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KYX9521C.ZIP 1997-06-03 00:00 468KKeyboard Express v2.1c is a Windows Keyboard Macro. Simply enter in text or auto-capture for easy playback. Assign over 500 hot keys with up to 5000 keystrokes each. Maintain multiple sets of macros. Easily add, modify, delete and copy hot keys. Temporarily disable hot keys. Add current date, time, delays, pauses, symbols. Use globally or for specific window. Schedule macros to play anytime and anywhere.
PERKEY10.ZIP 1996-10-01 00:00 527KPerfect Keyboard for Windows 95/NT 1.10 allows you to define several shortcuts that, once typed, are expanded to another (longer) text or MACRO. The shortcut can be either a short text (like hdr), or a combination of keys (like Ctrl+Alt+N). You can define shortcuts for mostly used phrases, form templates, macros, date, time, e-mail addresses, urls, etc.