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COM69815.ZIP 1997-11-23 00:00 1.4MCom for Win95/NT Serial/tcpip terminal emulator for Win95/NT. Supports VT52, VT100, VT220 and ANSI. Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Ascii and pure binary file transfer protocols. Features an easy to use scripting language with auto scripting. 50 user definable macros with hot key support. Add custom sounds to events. Drag and drop file transfers. Shareware $25.00
FON_100.ZIP 1997-06-13 00:00 927KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. 100 DPI fonts.
FON_ANDW.ZIP 1996-10-30 00:00 65KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. Andrew Toolkit fonts.
FON_CDE.ZIP 1996-04-10 00:00 83KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. CDE fonts.
FON_DEC.ZIP 1996-03-13 00:00 657KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. DEC Ultrix fonts.
FON_HP.ZIP 1997-06-05 00:00 1.1MStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. HP fonts.
FON_IBM.ZIP 1997-02-11 00:00 1.0MStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. IBM AIX fonts.
FON_MATH.ZIP 1997-04-24 00:00 511KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. Mathematica fonts.
FON_MENT.ZIP 1997-01-20 00:00 500KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. Mentor Graphics fonts.
FON_OPWN.ZIP 1997-05-13 00:00 58KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. OpenWindow fonts.
FON_SCO.ZIP 1996-05-30 00:00 42KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. SCO fonts.
FON_SGI.ZIP 1997-05-07 00:00 193KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. SGI fonts.
FON_WP.ZIP 1996-05-01 00:00 401KStarnet Micro X-Win v4.0. WordPerfect fonts.
GCKWIN71.ZIP 1995-11-17 00:00 456KGEOCLOCK 7.1 sunlight clock for Windows. The current sun position is displayed, and the parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight are highlighted, with local sunrise/set and times around the world.
GMD3210B.ZIP 1995-07-23 00:00 131KMUD Client for windows
HOSTINFO.ZIP 1995-08-17 00:00 23KHostinfo. Shows IP address information (host names and numbers) (Windows NT or Windows95)
ICQ98A.EXE 1997-12-26 00:00 1.6MICQ is revolutionary, user-friendly Internet program that tells you who's online at all times
LANPRT.ZIP 1992-03-15 00:00 39KConnect/Disconnect Network Printers in Win
MONETLT0.ZIP 1996-06-01 00:00 178KMONET LAN analyzer LITE (dated: 1/June/1996).
NETBACK.ZIP 1996-09-06 00:00 402KNetBack is a very simple filebackup system, which uses spare local and network file system/disk space to backup your important documents and files.
NETBEUI.EXE 1994-07-21 00:00 38KUpdated NETBEUI.386 Fixes Slow Data Transfers
NETINFO.ZIP 1998-07-01 00:00 1.3MNetInfo v2.01.520 [1.3M] 9x/NT FREE. You almost didn't get this issue today. Most of the Iowa's Internet connection was cut due to flooding in some cities (and towns). At first, I thought it was just MY computer, but after checking the host service status with NetInfo, I knew the problem was bigger. The coolest feature of NetInfo: looking up a domain name according to its IP address or an IP address from its domain name. You can also perform basic network queries (ping, traceroute, etc.), and scan all hostnames under one (class C) IP address. NOTE: the product serial number is 042-1144954 (and it is given freely by the author).
NETLIGHT.ZIP 1998-01-18 00:00 1.7MNet Lightening v1.1.5. This utility allows you to edit the MTU, RWIN and TTL settings of TCP connection. By fine tuning your settings, it can improve download times and transfer speeds.
NST301A.ZIP 1998-01-18 00:00 1.0Mv3.01a netscantools -TCPIP Network Utils Unix ports: full nslookup, finger, ping, traceroute, whois, timesync, echo,chargen daytime, quote, URL grabber, identserver, Sockets info NetScanner Requires TCPIP (Winsock) & active net connection to run. Shareware ($25 US + S&H) for NT, 95, 98 WWW: EMAIL:
NTOOLS11.ZIP 1995-07-23 00:00 191KNetTools 1.1
PTSCAN11.ZIP 1995-08-31 00:00 249KPort Scanner Version 1.1
PUKENABR.EXE 1998-07-26 00:00 785KDescription: NukeNabber sets itself up to listen on TCP and UDP ports commonly nuke attacked over the internet. A total of 50 ports can be monitored simultaneously. It is designed to give you the information you need in order to trace an attacker; including a method of finding an attacker's nickname on populay IRC servers.
PW3232.EXE 1997-05-06 00:00 2.4MAllows up to seven (7) people to chat via keyboard or voice, travel to web pages together, exchange files and photographs and play associated event sounds for whatever you choose
QTAKES.ZIP 1998-07-07 00:00 312KQuikTakes for NetWare v1.0.0.1 [320k] W9x/NT4 FREE. There goes the Network Neighborhood! If you're a NetWare 4.x network admin, you'll want to stay informed of all the latest server happenings. This dandy download shows core server statistics, CPU utilization of file server, and NCP traffic loads of the file server--all in REAL-TIME and with meters, LEDs, & graphs. Plus, multiple instances of QuikTakes can monitor multiple servers simultaneously. For more great Novell shareware, be sure to visit the site!
TWSK30C.EXE 1996-10-16 00:00 558KTrumpet Winsock Version 3.0 Rec C
TWSK30D.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 558KTrumpet WinSock'95 Ver 3.0d
VNC331W3.ZIP 1998-02-18 00:00 908KIlmainen graafinen etäkäyttöohjelma Windowsiin. Yhteensopiva saman softan Linux versioiden kanssa.
WG2E95.ZIP 1997-06-03 00:00 1.3MWinGate and WinGate Professional v2.0e Depending on which key you use (WGate or WinGate Professional) WinGate allows you to connect many LAN users to Internet over a single dial-up link. (for Win95)
WG2ENT.ZIP 1997-06-05 00:00 1.3MWinGate and WinGate Professional v2.0e Depending on which key you use (WGate or WinGate Professional) WinGate allows you to connect many LAN users to Internet over a single dial-up link. (for WinNT)
WPROXY20.EXE 1997-07-21 00:00 910KWinProxy v2.0c for Win95/NT
X-WIN40.ZIP 1997-12-08 00:00 2.8MOther files
XFS191.ZIP 1995-01-10 00:00 211KNFS Client for Windows. XFS v1.91
XFS32120.ZIP 1994-12-11 00:00 104KXFS32 v1.20 - 32 bit Network File System (NFS) Client for PC's running WfWG 3.11 and MS TCP/IP-32. Shareware by Robert Juhasz.