (Dial-Up Networking or a LAN), and can be set to automatically update your time whenever you boot the PC or used with a scheduler. Operation is so simple, you may not need to</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="CLCKR12A.ZIP">CLCKR12A.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-04-29 00:00 </td><td align="right">149K</td><td>Small utility for Win NT: use also middle button of your mouse</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SK16.ZIP">SK16.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-02-06 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Spamkiller v1.6. A great anti-spam program that makes filtering your mail before downloading easy. You set up the criteria to be filtered out, including a huge preinstalled list of known spammers, and it checks your mail at preset intervals deleting your spam (or marking it for deletion so you can ok the deletion yourself). The program runs in the system tray and takes little resources.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SS201.ZIP">SS201.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-12-25 00:00 </td><td align="right">2.1M</td><td>SportStatistics 2.0 Win95 veikkaajille ja urheiluhulluille SportStatisticsilla voit tilastoida eri palloilulajien otteluita. Näet sarjataulukot (myös koti, vieras sekä kuntopuntari) ja voit tutkia tilastoja. Voit etsiä aikaisem- min tietokantaan lisättyjä otteluita eri- laisten suotimien läpi. SportStatistics si- sältää myös tödennäköisyyslaskurin, jolla veikkaaja voi arvioida otteluparien vah- vuussuhteita.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="STAMPR11.ZIP">STAMPR11.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-01-01 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 32K</td><td>Stamper: Windows Utility to change date and times on a range of files.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="GIZMOS.ZIP">GIZMOS.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-15 00:00 </td><td align="right">7.3K</td><td>Stickies! Gizmos are 4 tiny programs you can put on the tool bars of other programs or the Win95 desktop to access 4 of the most common Stickies! functions: Create a new note, open the note set switcher, surface all notes, and open the file cabinet. The gizmos work with Stickies! 3.1 and later (open file cab. is 4.0-only). Freeware from Lou Grinzo Technologies.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="STICKY~1.ZIP">STICKY~1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-01-24 00:00 </td><td align="right">693K</td><td>Stickythings v2.0 32-bit for Windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="STORMW44.ZIP">STORMW44.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-08-12 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.1M</td><td>StormWindows [TM] for Windows 95 will allow the authorized user to add several types of protections to the desktop and system of a Windows 95 computer. Intelligent use of StormWindows security measures will allow secure use of any shared Windows 95 PC. StormWindows protections would probably be most useful to someone in charge of a number of computers at a school or business, a network manager, or a parent.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SW20.ZIP">SW20.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-10-27 00:00 </td><td align="right">420K</td><td>Stream Works 2.0 For Windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SITEX10.ZIP">SITEX10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-07-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">286K</td><td>Stuffit Expander v.1.0 for Windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WMUISTU.ZIP">WMUISTU.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-02-26 00:00 </td><td align="right">100K</td><td>Suomenkielinen Windows-ohjelma, joka näyttää nimipäivät, historiaa, syntymäpäiviä sekä päivän Sanan Raamatusta.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SYSMON32.ZIP">SYSMON32.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-20 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 35K</td><td>System Monitor 32, v.3.0 for Windows 95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="LEZSPEED.ZIP">LEZSPEED.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-06-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>System performance test for Win95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="UNIX95.ZIP">UNIX95.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-01 00:00 </td><td align="right">706K</td><td>Tärkeimmät unix-apuohjelmat Windows 95:n dossipromptiin.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="TSKPRO20.ZIP">TSKPRO20.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-07-31 00:00 </td><td align="right">252K</td><td>TASK PRO v2.0 - Task Pro is a full-featured, highly configurable utility that allows you to manipulate and obtain information on windows, modules, and tasks. Win3.1/95/NT</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="TC32102.ZIP">TC32102.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">511K</td><td>Take Command/32 1.02 <ASP> - JP Software's 32-bit graphical command processor for MS Windows 95 and Windows NT. A true Windows app, not character- mode. Command enhancements, over 50 new commands, 4dos compatible, dozens of new Windows NT-related features. Shareware, $69 full registration. 04-17-95 release A (62).</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="IQTEST.ARJ">IQTEST.ARJ</a> </td><td align="right">1996-06-27 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 17K</td><td>Test your little IQ. 30 minutes IQ test for windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="TLDEMO32.ZIP">TLDEMO32.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-09-02 00:00 </td><td align="right">931K</td><td>Time logger for consulting - Exports, invoices</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="TIMEFULL.ZIP">TIMEFULL.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-05-19 00:00 </td><td align="right">2.0M</td><td>Time v1.0.6 [2.0M] W9x/NT4 FREE. I may feature tons of shareware, but there's no way I could keep it all. I'm keeping this sucker. Time is a borderless window on your Desktop which displays the time/date in any font & color of your choice. Finally, you don't have to use the Taskbar to see the time (it even has audio alarms). I've got it running on my Desktop now, where it will stay for a long time. Smaller downloads are at the site (this is the full VB5 installation).</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="TOUCHPRO.ZIP">TOUCHPRO.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-02-25 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 29K</td><td>TouchPro - is a Win95 extension that allows you to modify a file's time and date values. This appears as an extra dialog box in addition to a file's normal property pages. Description Copyright 1996 PsL</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WTOUCH.ZIP">WTOUCH.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-12-14 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 30K</td><td>Touch for Windows 1.5 for Windows 3.x/95/NT is a File Manager extension that allows you to touch selected files. Touching a file sets the file's modification date and time, handy for new software releases and when forcing dependancy files to be marked in a Visual Workshop project. Options are also included to quickly lock and unlock selected files. Touch for Windows also provides three new tool ribbon buttons for customizing the File</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ZOCXLATE.ZIP">ZOCXLATE.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-01-01 00:00 </td><td align="right">968 </td><td>Translatetables for ZOC for Windows95</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="SBEFULL4.EXE">SBEFULL4.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-06 00:00 </td><td align="right">4.5M</td><td>True Image Toolkit: v4.12er Windows NT and workstation backup software</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="TWEAKUI.ZIP">TWEAKUI.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-10-18 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 32K</td><td>Tweak UI for Win95, the Control Panel for Type A personalities.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="UCALC40.ZIP">UCALC40.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-06-04 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.7M</td><td>UCALC v4.0 (Win 95) Multipurpose calculator. Expression Evaluator, Unit Converter, User Solution Modules, Financial Calculations, Equation Solver, General Ledger. Many built- in functions, operators, numeric bases, modes and formats. User functions and variables. Plots Cartesian, polar, 3d, parametric, data files. usms allow you to interactively define and solve problems by simply filling in the blanks. Web site:</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="DE_UFS.EXE">DE_UFS.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1997-09-17 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.4M</td><td>UFS addon for CD Writer Pro.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="DATE2.ZIP">DATE2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-16 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 18K</td><td>Unix like date command for Windows NT 3.5</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="LS_NT14.ZIP">LS_NT14.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-04-21 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 22K</td><td>Unix like ls command for Windows NT</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WW1138.EXE">WW1138.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1995-01-24 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 41K</td><td>Updated Calculator Accessory for Windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="UPTIME.ZIP">UPTIME.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-10-15 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 11K</td><td>Uptime utility for win 95 /nt with newshell</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="VSWEB30.ZIP">VSWEB30.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-01-20 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>ViruSafe Web Version 3.0 (12/96) for Windows 3.1 - 95 - NT, is installed as an integral part of your Web Browser, with absolutely no overhead on connection time. Whenever you will download a file from the internet, ViruSafe WEB will automatically scan th is file, even before it is saved to the disk. It can scan in programs, compressed ZIP files and WORD documents. If a virus is found, ViruSafe WEB will suggest erasing the</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="VISUACT.ZIP">VISUACT.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-11-07 00:00 </td><td align="right">248K</td><td>Visuactive for Win95 : INNOVATIVE! Fantastic utility allowing you to DRAW commands in order to execute them! Anywhere on the screen, draw a 'C' to cut some text, an 'S' to save it, a 'W' to launch your word processor... A shape recognition engine provides these features. Visuactive works like a resident. Fully configurable, works with all the applications on the market.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="VB4RUN32.ZIP">VB4RUN32.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-12-02 00:00 </td><td align="right">772K</td><td>Visual Basic v4.0 Runtime-lib. 32bit.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WCL810.ZIP">WCL810.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-01-09 00:00 </td><td align="right">761K</td><td>WCL: a Command Processor for Windows, and Win-OS/2. This is a full Windows Command Shell and suite of utilities. It presents a Windows implementation of a C:> prompt, full emulation of DOS commands like DIR, COPY, DEL, REN, MD, RD, CD, TYPE, DELTREE, COPYTREE, etc. It also features application execution and file management from the WCL prompt, timed scheduling of commands, a ticking clock, batch file processing and</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="CFGBK.EXE">CFGBK.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1995-05-08 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 46K</td><td>WIN-95 Registry backup utility from Microsoft FTP-server</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WC32V301.ZIP">WC32V301.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-31 00:00 </td><td align="right">826K</td><td>WINDOWS COMMANDER 3.01 - 32bit filemanager Wincmd is a file manager replacement for Windows. This is the 32-bit version for Windows 95 and NT 3.51/4.0. For Windows 3.1, please download the 16-bit version from Wincmd supports ZIP/ARJ/LHA/RAR/UC2, internal ZIP packer, drag&drop from&to explorer/desktop.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINX12.ZIP">WINX12.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-09-03 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 96K</td><td>WINX 1.2 is designed to let you run several programs from one icon or shortcut.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WPGP140.ZIP">WPGP140.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-09-15 00:00 </td><td align="right">749K</td><td>WPGP is a Windows/PGP integration tool that will extract text from a window, process it through PGP, and place the result back in the window. Fully functional 30 day evaluation.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WFALL123.ZIP">WFALL123.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1998-05-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">119K</td><td>Waterfall 1.23. Puts your CPU in HLT mode when idle. Win95/98.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WHATD.ZIP">WHATD.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-18 00:00 </td><td align="right">124K</td><td>What! 1.0 - Laptop Battery Monitor - displays in minutes, _ and icons, current time, clock chime single or multiple, laptop suspend, on-top feature, run external program with recall. Freeware</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="W4S31L.ZIP">W4S31L.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-05-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">112K</td><td>Whiskers - is a powerful utility that lets you program all 270+ standard Windows actions to your mouse buttons.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WNBUTONS.ZIP">WNBUTONS.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-02-17 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 45K</td><td>Win-Buttons!Great program launcher for windows.All at a click of the mouse.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WXR95-10.ZIP">WXR95-10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-02-10 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.1M</td><td>Win-expose-Registry, Util.,v1.00,SHAREWARE <ASP>- Registry Tracer/Debugger/Monitor for Windows 95 Gives REALTIME report on registry activity. a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who tries to find out what data is stored and where in the registry.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="LFNB.EXE">LFNB.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1995-07-11 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 30K</td><td>Win95 Long Filename Backup (jos haluat esim. k„ytt„„ jotain dos 6.2:n defraggia laittamaan filut NIMIj„rjestykseen)</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WIDEN11.ZIP">WIDEN11.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-06-28 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 31K</td><td>Win95 open/close dialogs for Word for Windows 6. Supports long filenames</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WB97D32I.ZIP">WB97D32I.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-06-30 00:00 </td><td align="right">2.0M</td><td>WinBatch 97d (ASP) Windows System Utility Language. Structures, floating point, file manipulation, ole2.0 Automation, DDE and over 350 functions allow you to program this tradional, procedural basic-like language. A must for the power user. Includes dialog editor and handy utilities. Only $99.95+s&h 32-bit version for Windows 95/NT</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINCRY.ZIP">WINCRY.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1994-06-23 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 27K</td><td>WinCrypt For Windows 3.x/95 is a Windows encryption utility that lets you protect your files from prying eyes. Files are encrypted and unencrypted using a password. You must remember the password! There is virtually no way to unencrypt your files if you forget the password. All files can be encrypted including documents, graphics, binaries etc. Great little program. (A PC Magazine Utility)</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WH95V2.ZIP">WH95V2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-03-24 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>WinHacker 95. Hyvä ohjelma Win 95:n piiloitettujen tiedostojen muuttamiseen. Myös käynnistysvalikoiden muokkaus onnistuu, ym ym ym.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WH95V202.ZIP">WH95V202.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-11-10 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.1M</td><td>Win Hacker 95 version number 2.02 Revision Date: September 29, 1997 License: Shareware NT Compatible: Yes Description: The best utility that you can use to configure the hidden Windows 95 settings. Some of the features include, ability to rename or change the icon of any shell folder, show Windows Bitmaps as thumbnails in Explorer and</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ACTSNT.ZIP">ACTSNT.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1994-11-24 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 66K</td><td>Win NT/95 time set program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINREG10.ZIP">WINREG10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-12-19 00:00 </td><td align="right">273K</td><td>WinReg 95 v1.0. Allows you to change the registered owner, company and product ID.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINU310.ZIP">WINU310.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-02 00:00 </td><td align="right">371K</td><td>WinU 3.1 - A full Windows 95 user interface replacement with timeout and security access control features. Ideal for parents who want to limit children's use of the family PC, or stores that want to provide public access to their computers yet prevent accidental or malicious system modifications. Excellent! The BEST I've seen, bar none. It's complete, it's flexible, and it's rock solid. (PC World Online) Get it! (</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WVPRO10.ZIP">WVPRO10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-08-20 00:00 </td><td align="right">3.5M</td><td>WinVakio PRO v1.0, Windows 95 Vakioveikkaus apuohjelma. Painotettu hajarivien arvonta ja tarkastus. Järjestelmien arvonta ja tarkastus. Kaikkien haravien tarkastus. Omien systeemien luonti ja muokkaus. Tulostus OnLine kupongeille. Tietokannat, tilastot, WWW-linkit jne. Freeware, maksuton rekisteröinti.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINWIS44.ZIP">WINWIS44.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-06-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>WinWisdom v4.4 - Quote-of-the-day and quote reference for MS Windows. Custom colors etc.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WINAMP20.EXE">WINAMP20.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-08 00:00 </td><td align="right">504K</td><td>Winamp 2.0 mp3 kuunteluun</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WB98.EXE">WB98.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-01 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>Winbench 98</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="3DWB98.EXE">3DWB98.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-25 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 22M</td><td>Winbench 98 3D</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="BACKUPD2.ZIP">BACKUPD2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-10-13 00:00 </td><td align="right">380K</td><td>Windows 95 Backup program update</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RKTOOLS.EXE">RKTOOLS.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1995-06-03 00:00 </td><td align="right">3.7M</td><td>Windows 95 Resouce Kit Utilities.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ERUZIP.EXE">ERUZIP.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1995-07-11 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 64K</td><td>Windows 95 syteemiteidostojen palautusohjelma</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WT95NT.ZIP">WT95NT.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-07-11 00:00 </td><td align="right">440K</td><td>Windows NT 3.51 extensions for Wintune 95.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="3D_NT_LO.ZIP">3D_NT_LO.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-08-16 00:00 </td><td align="right">281K</td><td>Windows NT3.51 opening logo to replace the original logo in \winnt35\winnt256.bmp.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WW1140.EXE">WW1140.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1995-01-30 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 37K</td><td>Windows Solution for Faulty Pentium FPU</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WT95V10.ZIP">WT95V10.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1995-04-07 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>Wintune 95, version 1.0. Examines your system's performance by testing the CPU, video, disk and memory components.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WTUN97.ZIP">WTUN97.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-01-27 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td><td>Wintune 97 beta</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="DW0051.EXE">DW0051.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1992-04-10 00:00 </td><td align="right">167K</td><td>Word Disk Full Patch</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="WTIME95.ZIP">WTIME95.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-10 00:00 </td><td align="right">120K</td><td>Worldtimes for Windows 95 Taskbar CARDWARE</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="XPRESS.ZIP">XPRESS.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-12-31 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.3M</td><td>XPress 2.0 is the best in Home Automation for Windows 95. With XPress, you can control any electronic appliance in your home or office (e.g. lights, stereo, coffee maker, etc.) right from your computer. You can even use the Internet to turn on or off applicances using the built-in WWW software!</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="FULLDRAG.ZIP">FULLDRAG.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-11-13 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 10K</td><td>You can drag WHOLE windows in Windows'95(tm). Does same effect than pluspack, without pluspack..</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="CDDA32A2.ZIP">CDDA32A2.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-03-02 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 34K</td><td>cdda32 alpha 2 for Win32 Command line version of CDDA to Win95 and Win NT, needs ASPI driver.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG202V5.ZIP">ENG202V5.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">329K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG203V5.ZIP">ENG203V5.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">327K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG204V1.ZIP">ENG204V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG205V1.ZIP">ENG205V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG206V1.ZIP">ENG206V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">320K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG215V1.ZIP">ENG215V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG216V1.ZIP">ENG216V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG217V1.ZIP">ENG217V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">322K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG218V1.ZIP">ENG218V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG219V1.ZIP">ENG219V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG220V1.ZIP">ENG220V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG221V1.ZIP">ENG221V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG222V1.ZIP">ENG222V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG223V1.ZIP">ENG223V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG224V1.ZIP">ENG224V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">321K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG225V1.ZIP">ENG225V1.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">319K</td><td>computer aided english training program</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ENG201V5.ZIP">ENG201V5.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-05 00:00 </td><td align="right">332K</td><td>computer aided english training program for windows</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="DOCMAN21.ZIP">DOCMAN21.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-02-21 00:00 </td><td align="right">115K</td><td>docman21.ZIP: DocMan 2.1 DocMan is a 32-BIT Windows95 application that extends the functionality of the Documents folder in the Start menu. DocMan allows you to open documents, load/save document lists, remove one, some, or all documents, protect documents from removal, add documents, and more. The save options bug has been fixed. New & Improved Interface, More Features</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ILOCK21.EXE">ILOCK21.EXE</a> </td><td align="right">1998-09-01 00:00 </td><td align="right">1.8M</td><td>iLock21.EXE Version Number: 2.1 License: Shareware Description: iLock replaces the Explorer shell providing an easy method of locking or hiding icons. Windows functions such as icon manipulation or control panel access are password protected. Ctrl-Alt-Delete and the right mouse button may be disabled. Drives, Folders, and Files may be hidden in file open & save as dialogs.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="ICOMPX.ZIP">ICOMPX.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1997-10-26 00:00 </td><td align="right"> 56K</td><td>installshield De-Compressor v3.00.061</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="MIMECO.ZIP">MIMECO.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-26 00:00 </td><td align="right">7.7K</td><td>mimeco 1.0 - MIME-ANSI skandikonvertoija. rsyttävätkö MIME-skandit viestipaketeissa? mimeco on helppokäyttöinen apuohjelma, joka muuttaa MIME-skandit ANSI-skandeiksi, ja päinvastoin. Toimii leikepöydän kautta minkä tahansa Windows-ohjelman kanssa. Tarvitsee toimiakseen vbrun300.DLL-tiedoston.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="RAS_PRO.ZIP">RAS_PRO.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-04-22 00:00 </td><td align="right">182K</td><td>ras extension for nt</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="VBSYS340.ZIP">VBSYS340.ZIP</a> </td><td align="right">1996-09-20 00:00 </td><td align="right">332K</td><td>vbsys Windows System Monitor (Standard and Bar Ver.) 32 Bit Ver 3.4 for Win 95 ONLY. 9/20/96 This is a complete rewrite of the 16 Bit version reviewed: Ziff-Davis Rating:**** WinMag Superior ShareWare 6/95 AND 8/96 vbsys is designed to help a user monitor many system resources at all times and to combine some utilities that you may already use. Monitors: Disk Space (even Net), Memory, SwapFile Usage , CPU, #Processes, Date/Time, and much more all in one small display. Many options and features. Easy to use and customizable display.</td></tr> <tr><th colspan="4"><hr /></th></tr> </table> </div> <div id="footer"> </div> </div> </body> </html>