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3DAUD10.ZIP 1997-06-17 00:00 1.1M3d-Audio V1.0 3d-Audio is a high quality 3d spatial audio renderer. Animated scenes can be created, where the listener and up to 99 sound sources can be placed and moved within a virtual room. The reflections due to walls can be incorporated up to a user defined recursion depth. Doppler-shifts are automatically allowed for. Scene setup is simplified by a wizard; some demonstration projects are included, which are developed
ABCD20.ZIP 1995-01-03 00:00 515KA-B-CD 2.0 (16bit and 32bit versions). CD player with CD database for windows
AWAVE32.ZIP 1996-09-17 00:00 335K- < -FMJ-Software-proudly-presents- - > - - _ A .w a v. e _ - /Audio & Wavetable Instrument File\ Format Converter, Editor & Player for Windows 95, or, Windows NT v3.51, \ or, Windows 3.1 w. Win32s v1.3. / =ö_Import_formats:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AIFC,AIFF, AIS,ALAW, AMS, ASE, AU, AVI, AVR, C01, CDR, DCM,DEWF, DIG, DMF, DSF, DSM, DTM, DWD, EDA, EDE, EDK,EDQ,EDS,EDV,EFA,EFE (Ensoniq), EFK, EFQ, EFS, EFV, EMD,ESPS, EUI, F2R, F3R, FAR, FFF, FNK, FSM,G721, GKH, GSM, GSM(USR), HCOM,IFF, INI(MWave),INI(GUS),INRS,INS, IST, IT, KRZ(Kurzweil), MAT, MAUD,MDL, MED, MOD, MOV(QuickTime),MP1,MP2, MPA(MPEG),MPG, MTM, mus10, NIST, O01(Typhoon), OKT, PAC, PAT(GUS), PCM, PLM, PLS, PRG(wavmaker),PSION,ö= PSM, PTM, RAW, SAM, SB,SBK(awe32),ö= SD, SD2, SDK(Roland), SDS, SDX, SDW, 669, SF, SF2(awe32/EMU),SFD, SFI, SFR, SMP, SND,SNDR,SNDT, SPPACK, SOU, SPD,
AWE-DUMP.ZIP 1996-08-20 00:00 11KSmall but usefull AWE prog DUMP AWE's ROM SAMPLES Your awe32 card has 1mb of ROM. That ROM contains the GM samples, and NO Creative's software can -SAVE- them. This program will save 1048576 bytes of .RAW sample (16 bit/44khz) that contains all AWE's ROM. You can edit that file later with WaveStudio,... I'm giving you the FULL SOURCE CODE (in Pascal 7). Usefull 2 understand AWE programming (RAM detect,D/L,..) Created by
AWECP95.EXE 1996-02-13 00:00 168KCreative Bulletin Board Filename:- awecp95.EXE AWE Control Panel for Windows 95 AWCP-95upd-1-US AWE Control Panel v2.05 for Windows 95 - Supports SoundFont 2.0 format - Supports for MPU-401 emulation (enable/ disable) Refer to README.TXT for installation procedure. [ SB-BBS ]
CDRIP994.ZIP 1996-02-06 00:00 968KCD-Ripper version .99.04 beta / Windows 95/NT
CDSPRO30.ZIP 1996-12-20 00:00 200KCD/Spectrum Pro Version 3.0 CD/Spectrum Pro is a CD-Audio Player with Graphical Spectrum Analyzer for Windows 95. The program has two independent parts: The CD-Audio player and the spectrum analyzer. The CD-Audio player is a full-blown player of audio CDs for your PC. It has many advanced features and complements the spectrum analyzer. The spectrum analyzer graphically depicts the frequency spectra of the CD music in real time. (Unless you don't
CDWNT22Z.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 460KCD Worx for Windows NT, Ver 2.21.0046 can read CD digital audio tracks and save them as wave file without any quality loss (digital copy). It works on every CD-ROM drive if this drive and its NT device driver support raw reading. A built-in jitter correction (synchronization) can be used to eliminate intermittent ticks (pops and breaks) in the resulting sound file and thus always get an absolutely accurate reproduction of the CD.
CP2B1W32.ZIP 1997-11-25 00:00 3.7Mcosmo playeri 2.0 beta 1 toimii netscape 4.03+ ja ie 4.0
CP102A.ZIP 1997-11-25 00:00 3.3Mcosmo playeri 1.0.2a toimii netscape 3.0+ ja ie 3.0 mutta ei ie 4.0 kanssa
CTHU97A5.ZIP 1997-06-22 00:00 206KCthugha97 for Windows
DVDSP150.ZIP 1997-10-21 00:00 793KDigital Vision DSP-150 rsw Realtime software digital sound processor.It produces echo effect, allowes user to set repeats and delay. New effects, pitch and special settings 44khz support, latency can be set to less than 1 sec, faster engine.Full duplex, 16-bit, stereo sound card required or 2 sound cards + fast 486 or better. for W95 by DV
ENC97B5.ZIP 1997-08-06 00:00 1.9MEncounter97 Sound Editor [1.9M] W9x/NT4 FREE. Sound Recorder is okay for playing and recording WAV files, but why settle for the hoof when you can have the whole hog? On top of sporting a nice interface, Encounter97 doesn't skimp on providing WAV information. This is especially helpful when recording (it shows you how much disk space is being used in real-time). It's far better than anything which came with Windows you can customize it to your heart's content. Finally, a close encounter of the digital
GRAM32.ZIP 1996-12-20 00:00 89KSpectrogram program for Win95, analyzes WAV files graphically.
GWAVE303.ZIP 1996-01-08 00:00 454K(v3.03) GoldWave - Audio editor for Windows GoldWave is a digital audio editor for Win.
IAP20.ZIP 1996-09-05 00:00 971KThe Internet Audio Publisher or IAP is an AU / WAV / GSM file Converter, Player and Recorder utility which features DirectAudio, real time playing of GSM6.10, and, if run under Windows95, Microsoft GSM, and True Speech encoded audio files from an HTTP (WWW) server on the Internet.
JUKBOX21.ZIP 1997-02-10 00:00 171KMP3 Jukebox version 2.1 A 32 bits shell for WinPlay3. Supports LFN,shuffle,collection, ID3 custom tag,etc. Freeware.
JUKER60.ZIP 1995-07-13 00:00 566KThe Juker 6.0 (16bit and 32bit versions). plays MIDI, WAV, AVI, etc. Supports song
KEYNOT32.ZIP 1995-07-12 00:00 605KKeyNote Music Drills 32-Bit ver. 1.41 for Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51 was designed to help music students learn to identify the notes of the bass clef, treble clef, etc.
LAB432.EXE 1998-01-18 00:00 2.6MSpectraLAB Sound spectogram program for Win.
LEANCD10.ZIP 1997-03-15 00:00 17Kleancd Player: Extremely compact CD player for Win32 * Uses a very small amount of your screen, but * * offers all the functions you need in a CD * * player. Can be set to always be on top. * leancd Player 1.0 (c) 1997 RC Software
MCD32_12.ZIP 1996-04-28 00:00 126KMiniCD v1.2 32-bit for Win95 or WinNT
MID2XM14.ZIP 1997-04-10 00:00 510KMIDI to XM File Converter (1.4) for Windows 3.1/95/NT (c)1996-97 Ian Luck
MIDIJ2.ZIP 1995-06-23 00:00 69KMidi JukeBox 2 v2.01 for Win95 or NT 3.51
MM5_1.ZIP 1996-02-10 00:00 89K.\rgun proudly presents The Ultimate Util for SoundBlasters MASTER MIXER v5.1 Features -Full range SB mixer (All functions) Undocumented controls enabled ! Automatic clicks removal. Can save 6 different mixing configs -Can replace ALL SB drivers at BOOT Boots your PC (DOS) in a second. -Unlimited number of Special Effects User definable Chorus/Reverb+editor v5.1:Fix opl3, awe32, PC Spk level. -Does DSP Reset, EMU Reset. Win95
MPEGENC6.ZIP 1997-12-04 00:00 945KMPEG Encoder for Win95/NT
MPP125.ZIP 1997-10-12 00:00 202KModPlug Player for Win95/NT3.51+
MPU_NT.ZIP 1994-03-16 00:00 18KMPU401 driver for Windows NT Works with: - All Roland MPU's - Music Quest MQX-32m
MPW100.ZIP 1996-06-29 00:00 155KFREEWARE! MOD/S3M/XM Player for Win95 Uses The SEAL Audio Library Includes Delphi32 Source Code
MSTUDIOZ.EXE 1998-05-24 00:00 2.7MAnvil Studio 1998 [2.8M] W9x/NT4 FREE. The hills are alive with the sound of music... oh wait, that's your computer! Anvil Studio is a great way to compose MIDI music (and sampled percussion sounds). Yes, it even does multi-track recording and has several audio effects from which you may choose. If you want a more powerful studio, you can also purchase separate add-ons (sheet music printing, ear training exercises, etc.). If you've ever wanted to make MIDI files with your PC, here's a fun and easy way to start.
MYCD145.ZIP 1996-06-09 00:00 312KMyCDplayer - Audio CD Player, Library, Apptmnt book/diary. Exclude, Program, Shuffle, Sample, Volume, StayOnTop. Saves exclusions, program. Programmed with the KISS principle in Mind. Supports multiple CD drives. Import Win95 Player library. Callable from alarm clock. Does not alter files on your system. Fixed bug in Help mode if started from Win95 autostart
NAD080.ZIP 1998-01-16 00:00 114KNAD v0.80 Beta 1. New MP3 player for Windows95/NT
NPMOD188.ZIP 1997-12-05 00:00 135KNetPlut ModulePlayer 1.88
NTFCD151.ZIP 1998-01-06 00:00 120KNotify CD-player for Windows v1.51
NTFYCD.ZIP 1998-03-02 00:00 120KNotify CD Player v1.51.3 [122k] W9x/NT4 FREE. The Plus Pack for Windows 95 was a definite winner. The Plus Pack for Windows 98 should have been called Minus 98. The only reason I think people would be tempted to purchase it would be for the Deluxe CD player. Let me stop you NOW--get Notify CD instead! It's smaller, faster, better, and FREE. When you pop in a new CD (and are online), it'll connect to and automatically show you the album & track titles. No more typing!
NWC121.ZIP 1995-09-09 00:00 624KNoteWorthy Composer V1.21 A Notation Processor for Windows
PINGPONG.ZIP 1997-01-16 00:00 549K3D-Audio v0.99, Demo file
RAWIN100.EXE 1995-05-25 00:00 293KRealtime Audio Player v1.00
RDH3O102.ZIP 1997-01-22 00:00 2.2MD-lusion presents f O R t H E M A S S E S > RD H3O+ < A virtual BASSLINE + realtime resonant filters + 4 basic waveforms + 224 note sequencer + digital delay + drum section + 16bit,44khz + all soundcards + Win95 & winnt + Midi Support + Direct Sound + graphical interface + new synthesis + dual oscilator + joystick support + bug fixes fuck the DEA! free acid for all! +sauer macht lustig+
SGPRO105.ZIP 1995-10-23 00:00 1.0M[Sound Gadget Pro v1.0.5] Sound Editor for Windows95/NT Filename:- sgpro105.ZIP 32-Bit sound editor for Windows95 and Windows NT. Uses the new controls such as tab dialogs and property sheets. Supports .WAV, .VOC, .AU, .SND. Format Changing, Fading, Stereo Panning, Amplifying, Recording, Reversing, etc all supported.
SHUFFLE2.ZIP 1997-01-23 00:00 139Kfliptech ShufflePlay 2.00 Beta 5 A feature-packed frontend for the WinPlay3 mpeg1-Layer3 player for Windows. Provides all the extra features you'll need to easily make playlists and tag files w/ song info. Even makes an Inventory for trading MP3 lists with others. Tucks itself away w/ Winplay3 into the System Tray. Win95/NT Only. DonationWare 5$. Reqs VB4 runtimes.
SPL40_32.EXE 1997-10-23 00:00 1.6MSound spectrogram. Editing etc program v4.0 for Windows (32b version)
SWPLYR2.EXE 1996-10-27 20:09 427KSTREAMWORKS PLAYER 2.02
WINAM191.EXE 1998-05-20 00:00 578Kwinamp 1.9 mp3 player
WINAMP17.EXE 1998-01-20 00:00 293KWinamp 1.7 - MPEG Layer 3 Player for Win95/NT
WINAMP18.EXE 1998-03-10 00:00 301KWinamp 1.8 the ultimate mp3 player for Win32
YAMP13.ZIP 1997-08-07 00:00 1.0MYAMP 1.3 for Windows 95 (Yet another music player) Todella futuristinen mod- soitto-ohjelma,niin ulko näöltään kuin ominaisuuksiltaan...(XM,MOD,S3M,ym.) Enää ei modienkuuntelu ole samaa kuin ennen Modulediggareiden pakkohankinta!! Get IT ! Downloaded from the internet By: Joni Westerback