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01FAXCOM.EXE 1996-07-19 00:00 2.7M01faxcom Version Number 3.1.66 Description: One simple installation and you have all your communications needs at your finger tips: Send Fax, Scan & Fax, Receive, View File, Phone Book, Log Book, Traffic Monitor and Terminal. 01/FAXCOM automatically detects your COM port and modem, reducing all setup uncertainties.
AS103.ZIP 1997-02-24 00:00 3.8MAstra SiteManager 1.03: A tool that searches a web site for all the links and provides a visual representation. It also pinpoints broken links or access problems, compares maps as your site changes and reads your server's log file and superimposes usage patterns on your site map to improve its effectiveness by letting you see where everyone is going.
ATALK.ZIP 1994-06-12 00:00 646KTerminaaliohjelma Windowsille
BBAD.EXE 1998-07-10 00:00 1.0MBinary Boy Version Number 1.00f Description: Binary Boy can search immediately or wait until a scheduled time, then dial your isp, collect all attachments matching your search criteria and hang up. Search and filter using AND, OR and NOT. Search and filter globally or create search strings for each individual newsgroup. Handles UUencoded multiparts and MIME base-64.
BFA9582E.ZIP 1997-04-07 00:00 244KBlowfish Advanced 95 - high secure file encryptor and wipe utility for Windows 95/NT. Military-grade encryption with Blowfish, Blowfish32, GOST, TDES and Cobra. Key setup with SHA-1. Compatible to its predecessor bfa7 for DOS. Secure, configurable data wiping. Additional data compression. Easy-to-use file browser with recursive file searching and scanning. TEMPEST password input, plus many useful options. (c)1996/97
CCM286.ZIP 1995-12-11 00:00 445KSCOTT CRAIG'S CONNECT TIME MONITOR for Windows. A utility to help keep track of connect time to various services. Allows multiple services, automatic start, and many other features. Perhaps the best feature is that it is FreeWare!
CNET25TR.ZIP 1996-11-13 00:00 1.1MCommNet v2.5. Full-featured Windows/ Windows 95 based data communications software package which seamlessly integrates modem dial-up and Internet Telnet capabilities into a single, fast, full-featured, and easy-to-use application. CommNet supports Zmodem file transfers and TTY, VT100, and full-color PC ANSI with dial-up and Telnet sessions.
COMT113B.ZIP 1996-12-02 00:00 500KCOMTIMER v 1.13b for Windows 95 is designed to aid the user in keeping track of his usage of Internet. ComTimer displays a running counter with both total time and cost of the usage on the taskbar. This data is logged for each session. Easy to use and equipped with advanced options for monitoring costs. Shareware.
CP32_090.EXE 1996-01-14 00:00 174KCyberPhone is a tool which allows users to talk to one another in real -time over the Internet
DSCRPT.EXE 1995-07-14 00:00 75KWindows 95 SLIP and Scripting support for use with Dial-Up Networking
DUNCE252.ZIP 1997-01-16 00:00 150KDunce v2.52 Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement. Adds features to your DUN connections such as bypassing Connect To, Auto Reconnect, Automated Connections, and Run Items.
EUD2HTML.ZIP 1996-10-07 00:00 35Keudora2html is a Win32 console program that will convert a Eudora nickname/address file (usually nndbase.txt) to an HTML file that can be imported into Netscape Mail client. This is useful to people that need to move to a different computer that may not Eudora installed but typically has Netscape.
FIMNM10.ZIP 1996-08-26 00:00 2.3MSuomenkielinen Microsoft NetMeeting 1.0
FREELOAD.ZIP 1996-07-13 00:00 1.2MWant to surf your favorite Web sites at light speed? Use FreeLoader, the new, free software service that lets you download Web pages to your hard disk and surf them offline. It makes the Web fast and easy because FreeLoader delivers daily suggestions about the hottest web sites in fourteen categories so you always know what's cool. And, the interactive screen saver alerts you to the new info that's arrived. Download FreeLoader now.
FT100.EXE 1996-04-09 00:00 265KFreeTel enables real-time voice communication over the Internet.
FWDMAIL.ZIP 1996-04-18 00:00 1.5MForward Mail 1.0 is small program that scans the Inbox folder for all incoming e-mail (including faxes) and forwards it to an address you choose. This can be a user on your internal system, a fax recipient, or any other valid e-mail address. For example , it can be used to forward all incoming faxes from an unattended to computer to an administrator's account.
HTPE4.EXE 1998-09-06 00:00 740KHyperTerminal Private Edition: v4.0
I32V12B3.ZIP 1998-01-15 00:00 1.1MThe Internet Neighborhood v.1.2 Beta 3 is THE Windows95 Shell-Extension which allows you to browse remote FTP sites directly from within the confines of the Windows 95 Explorer. This FTP Client is directly integrated as part of the Windows 95 Explorer; it's NOT an 'Explorer-Like' application.
IAP31-1.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 1.3MInternet Applications 3.1 1/4
IAP31-2.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 1.3MInternet Applications 3.1 2/4
IAP31-3.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 1.3MInternet Applications 3.1 3/4
IAP31-4.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 1.2MInternet Applications 3.1 4/4
IMON.ZIP 1996-12-30 00:00 140KInternet Connection Monitor 1.0 keeps track on your Internet connections, with optional chime at user defined intervals and disk logging. Ideal if you have a limited free access time.
IPHONE4.ZIP 1996-06-10 00:00 3.8MInternet Phone 4.0 for Windows'95
LNCH314D.ZIP 1998-03-30 00:00 100KNetLaunch v3.14d is one of those cool programs that you just can't do without! (Believe me, I've tried!) NetLaunch is a Windows 95/NT 4.0 program that sits idly in your system tray just waiting for you to make a Dial-Up Networking connection. When it senses a connect or disconnect event, it will launch or close programs that you've configured. However, that only scratches the surface of what NetLaunch can do! Tällä on kätevä toteuttaa 29min välein aktivoituva HPY katkoja. :)
ND276B.ZIP 1996-12-17 00:00 741KNETDIAL 2.76b is an Internet dialer for Microsoft Windows. NetDial was made to replace packaged TCP/IP dial-up programs. NetDial will call your host, log you in and start your TCP/IP package for you, automatically.
NT32423.ZIP 1997-11-10 00:00 897KNetTerm version number 4.2.3 for Win 95 and NT Revision Date: November 9, 1997 License: Shareware Description: One of the best telnet clients available on the net.
RP32_50.EXE 1998-05-28 00:00 1.4MReal Player/32 v5.0
RP3295.EXE 1996-01-22 00:00 1.3MThis application allows you to take over and control another Windows 95 PC remotely via the Internet or by modem.
SMTSRF.ZIP 1995-09-11 00:00 204KSmartSurf Online Usage Monitor v1.20 - FREE package to automatically monitor online usage and costs. Works with all on-line services. Install and forget. Real-time display and later reports/analysis. Understands most charging structures, and different charging bands/times. Spreadsheet interface. Full Windows Help and tooltips. Interim Upgrade
SSHWIN06.ZIP 1996-10-04 00:00 954KSecure Shell 0.6 alpha client for windows.
TFW115D1.ZIP 1996-08-13 00:00 1.3MTelix for Windows 1.15d Even better program, even better price! Now only $79, this ever-popular comm program has a Telnet client, WINSOCK SLIP/Shell account Internet access, hooks to external FTP and other Internet tools, and has been thoroughly tested and streamlined for use under Win-95. Time-limited version; Disk [1/2]
TFW115D2.ZIP 1996-08-13 00:00 1.4MTelix for Windows 1.15d Telix for Windows includes support for over 450 models of modems; cost calculation and phone bill estimation; VT-220, WYSE-75, and full ANSI terminal emulation in fully resizable windows; color scrollback; script recorder; built-in editor, Modem Sniffer (tm) Corrects new version nag box. Disk [2/2]
TFWSKAND.ZIP 1994-09-18 00:00 2.3KSkandikäännöstaulukot Telix for Windowsille: SF7.XLT, ISO.XLT, SF7&ISO.XLT ja ISO&SF7.XLT.
TLXONLIN.ZIP 1995-02-07 00:00 100KTelix Online Calculator for DBASE IV Reads *.USE files and tells how much you have spent time and money online. Only Finnish.
TMW110.ZIP 1996-02-06 00:00 1.3MTelemate for Windows, Version 1.10 Telemate is a feature-rich communication program with ANSI/Avatar/VT102 terminals, bookmarks etc.
TMWSKAND.ZIP 1995-09-17 00:00 1.9KSkandit Telemate Windowsiin
TRP100.ZIP 1994-11-30 00:00 227KTRP v1.00 - NNTP News & SMTP/POP3 mail for Winsock. Req vbrun300
UC31.EXE 1995-02-15 00:00 418KUNICOM is a complete and easy to use data communications package especially designed for users of the Microsoft
WRAMP121.ZIP 1994-10-27 00:00 1.3MWinRamp Lite 1.21 for Windows
WSTMR601.ZIP 1996-04-05 00:00 530KWS-TIMER 6.01 is designed to help an Internet user to keep track of his/hers time online. WS-TIMER also records three separate log. One for each sessions, one for daily usage and another for monthly. A small stay-on-top window lets you monitor your time without getting in the way of other running applications. Built in Toolbar for 10 Applications. Free 45 days evaluation. WS-TIMER is Shareware, registration is only $10.00 USD.
ZOW307.ZIP 1997-12-22 00:00 836KZOC 3.07 - 32bit Modem, Telnet and ISDN comm. application for OS/2 and Windows NT/95. Outstanding GUI, solid VT220 and Zmodem, count- less options and features including CIS-B, Kermit, online JPG/GIF viewer, REXX scripting. Not crippled (just a registration reminder after file transfer). Filenames: ZOC*.ZIP=OS/2 Version, ZOW*.ZIP=Win-NT/95-Version