Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

32PACK.EXE 1997-07-12 00:00 121KWestern Digital 32bit Win311 driver
DLLIKONS.ZIP 1993-12-28 00:00 49KNoin 250 hauskaa/hyv„„ ikonia koottuna kolmeen .DLL kirjastoon
FRENET32.ZIP 1995-04-11 00:00 141KFrenetic v3.2 endless colorful graphic abstractions are painted from a wealth of drawing elements. Windows 3.1 screensaver.
IMPCR13.ZIP 1995-05-11 00:00 1.2MIMAGE MASTER + (cr) VERSION 1.0 PERSONALIZED SCREEN SAVER- Use your own images in a screen saver.
MADONA.ZIP 1994-05-19 00:00 57KThe Madonna Screen Saver For Windows!
PLANET.ZIP 1995-06-03 00:00 180KTHE PLANETS (v1.1). An After Dark Screen Saver Module. Featuring 256 Color Graphics.
SANTA.ZIP 1994-11-24 00:00 85KSanta-Saver screen saver..
SDD60A.EXE 1997-12-26 00:00 1.9MSciTech Display Doctor v6.0
SEMSTRIA.ZIP 1995-05-27 00:00 93KSEMS electronics Triangle Screen Saver for Windows 3.x - 3 Dimensional Triangle Bouncing on your screen
SEMSWORM.ZIP 1995-05-27 00:00 93KSEMS electronics Worm Screen Saver for Windows 3.x - A small worm randomly moving around your screen
SEMSZLIN.ZIP 1995-05-27 00:00 93KSEMS electronics Z-Lines Screen Saver for Windows 3.x - random and colourful lines coming from the top of the screen
SKIBEAR.ZIP 1995-02-13 00:00 61KSKIBEAR - MS Windows 3.x Screen Saver from Coca-Cola Company. Freeware.
SMTPPR.ZIP 1993-12-17 00:00 39KWallpaper INSIDE ProgManager, File Manager!
SNAGIT31.ZIP 1996-05-29 00:00 427KSnagIt Twin Pack - Easy to use Windows Screen Capture for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT. SnagIt captures your screen, window, scrolling window, or region to the printer, clipboard, or a variety of file formats, including PCX, JPG, TIF, GIF and BMP. Fully supports Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and MAPI for easy integration into your applications. SnagIt supports all Windows video modes and rastering printers. New Active Capture Technology. Updates version 3.0.1
SPLAT10B.ZIP 1995-01-16 00:00 65KSPLAT! v1.0b - Dripping water screen saver
STWIN10.ZIP 1995-01-13 00:00 273KScreen Thief for Windows v1.00 - The ultimate screen capture system for Windows.
SUIKA.ZIP 1994-12-17 00:00 7.2KWatermelonmean Screen Saver(SUIKA.LZH) is a screen saver for Windows.
SWITCH.ZIP 1995-01-11 00:00 12KWindows Screensaver on/off switch
VS-GATES.ZIP 1994-04-11 00:00 200KPC-Magazine June'94 DISK. Including Bill Gates screen saver for Windows!
W311LOGO.ZIP 1994-02-25 00:00 6.8KWindows 3.11 startup logo (VGALOGO.RLE) for WW0981 (Win 3.1 -> 3.11) patch users. Copy this file to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM, run SETUP, save changes, exit and run WIN.
WINCHG13.ZIP 1994-12-15 00:00 41KWindow Changer v1.3 - Switch windows fast.
WINSTRB2.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 332KWinStrobe 2.0! Larger strobe-window. Create stounding effects in a dark room.
WNDRG116.ZIP 1995-01-20 00:00 50KWinDrag v1.161e - WinDrag is a utility to expand your Windows Desktop.
XCICM10.ZIP 1994-08-07 00:00 334KIcon Magic for windows