Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

32CFTP18.ZIP 1996-12-14 00:00 484KCute FTP 1.8 (NT)
CUTE2532.EXE 1998-08-07 00:00 825KCuteFTP v2.5. This excellent FTP program has a lot more than just a pretty interface. In addition to previous niceties such as drag-n-drop capabilities, bookmarks, auto rename scheme and resume download, this version of the long-time favorite now offers a powerful macro that records your activities so you can play back specific transfers and automate your work, directory compare for optimal Web site maintenance, fast remote file editing for HTML documents, force lower-case or upper-case option, delete entire remote directories, keep alive command to maintain server connection, quick connect 'remembers' last 5 sites, advanced filtering and more !
FTPCTRL.EXE 1998-07-25 00:00 2.2MFTP Control Pro v2.80. A powerful FTP program with functionality that extends far beyond the usual FTP clients. Supports the automation of scheduled file transfers (uploading & downloading), can optionally download in background, so you can continue to surf other FTP sites, also can resume an aborted transfer where it left off saving you valuable time and money. 4.5 Cows
FTPX1010.ZIP 1997-06-03 00:00 662KFTP Explorer, Win 32bit.
LFP_FIN.ZIP 1998-07-12 00:00 6.8KSuomenkieliset valikot ja tekstit LeechFTP ohjelman 1.3.147+ versioille.
LFTP13.ZIP 1998-05-29 00:00 600KDescription: LeechFTP is an attractive, configurable FTP application that provides many options such as showing you the downloads that have been completed as well as downloads in progress, file size and total directory byte size, and much more. The graphical interface also makes the it easier to navigate through FTP sites. Freeware.
LFTP202U.ZIP 1997-10-10 00:00 478KA Windows 95 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Revision Date: October 8, 1997 Compatible with all Unix and Windows 95 FTP servers.
LFTP1348.ZIP 1998-07-10 00:00 607KLeechFTP v1.3.148. Freeware FTP client Win32 ympäristöön. Hyvä softa, osaa siirtää hakemistot, useita tiedostoja samaan aikaan, bookmarkit jne.
NCFTP95.ZIP 1995-12-14 00:00 222KNcFTP v2.2.2 beta 9 for Win95
RFTP.ZIP 1996-10-20 00:00 142KRFtp Version is a GUI-based FTP client which can drag-and-drop from explorer to upload files. To download simply double click on the file and it asks you where to download it.
WS_FTP32.ZIP 1997-05-17 00:00 651KWS_FTP v4.5