Metropoli BBS files -


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32MERGE.ZIP 1996-01-22 00:00 774KWorldMerge 2.0 is a tool that delivers personalized e-mails to all of your contacts with the click of a button. Each contact receives an e-mail message as though you created it just for them. Version 2.0 contains lots of new features, including support for Microsoft Access database files, Broadcast mode which allows for super-fast sending of non- personalized e-mails, and much more.
ACORN1B2.ZIP 1998-05-05 00:00 458KAcorn E-Mail v. 1 beta 2.1 Acorn Email is a free email client that runs in Windows 95, 98 or NT. Features include multiple profiles, each with its own email address lists, mail folders and internet settings, email attachments, easy setup and use. Provides an easy to use control panel and account setup.
ALOHAB21.ZIP 1997-01-02 00:00 775 Aloha (@loha) 1.0 lets you send animation and sound with your e-mail.
BEE0212C.ZIP 1996-07-03 00:00 1.0MBeeMail v2.12 - An excellent Fidonet Mailer/Tosser/Editor for WINDOWS!
CHKPOP10.ZIP 1997-09-05 00:00 155KCheckpop v1.02. Checks the mail in pop3 mailboxes. Very configurable, clean and simple operation that anyone can configure and run in seconds.
E9911NT.ZIP 1995-08-18 00:00 228Ke-Mail Notify 0.99.11 for Win NT pop3 Mail Notifier, retrieves mail headers from pop3 Server and notifies the user of new mails.
EMR10B.ZIP 1997-01-02 00:00 7.8MEmail Reader 1.0b retrieves your email and reads it back to you over the phone, converting the text in the email to speech. You tell Email Reader what to do with voice commands or by using the Touch-Tone keypad. Email Reader allows you to keep in touch w ith your email without having to lug around a laptop or be near a computer. It is the first software of its kind that runs on an Pentium-based personal computer running
ESPMC201.EXE 1998-08-19 00:00 2.1MESP Mail Check v2.01 notifies you when new messages arrive on your POP3 or Web based mail server. It supports an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. Dial-Up Networking support includes on-line/off-line checking options as well as check at a specific time during the day. Notification options include displaying the number of new messages as an icon in the system tray, animating/flashing the tray icon, playing a WAV or AVI file, viewing headers, launching a program, and/or launching your e-mail client. ESP Mail Check can also send key strokes to your e-mail client to download new messages.
EUL301.EXE 1997-04-15 00:00 4.0Meudora light 3.01 mail-reader for win95
FXWGAB1C.ZIP 1998-03-02 00:00 2.4MFaxware Address Book v1.0a. This Microsoft Windows Messaging addon allows you to share fax and email address books (.PST) between multiple users. Compatible with Microsoft Messaging, Exchange, Outlook and other MAPI applications.
IMSI386.ZIP 1996-04-02 00:00 397KInternet Mail Service 0.8x for Windows NT 3.51.
MAILLITB.ZIP 1996-11-07 00:00 255KMailitta 1.2b7 app that makes it so other people cannot see what x-mailer you use, protecting your privacy over the Internet and creating a simple mailgate for a LAN. It also shows you how many mails you have sent in total and when the last action has be en performed.
MAINST1.ZIP 1996-12-30 00:00 807KMail Alert 1.53 is a Taskbar utility for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 which notifies you when you have received e-mail without having to keep your mail program always running. You can customize MailAlert to play different sounds, movie clips, run any program, etc based on author or subject.
MC27_32.ZIP 1998-01-26 00:00 2.0MMailCat 2.7. Features include POP,SMTP & MIME. Send & Receive Rich Text/Encrypted Messages with file attachments in the background, Auto dialing, RAS & DUN Support. Filing Cabinets, Mail & Highlighting Rules, Address Book with Groups, Spell checker plus much more. Mailing Lists can be set up by automatically forwarding mail to address groups.
MRCOOLI.EXE 1998-07-19 00:00 432KMr. Cool v1.7 [441k] W9x/NT4 SW$30. Downloading files can suck up a lot of your online time, especially if you're a shareware junkie. But what happens when you hit a very slow site? You waste valuable time waiting for the transfer to complete. Now you can give Mr. Cool a URL (for a file or web page) and he'll mail it to you. How does that help? Well, you can download the file at your regular modem speed (rather than relying on web servers). This can save you time, money, and energy. This version expires in 30 days (not so cool).
PSMAIL.EXE 1997-06-18 00:00 1.6MMail v2.1c - Takes e-mail sent from your web page FORM and converts it into a workable data base. Record fields are then editable and searchable for important information. Users can custom design a return e-mail to be sent back to the sender from within the program. You can custom design your converter with up to seven visitor questions. Print out mailing labels and data reports to track customers that visit you web page. All of this without the security risk of a CGI-BIN located on the server!
RESETUP1.ZIP 1998-01-26 00:00 1.1MRe:Ply v1.0 An excellent mail program, Re:Ply has an attractive, intuitive and powerful interface. The program includes most options you would want in a mail program including multiple mail account support, background mail checking, autoresponders and much
SM32.ZIP 1997-06-20 00:00 67KSendM@ail. Compact SMTP Email Program. Version: V1.08 Jun 1997. Allows email to be sent from the taskbar. Requires Windows 95 or Windows NT4.0. Also allows mail and attachments to be sent from the command prompt.
STST07B4.ZIP 1995-07-19 00:00 362K32-Bit SMTP/POP3 Daemon for Windows 95 with Auto-reply and more!
SWITCH32.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 41KSwitch It! 3.2 For Microsoft's Internet Mail. It sets up multiple profiles that can be used WITHOUT rebooting Windows 95. This means that you can have different Sender Names, e-mail addresses, accounts, mail servers signatures and more! All changed with one click. And now Switch It! sits in the system tray and has a popup menu for easy access.
TF12_32.ZIP 1997-01-02 00:00 938KTranS-ForM 3.0 is an indispensable and easy to use software to convert the content of the files that you receive by email when people fillout and submit a form from your web site. TranS-Form removes all the hexadecimal codes that make the content of the posted-forms difficult to read and replace them by the corresponding punctuation marks, grammatical accents or symbols. TranS-Form also breaks the information into individual lines, one
W32-255.ZIP 1998-01-26 00:00 1.7MPegasus Mail v2.55 32bit. One of the most feature-rich mail clients available, Pegasus has multiple account support, mail filtering, and much much more all for free!
WINDMAIL.ZIP 1996-12-23 00:00 30KWindMail 1.50 Automates sending email from the command line, CGI Scripts, and Batch Files. Supports any message content, as well as encoding MIME Attachments.