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1MBFORT.ZIP 1995-02-21 00:00 73K1mbfort v1.0 - prevents Win 3.x programs from using large blocks of it.The companion utility view1mb lets you analyze low memory by providing information about free and allocated blocks. view1mb.exe util included. First Published in PC Mag March 29, 1995.
32-BFA.ZIP 1996-08-02 00:00 15Kwfwg 3.11 32-bit File Access FAQ by Michael McCormick (1.2)
ACCENT.ZIP 1995-04-16 00:00 178KAccent 3.0. Windows application that enables you to input special characters that are not normally found on a regular keyboard.
ALL3D130.ZIP 1994-03-24 00:00 41KAll3D V1.30 (c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer With All3D you can add Microsoft's new 3d look to the dialogs of most Windows Applications. All3D needs Windows 3.1, it will not work with Windows 3.0.
ALMNAC35.ZIP 1994-09-01 00:00 379KALMANAC v3.5 A powerful calendar application for Windows 3.1. Separate, configurable
ALTTAB.ZIP 1995-02-12 00:00 77KBETTER ALT-TAB by Toggle Booleans Better
AM_BB21.ZIP 1995-06-20 00:00 258KBANK BOOK for Windows: program for IBM-PC (MS Windows 3.1). It allows you to keep track of your bank accounts. Unlimited number of
AM_BC21.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 238KBOOK CATALOG for Windows: program for IBM-PC (MS Windows 3.1). Catalog your library (books and/or magazines) in as much detail as you
AM_CA21.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 411KCAR BOOK PLUS for Windows (MS Windows 3.1) excellent for Laptops). Includes two separate
AM_CB21.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 387KCONTACT BOOK + for Windows(MS Windows 3.1) (excellent for Laptops). Includes two programs: Contact Book and Note Book. Can be
AM_CC21.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 241KCOIN CATALOG for Windows: program for IBM-PC (MS Windows 3.1). Catalog your coin collection in as much detail as you need,
ANICURS2.ZIP 1993-11-06 00:00 93KAnimated cursors for windows. (3.1)
ANIEDIT.ZIP 1995-05-25 00:00 66KAnimation editor for windows (3.1)
ANIMOUS4.ZIP 1994-07-05 00:00 55KANIMOUSE 4.0 animates Windows mouse cursors
AOLP122.ZIP 1997-02-18 00:00 2.3Maolpress 1.2 HTML-editori 16-bit WIN 3.1-versio (
APPLE15.ZIP 1995-06-08 00:00 51KProgram manager and resource monitor for Win.
APPTME10.ZIP 1995-04-02 00:00 29KAPPTIME v1.0 counts applications runtimes
ATXDOC.ZIP 1996-03-12 00:00 144KATX emon speksit Word muodossa.
AV.ZIP 1995-04-05 00:00 64KArchive Viewer for Windows 3.x and up. Archive Viewer can extract files from the following archives with the listed compression methods: ARC/PAK, ARJ, GZ, GZIP, LHARC, PIT, SIT, TAR, ZIP, Z, ZOO Archive Viewer can also decompress files compressed with Mi crosoft COMPRESS.
BARCLK41.ZIP 1995-04-20 00:00 293KBarClock Title Bar Clock Utility v4.10
BATSH210.ZIP 1995-06-28 00:00 56KBATSH.EXE (v2.10) To run Windows commands from a file. Line by Line. Like BATCH (.BAT) files in DOS, but with some windows specific commands, and not all the DOS features. For WINDOWS 3.1 (FreeWare)
BCR310.ZIP 1995-08-19 00:00 300KBusinessCards for Windows V3.1 Extremely INTUITIVE and EASY TO USE free form database/organizer. Elegant folio-like user interface with tabs and flipping pages. Includes FREE BusinessDialer v1.1!
BEE10-A.ZIP 1995-05-31 00:00 1.3MMultimedia Spelling Bee v1.0 for Windows. Educational spelling software for students of all ages! Features photographic quality pics and extremely realistic human speech.
BEE10-B.ZIP 1995-05-31 00:00 774KMultimedia Spelling Bee v1.0 for Windows. 2/2
BIOPLOT2.ZIP 1994-01-16 00:00 375Kbiorythm for windows.
BMW.ZIP 1995-08-31 00:00 274KBMW-Screensaver for Windows 3.1x Top quality. The BMW-logo bounces around your screen.
BONGAU16.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 336KBongaus v. 1.6 Bongausohjelma Windowsiin. Ohjelmalla pidät lintuhavainnot järjestykses
BURNS100.ZIP 1995-07-06 00:00 126KMr Burns: The Productivity Monitoring System. Monitors the activity of any PC running Win.
CAL.ZIP 1995-06-01 00:00 626KPhotoCalendar 1.2b. Calendar program for Win
CDPLAYER.ZIP 1994-01-02 00:00 40KPublic domain Win 3.1 Audio CD Player with sources by John A Junod.
CLIPEXP.ZIP 1996-07-23 00:00 327KClipboard Expander v2.4 - access to the last 12 unique text items saved to the Win3.1 Clipboard. Edit, delete, copy or move clips in the expander back to the Clipboard. Freeware, postcardware, or donation... take your pick.
CLOSERD1.ZIP 1995-07-26 00:00 1.3MWindows real estate closing software. Print HUD-1 settlement statements for real estate closings.
CUCKOO21.ZIP 1995-09-01 00:00 34KCuckoo clock for windows
CWKIT.ZIP 1995-02-03 00:00 158KCrossword Construction Kit V1.10
DATEFI20.ZIP 1995-01-26 00:00 29KDateFinder for windows.
DEBTWN.ZIP 1995-05-11 00:00 312KDebt Analyzer for Windows v2.0d--
DESK30.ZIP 1994-02-22 00:00 498KBackDesk V3.0 BackDesk is a suite of utilities to enhance your Windows environment
DIMCALC2.ZIP 1995-01-26 00:00 86KDimensional calculator for windows
DKICK.ZIP 1995-01-17 00:00 37KDROPKICK v1.0. Launches programs with click of a button. (WIN)
DLLMAN32.ZIP 1994-06-04 00:00 67KWindows dynamic link library investigator 1.9
DPLCR103.ZIP 1996-01-16 00:00 120KDUPLICARE 1.03 - Jesse I. Deutsch The Roman Numeral Calculator for Win3.1. Calculations can be done in either Roman or Arabic and are automatically translated. Addition, subtraction and multiplication provided.
EDCNF102.ZIP 1994-11-26 00:00 106KConfig.sys/Autoexec.bat editor for Windows
EDTKEY13.ZIP 1994-12-01 00:00 36KEDTKEY 1.3. EDT keypad emulator for Word4Win
EI50.ZIP 1995-07-14 00:00 219KEASY INSTALL V5.0 Self Installing Distribution Disk Maker - Easy Install makes compressed self installing disks for progam distribution - No script language to learn
ENGAGE16.ZIP 1995-07-01 00:00 375KEngage 1.6 for Windows(tm) is a floating tool bar that provides quick access to your
EW20.ZIP 1994-04-20 00:00 820KE! for Windows version 2.0 BETA. Text editor for programmers.
EXECUTIV.ZIP 1994-09-24 00:00 432KIntuitive Address Book with program manager.
FASTEXIT.ZIP 1995-02-10 00:00 4.9KFast exit or reboot for windows
FILELOG.ZIP 1993-03-31 00:00 12KWIN 3.1 ohjelma, joka pitää lokia tiedostojärjestelmän muutoksista
FILEWK11.ZIP 1994-09-05 00:00 290KFileWork V1.1 directory utility for Windows
FIX120S.ZIP 1995-02-06 00:00 26Kfixini v1.10 1/5/94 fixini is a shareware utility that allows you to have multiple Windows configurations.
FLOYD.ZIP 1995-05-16 00:00 1.3MPink Floyd screen saver for Windows.
FLYCOL11.ZIP 1995-05-08 00:00 50KFlyingColors 1.1 - Liven up your desktop by creating your own color schemes.
FOREHELP.ZIP 1994-02-12 00:00 1.3MForehelp is the only help authoring system for Windows where you view, create, change, and move through your help projects in a visual and functional setting just like the final help project.
FREEPAK1.ZIP 1996-07-06 00:00 101KFree utilies for dos, win 3.1 & win95. Reboot , exit windows etc...7 prgs...
GS401WIN.ZIP 1996-07-11 00:00 443KGhostScript 4.01 for 16bit Windows 3.1
HC31.ZIP 1993-04-28 00:00 108KWindows Help compiler version 3.10.504
HOTSPOT.ZIP 1992-04-01 00:00 14KHiiriohjaus Win 3.1 Screensaveriin
HP2DC137.ZIP 1996-10-15 00:00 44Khlp2doc converts a Windows 3.x Help File to a Word for Windows 2.0 Document File including formatting information. There is also a windows front end program h2dstart for easy handling. Addon for M. Drurys VIEW.EXE. This version 1.37 of hlp2doc is freeware.
HP12C12.ZIP 1995-06-29 00:00 165KHP-12c FINANCIAL CALCULATOR EMULATOR. Win3.1
HPY30M17.ZIP 1998-01-17 00:00 17KHpy30min 1.6 on ohjelma, joka varoittaa vapaavalintaisen ajan (1-30min) kuluttua Always on top -mahdollisuus. Taustavä- ri tallentuu nyt ohjelman ini-tiedostoon Tarvitsee vbrun300.DLL ja win3.xx/9?/NT. FREEWAREA! Toimii myös munakellona!
HPY30MIN.ZIP 1997-11-28 00:00 3.8KHpy30min.exe on ohjelma joka varoittaa 25/27/29min välein tai haluamasi ajan kuluttua. Tämä varmistaa sen ettet joudu HPY:n kalliille ajalle!. FREEWAREA! Tarvitsee vbrun300.DLL:n ja Win3/95/NT
ICNCTL42.ZIP 1995-07-15 00:00 538K(v.4.2) icnctl42 - Icons Control displays 100 icons simultaneously for vewing, copying, renaming, and deleting using drag/drop
ICO2ANS1.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 9.6Kico2ans v1.00 ico2ans is a simple application to convert Windows' 3.1 icons to ANSI graphic files.
INVOI.ZIP 1995-05-09 00:00 42KPienen yrityksen laskutusjärjestelmä. Tarvitaan Excel (5) ja Word (6). Lehdestä PC Magazine elokuu 1995 (vol 14, n:o 14), jossa myös ohjeet. David Stonen tekemä. DS kehuu paremmaksi kuin vastaavat kaupalliset.
INWCH19.ZIP 1994-08-10 00:00 150KInWatch. 'Watches' Windows apps install. Backs your config files (autoexec.bat, config.sys, system.ini, win.ini).
IT21.ZIP 1995-07-05 00:00 322KIt Utilities v2.0 - Trash, View, Zip, Launch The It Utilities are extensions to the File manager of Window's 3.1. Drag'n'drop support.
JCALC10.ZIP 1994-08-26 00:00 200KWindows printing financial calculator and adding machine. Easy to use via keyboard or with the mouse. User configurable display.
KALEID.ZIP 1994-09-18 00:00 57KKaleidoscope screen saver for windows.
KILL20.ZIP 1994-04-03 00:00 142KTASK KILLER VERSION 2.0 ASP List/Load/Remove EXE's, DLL's & VBX's. List VxD's.
KKT0300.EXE 1993-11-10 00:00 276KAdd-In makro Excel 4.0:lle. T„ll„ pit„isi kirjanpidon luonnistua. Ominaisuuksia mm. vuokrakirjanpito ja reskontra.
KKTILIT.EXE 1993-10-25 00:00 147KKirjanpito-ohjelma EXCEL 3.0:lle tehtyna makrokokoelmana
KOKKI-02.ZIP 1995-09-30 00:00 540KKotikokki v0.2, ruokareseptit windowsiin. Win 3.1x Freeware
LMMC10A.ZIP 1993-07-25 00:00 91KLogiCIL Multimedia Center v1.0 for Win
LOAN10.ZIP 1992-05-24 00:00 186KWindows-ohjelma, joka laskee lainan lyhennykset, korot jne.
LOGT4_5.ZIP 1996-10-14 00:00 344KLogTick 4.5 for Windows (3.11 and higher) LogTick allows the user of a modem to keep track of the phone costs made with the modem and also the variable Internet costs (ISP)
LXTW107.ZIP 1995-07-20 00:00 290K(v1.33) LXT - LISP Exploration Tools (v1.07) LXTWIN - LXT for Windows LISP source code analysis. Builds calltree, cross-reference
MARTIN11.ZIP 1995-01-09 00:00 36KMartin's Fractals, screen saver.
MAXIT11.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 39KMaxIt 1.1, Maximize Win Apps on Startup.
MCICLB.ZIP 1993-06-06 00:00 183KMORE CONTROL v2.0/ICL BUILDER v1.0 - More Control allows you to access many of those settings that Microsoft did not include in the Control Panel.
MEMFIX10.ZIP 1995-02-03 00:00 26KMemFix v1.0 - allows more Windows applications to run same time
MEMGR.ZIP 1992-01-13 00:00 8.8KNeat memory/Resource meter for Windows
MEMPLUS2.ZIP 1995-05-01 00:00 521KMemPlus (TM) 2.0. More memory for Win 3.1 & WfWG 3.11. Shareware
METAMOUS.EXE 1993-08-31 00:00 33KMeta-Mouse 1.3 from the Windows user Sep 93.
MM351.ZIP 1994-01-27 00:00 193KMY MONEY v3.51 The Personal Finance Manager
MOONRISE.ZIP 1995-01-23 00:00 45KMoon rise/set times for windows
MOREMEM3.ZIP 1995-01-31 00:00 91KMoremem 3.0 fixes insufficient memory to run errors when loading programs in windows 3.1
MORTAZ.ZIP 1995-03-07 00:00 222KThe Mortgage Analyzer v2.03 contains options for amortization schedules, loan qualification, refinancing, etc
MOUSEODO.EXE 1993-08-31 00:00 31KHave you ever wondered how far your mouse travels in a day or a even a week? Mouse odometer keeps track of the distance the mouse cursor moves and allows you to relate that to how far you actually move the mouse on your desk. From Windows user Sep 93.
MRABBI31.ZIP 1994-08-14 00:00 1.0MMikro Rabbi 3.1 DEMO. Windows-pohjainen tietokoneraamattu. Win 3.1, 2MB, 2.5MB min. >> Purku: PKUNZIP -d MRABBI31.ZIP
MSWRD6.EXE 1994-10-14 00:00 746KMS-Word 6.0 to 2.0 converter. Win3.1 req.
MT250.ZIP 1993-11-01 00:00 88KMY TIME v2.50 Personal Information Manager
MV12KIT1.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 402KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #1
MV12KIT2.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 843KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #2
MV12KIT3.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 9.4KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #3
MV12KIT4.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 12KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #4
MV12KIT5.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 359KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #5
MV12KIT6.ZIP 1994-08-19 00:00 194KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #6
MV12KIT7.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 205KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #7
MV12KIT8.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 59KMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #8
MV12KIT9.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 2.3MMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #9
MV12KITA.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 3.1MMicrosoft MediaView HELP creator #10
NAKKA_14.ZIP 1995-04-28 00:00 33KNakka 1.4 - suomalainen almanakka ja muistuttaja
NETWIZ.ZIP 1995-03-29 00:00 326KInternet Wizard - Toolbar (control panel/launcher) for Winsock Apps (Shareware). From Adam Allard. This program creates a set of folders representing the various Internet programs allowing them to be quickly launched.
N_TIMER.ZIP 1995-07-21 00:00 48KTimer for windows.
ODOMETER.ZIP 1993-11-07 00:00 19KTrip-o-meter for mouse in Windows
P6SHR.ZIP 1995-04-26 00:00 485KPRIME 6 Add-In for WinWord 6.0. Powerful collection of utilities for WinWord 6.0.
PGPW41.ZIP 1995-11-18 00:00 668Kwinpgp 4.1 Maintenance release of winpgp 16bit. This release corrects bugs in version 4.0 and is a complete replacement.
PHOWKS14.ZIP 1995-07-16 00:00 146KPhoneWorks 1.4 PhoneWorks allows you to control voice mail, bank by phone, or virtualy any voice messaging system using your Windows PC and a modem. Just click on a
PITALK22.ZIP 1994-09-26 00:00 350KPLUG-IN for Windows v2.20 - Plug It In! These are the Talking Clock files for Plug-In
PLANITPB.EXE 1995-06-19 00:00 2.2MElektroninen muistio. Itsepurkautuva paketti. Shareware-Playboy
PLUGIN22.ZIP 1994-09-26 00:00 410KPLUG-IN for Windows v2.20 - Plug It In! Title Bar displays, Alarms, Scheduler, App Installer, Sound Support etc.
PMHK15.ZIP 1992-03-27 00:00 8.8KPikanäppäin Windowsin Program Managerille
PO7WIN1.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 1.1MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 1/12 Testiversio, jota saat käyttää 90 päivää. Pura kaikki paketit samaan hakemistoon ja aja sitten RUNME.BAT.
PO7WIN2.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 1.2MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 2/12
PO7WIN3.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 1.4MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 3/12
PO7WIN4.EXE 1995-01-13 00:00 1.3MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 4/12
PO7WIN5.EXE 1995-01-13 00:00 1.0MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 5/12
PO7WIN6.EXE 1995-01-13 00:00 1.6MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 6/12
PO7WIN7.EXE 1995-01-13 00:00 1.3MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 7/12
PO7WIN8.EXE 1995-01-13 00:00 1.7MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 8/12
PO7WIN9.EXE 1995-01-13 00:00 1.1MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 9/12
PO7WIN10.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 1.2MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 10/12
PO7WIN11.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 1.1MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 11/12
PO7WIN12.ZIP 1995-03-03 00:00 1.2MPersonal Oracle7 for Windows 12/12
POWDUK.ZIP 1993-05-25 00:00 173KPOW - Dictionary Files (British spelling)
POWDUS.ZIP 1993-05-25 00:00 176KPOW - Dictionary Files (American spelling)
PRGBAR10.ZIP 1995-10-08 00:00 91KA program wich adds to your Windows 3.x the startup menus alike Win95. It contains the start-button and task list.
PRGBR230.ZIP 1997-03-09 00:00 380K(2.30) ProgramBar - desktop enhancing taskbar ProgramBar brings much of the functionality, look and feel of the Win95 TaskBar to Win3.1. A button bar triggered from any edge of the screen displaying active tasks for switching. All Program Manager groups may be accessed through a menu hierarchy. Control Panel applets may be run for easy configuration. Fast launch of commonly used applications, documents and help files. Live document links
PRGGRP19.ZIP 1994-07-07 00:00 15KProgman-Groups v1.9 - Possibility to have groups in groups in the progam manager.
PSK12.ZIP 1996-04-25 00:00 98K(v1.2) PassKeeper - Safe password storage PassKeeper is a Windows utility that allows you keep an encrypted list of accounts with usernames, passwords, and notes. I wrote this out of a personal need to keep track of the increasing number of accounts I have, on the Net and elsewhere, that require a user- name and password. 16- and 32-bit versions. Freeware. Brad Greenlee (
PSYCCI31.ZIP 1996-03-01 00:00 118KPsycho-Delic Circles! 3.1 A great Windows 3.x and 95 compatible Screen Saver. Copy SCR file to the Windows directory. Select in control panel. Shareware by ABSTRACT media!
QT16211.ZIP 1996-08-17 00:00 1.7MQuickTime Player for Win 3.x ver 2.1.1
RANDNUM1.ZIP 1995-04-18 00:00 41KRandom Numbers v1.0, April 1995.
RAPEKI11.ZIP 1996-01-11 00:00 474KRAPEKI v.1.1 on windows ohjelma jolla voit pitaa kirjaa kaikista Veikkauksen rahapelien menoista ja tuloista. Ilmainen! Kokeile!
RCLICK12.ZIP 1994-02-03 00:00 15KRClick 1.2 Program that activates Active window's pulldown menust just there where your pointer is.
REMINDR.ZIP 1996-11-16 00:00 214KREMINDER v1.1 - A Windows event reminder, easy to use, fully featured and compatible with Win 3.x and Win 95. Support for different event types, recurring of one-off. Includes an option to run automatically at Windows start-up. Fully configurable, and full use of modern Windows attributes: toolbars, mouse menus etc. Registration is by ID code, no further disks or downloads required, and entitles you to free upgrades
RESMON.ZIP 1994-01-27 00:00 11KResMon This program shows resourses and memory and is able to Compress and force programs to release memory. (Last two are optionals)
RMNDR10.ZIP 1995-03-08 00:00 200KREMINDER v1.0 reminds you from everything
RUN.ZIP 1995-09-30 00:00 485K(v1.0)RUN, menu bar lean & mean holds 30 icons, and takes less than 1/10 of the screen. Can have upto 4 bars active etc
RUNPLUS.ZIP 1994-02-14 00:00 27KRunPlus is a handy utility designed to give you the option on the way your program's window is displayed when it is started from Program Manager. For example, you could create an icon in Program Manager that will cause Notepad to open up MAXIMIZED.
SAVERBTN.ZIP 1995-05-18 00:00 5.4KSaverButton for windows.
SAW110.ZIP 1995-07-17 00:00 442KThe System Analyst for Windows (SAW) Ver 1.10 SAW is a Windows 3.10+ diagnostic utility along the lines of Norton SI, Q/A Win, etc.
SCROLLMA.ZIP 1994-09-25 00:00 20KScrollMaster. Makes scrolling easier and reduces arm motion. (WIN)
SEMSTM.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 95KSEMS electronics Task Manager for Windows 3.x - An intelligent replace for the original Windows taskman
SKYMAP.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 1.2MSKYMAP v2.2 Windows 3.1 Planetarium.
SMTACC.ZIP 1994-01-04 00:00 321KSMART ACCOUNTS V1.3 - Windows personal finance package, simple but powerful
SMTADR.ZIP 1995-05-05 00:00 367KSmart Address v2.0 - A sophisticated Windows address management system.
SMTDTE.ZIP 1994-12-01 00:00 66KWindows Perpetual Calendar
SMTSRF11.ZIP 1995-06-07 00:00 204KSmartSurf v1.1 - FREE Windows on-line time and usage monitoring system.
SPARTA15.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 137KSparta 1.5, Macintosh on your PC! Program & File Manager replacement.
SRESTART.ZIP 1995-01-06 00:00 294KSchultEch Restart. 75_ faster windows restart
SSLAUNCH.ZIP 1997-06-18 00:00 650KWindows multi applications launcher with delay
SST102.ZIP 1995-07-02 00:00 426KSystem ScanTool (Dupe remover)
STARTAPP.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 22KStartApp v1.00 lets you start your apps standard, normal, maximized, minimized and hidden. You can also specify wind. positions.
STORY318.ZIP 1995-06-14 00:00 368KA HANDY FAMILY TREE with PCX-foto support Sukupuuohjelma kaikilla mausteilla !!!!
STRTAP11.ZIP 1994-07-07 00:00 27KStartApp v1.10 - Start applications normal, maximized, minimized, hidden etc.
SUF306.ZIP 1995-08-15 00:00 1.0MSetup Factory 3.06 for Windows allows you to create robust, professional installations.
SWD10.ZIP 1994-12-09 00:00 339KThe Silver Wolf Desktop for Windows 3.1 includes not only the best features of Macintosh and Windows95/Chicago, but many other even more intuitive ways to use your computer. Full support for: Long Names, Aliases, Drag/Drop, Trash, Icon & Text file/directory views, File Find, History Lists, ProgMan groups, FileMan drops, Networks and more. From Silver Wolf Software, $39.
SYSMON12.ZIP 1994-03-10 00:00 41KSYSMON 1.2. System Resource Monitor for Win3.
TCMD102.ZIP 1996-04-17 00:00 491KTake Command 1.02 - JP Software's enhanced command processor for MS Windows 3.1+, Windows for Workgroups, and WIN-OS/2. Command enhancements, over 50 new commands, 4dos compatible, dozens of new Windows- related features. Shareware, $69 full registration. 04-17-95 release A (62).
TCTB22.ZIP 1994-08-07 00:00 803KTC's Toolbox Version 2.2.
TIMEWTCH.ZIP 1995-04-30 00:00 167KTimeWatch v1.0 - A small Windows utility that shows your Windows usage time. Freeware
TMAN102.ZIP 1993-11-14 00:00 27KTask Manager replacement
TMAN110.ZIP 1994-01-06 00:00 30KTasMan 1.10 great replacemet for TaskManager(Windows TM)
TMS111.EXE 1996-12-25 00:00 368KToo Many Secrets V. 1.11 TMS is a 16bit crypt/decrypt program for Windows. Very easy to use, can be used with WWW-browsers, extremely safe, handy and powerful. Use this to crypt any kind of files, like texts, pictures, programs, music, E-mails... TMS-level crypt allows
TMWIN10.ZIP 1994-06-10 00:00 194KTimers For Windows.
TT11A.ZIP 1993-02-08 00:00 1.3MThai Tutor! Learn to SPEAK Thai. Soundcard recommended. windows shareware
UCLOCK12.ZIP 1995-03-02 00:00 43KUltimate Clock v1.2 - Fully configurable, digital clock and timer for Windows 3.1.
UN4WIN15.ZIP 1993-07-12 00:00 53KUninstall for Windows
UNSTAL4W.ZIP 1995-03-22 00:00 2.8KUnstall for Windows saves your Windows settings for later comparison.
VB4RUN16.ZIP 1995-12-02 00:00 1.3MVisual Basic v4.0 Runtime-lib. 16bit.
VBHELP.ZIP 1995-04-05 00:00 247KVBHelper v1.0 Integrated VB Help system!
VBSYS240.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 115Kvbsys Windows System Monitor Version 2.40 (vbsys and vbsysbar) Monitors many system resources at all times and combines some utilities that you may already use. It will: Monitor Disk Space, Resources, Memory, Tasks, Display and Set Date and Time, give System Info, Compact Memory, Run programs easily from within vbsys, and much more, all in one small display. It has Changable Fonts, Color, Memory Display, enhanced system info, and
VH.ZIP 1993-05-06 00:00 129KVisual Help 1.0f by WinWare. Makes it easy to create Windows Help files without having to know any of the technical in's and out's. All you have to do is type in (or cut-and-paste) text and push a few buttons. You can run your help file in VH before compiling it to save time.
VISFL115.ZIP 1994-11-20 00:00 73KVisual Filemanager for Windows. Program manager replacement.
WATCH13.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 178KWinWatch Ver 1.3 Watch windows resources
WAYFAR22.ZIP 1995-04-14 00:00 244KWayfarer v2.2 - The ULTIMATE freeware program launcher for Windows 3.1 environment.
WB-40L.ZIP 1992-12-01 00:00 288KWinBatch - 4.0L (ASP) Write Windows Batch Files. Dialogs, program control, & powerful data manipulation features lets you control Windows. A must for the power user. Over 200 functions let you do *anything* in Windows! DDE, Multimedia, and More!
WB97D16I.ZIP 1997-06-30 00:00 1.7MWinBatch 97d (ASP) Windows System Utility Language. Structures, floating point, file manipulation, ole2.0 Automation, DDE and over 350 functions allow you to program this tradional, procedural basic-like language. A must for the power user. Includes dialog editor and handy utilities. Only $99.95+s&h 16-bit version for Windows 3.1/Win4Wkrg
WBARC41A.ZIP 1995-01-27 00:00 108KWin Bar Clock v4.1a
WBOA2151.ZIP 1997-09-28 00:00 3.5MWinboard / Ivexpcb 2.15 Shareware Design up to 100 pins. Winboard PCB layout includes everything you need to design printed circuit boards. Not just plain ones, either, but complex, surface mounted, rounded, copper-filled and trace-plowed ones! This one does just about everything!
WBOA2152.ZIP 1997-09-29 00:00 699KWinboard / Ivexpcb 2.15 Shareware Design up to 100 pins. Winboard PCB layout includes everything you need to design printed circuit boards. Not just plain ones, either, but complex, surface mounted, rounded, copper-filled and trace-plowed ones! This one does just about everything!
WC16V301.ZIP 1996-12-31 00:00 833KWINDOWS COMMANDER 3.01 - 16bit filemanager Wincmd is a file manager replacement for Windows. This is the 16-bit version for Windows 3.1. For Windows 95 or NT 3.51/ 4.0, please download the 32-bit version from Wincmd supports ZIP/ARJ/LHA/RAR/UC2, internal ZIP packer, enhanced search function, quick view.
WCMD130E.ZIP 1994-05-16 00:00 276KWindows Commander version 1.30e, a file manager replacement for Windows, with drag&drop, copy/move/delete whole direc- tories, packer shell for ZIP/ARJ/LHA, full text search, command line. Now with configurable button bar and menu!
WCOMP20.ZIP 1995-01-15 00:00 349KWComp 2.0 The Ultimate File Analyzer
WCPD22.ZIP 1995-07-17 00:00 64KComplete Program Deleter 2.2 for Windows removes all files and directories added to a disk by any installation utility, and restores AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, SYSTEM.INI, and WIN.INI. A complete uninstaller for Windows or DOS programs.
WCPUMTRX.ZIP 1991-01-03 00:00 7.6KWindowssin CPU mittari
WDOCWRD6.ZIP 1997-09-29 00:00 609KGetting started guide for Winboard and Windraft. Word6 format.
WDRA2021.ZIP 1997-09-28 00:00 3.2MWinDraft 2.02 Shareware. Design up to 100 pins. A professional, fully-featured schematic capture and PCB layout environment.
WDRA2022.ZIP 1997-09-28 00:00 737KWinDraft 2.02 Shareware. Design up to 100 pins. A professional, fully-featured schematic capture and PCB layout environment.
WEXIT5.ZIP 1994-06-12 00:00 31KWin Exit v5.0 - This utility provides a quick and easy way to exit and Restard Windows, [Req. vbrun300.DLL]
WEXIT12.ZIP 1993-03-14 00:00 5.1KFast end session for Windows - WinExit v1.2
WFILE311.ZIP 1993-10-21 00:00 184KWFW filemanageri Win 3.1 käyttäjille winfile.* windows dirriin ja *.dll systemiin
WFXM31.ZIP 1993-12-20 00:00 26KSample Code for adding a WinFax menu item to a Windows application
WHOOPIT.ZIP 1992-03-19 00:00 144KWhoop It Up for Windows (attach sound to events and applications)
WIMA1630.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 168KWINIMAGE-3.00THE WINDOWS DMF DISK IMAGER This .ZIP:Win16 english version for Win 3.1x ->Open CDROM ISO image file in read only!<- New : compress image file (ZIP compatible), comment in image, drag file to explorer. Make disk image from floppy, extract file from image, make an empty image, inject file on it and put the image on blank disk. TRUE WINDOWS APP (modern intrface).Change image format,dfrg delete file on image. POWERFUL BATCH ASSISTANT CAN READ/WRITE/FORMAT DMF. Diskcopy Macintosh floppy. Also exist for Win32 (winima30.ZIP) Translation file for foreig langage also exist
WIMAES30.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 60KSpanish Language Module for WinImage 3.0 These files can be copied over the English version to create a Spanish version of WinImage 16 bit or 32 bit. Other languages are available. Language Kit for new translations is also available from Gilles Vollant.
WIMAFR30.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 63KFrench Language Module for WinImage 3.0 These files can be copied over the English version to create a French version of WinImage 16 bit or 32 bit. Other languages are available. Language Kit for new translations is also available from Gilles Vollant.
WIMAIT30.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 56KItalian Language Module for WinImage 3.0 These files can be copied over the English version to create a Italian version of WinImage 16 bit or 32 bit. Other languages are available. Language Kit for new translations is also available from Gilles Vollant.
WIMAPT30.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 58KPortuguese Language Module for WinImage 3.0 These files can be copied over the English version to create a Portuguese version of WinImage 16 bit or 32 bit. Other languages are available. Language Kit for new translations is also available from Gilles Vollant.
WIMATK30.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 133KWinImage 3.00 Language Translation Kit This .ZIP contains the files needed for translating WinImage 3.00 in a another langage. You need the English version release to test this. (winima30.ZIP on some BBS) French, English, Italian, Spanish and German already exist, Russian comeing soon!
WINBAR11.ZIP 1995-08-31 00:00 149KWinBar v1.1 - Win95 Taskbar clone for Win 3.x First Published in PC Mag Sep 12, 1995.
WINBAR24.ZIP 1995-02-15 00:00 165KWindows Task Bar v2.40 - Windows Bar includes a task bar and drag and drop calculator/calen
WINBATCH.ZIP 1992-04-21 00:00 136KBatit Windowsiin !!! Ohjelma jolla se on mahdollista
WINCALC.ZIP 1995-01-19 00:00 37KWindows Drag and Drop Calculator
WINCMD78.ZIP 1995-02-12 00:00 579KWCL: a Command Processor for Windows, and Win-OS/2. This is a full Windows Command Shell and suite of utilities.
WINGAGE.ZIP 1994-10-14 00:00 98KWinGage - is a Windows resource monitor that shows the date, time and available resources.
WINLE201.ZIP 1995-02-09 00:00 317KLibrary for Windows ver. 2.01 Personal library manager
WINLMP15.ZIP 1994-05-16 00:00 222KWinLamps v1.5 - Ultimate Digital Display. - free RAM, HDD space, and Clock. -
WINMDM3.ZIP 1993-06-07 00:00 75KWindowsohjelma, joka näyttää modemin merkkivalot omassa pikkuikkunassa.
WINSTRB2.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 73KWinStrobe 2.0! Create astouding effects.
WINTV_10.ZIP 1994-04-12 00:00 41KWinTV v1.0 Tämä ohjelma helpotta YLE:n ohjelma- tietojen lukua. WinTV toimii Windows ympäristössä. Ilmainen - suomenkielinen! HUOM. Tarvitsee VBRUN100.DLL tiedoston
WNHND10.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 128KWinHound v1.0 - Windows file finder and text search utility.
WPST30.ZIP 1991-05-07 00:00 60KWindows Post-It, Keltaiset laput
WQA0595.EXE 1995-05-01 00:00 38KFIX1MB utility for Windows 3.1 & WfWG 3.11 from MSJ May 1995.This utility prevents Win applications to fill up memory below 1MB.
WSETUP20.ZIP 1994-10-03 00:00 184KWinSetup 2.0 from BeastWare
WSTBAR25.ZIP 1995-07-07 00:00 115Kwstbar 2.5 is a MS Windows application that displays a toolbar (TOPMOST) that holds 10 command buttons for INTERNET applications.
WT20.ZIP 1994-12-02 00:00 1.3MWinTune 2.0 - Windowssin virittely proge
WT95APP1.ZIP 1995-08-22 00:00 75KExcel (5.0 or 95) and Word (6.0 or 95) macros for use with Wintune 95.
WW0407.EXE 1991-02-11 00:00 18KRemote Boot Workstations & Win/386 E
WWS091.ZIP 1995-08-24 00:00 37KSmall and easy shell for WWPACK EXE file compressor with Norton-like-TUI. Makes WWPACK easier and much more comfortable to use. Program: WWPACK Shell Version: 0.91 Release: 24 August 1995 Archive: wws091.ZIP Category: shell Author: Piotr Warezak Requirements: none Execution: WWS.EXE Documentation: WWS.DOC Registration: freeware
XWORD.ZIP 1990-04-05 00:00 35KXWORD. Ristikko Winille.