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DISFAC11.ZIP 1994-05-19 00:00 108K* DISK FACTORY v1.11 * As seen in Windows Magazine Superior Shareware, (5/94). A Windows-based, high-speed, multitasking copy / compare / format utility! Spend more time USING your computer and less time WAITING for it to complete simple tasks; churn out copies while you use your word processor, spreadsheet, etc.! Shareware for Microsoft Windows 3.1. Reviewed in Windows Online Magazine (3/94) Author: Mark McGinty,
DMW_V300.ZIP 1997-12-18 00:00 1.1MOntrack Disk Manager for Windows version 3.00 (Includes Disk Manager for DOS version 9.0) Updated 11/26/97 Updated version that supports all Quantum drives, including Fireball SE and Bigfoot TX families. Quantum specific version of Ontrack Disk Manager for IDE drives. Requires a Quantum disk drive to properly work. This software package is used to access drives with capacity greater than 528mb. Supports DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows
MFI.ZIP 1997-01-17 00:00 73KMFI Makes Files Invisible v1.1. MFI works in Windows 3.1 and 95. MFI keeps your private files private by making them invisible to unauthorized users. They don't show up in directory listing and programs, applications, utilities, file managers, even DOS and Windows can't find, view, delete, modify, use, or work on them. Enter your password and instantly all your files become visible and accessible.
MRFORMAT.ZIP 1994-02-08 00:00 111KMr. Format is the FASTEST floppy formatter for Windows! Background formatting!
MYTRSH22.ZIP 1994-04-20 00:00 150KWindows file deletion program
SJHB.ZIP 1996-12-30 00:00 34KBase 64 Encoder/Decoder for Windows 3.1.
SMTCAT.ZIP 1994-01-05 00:00 358KThe ultimate Windows Disk/CD Cataloger. MDI, ZIP, ARJ etc. support.
SPUTILS2.ZIP 1995-02-09 00:00 92KCCOPY - copy file to win clipboard, CFILE - copy win clipboard to file, HCOPY - copy huge files to multiple disks. Freeware. v 0.02
TMAC14.ZIP 1995-03-01 00:00 94KTransMac v1.4: TransMac is a PC Windows utility which can access Macintosh HFS format disks. This includes HD diskettes, CDROM's and SCSI devices.
TPDISK32.ZIP 1995-08-31 00:00 67KWindows 32bits disk access for thinkpads
WCMD150E.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 356KWINDOWS COMMANDER v1.50 - a file manager replacement for Windows
WFIND30A.ZIP 1994-09-26 00:00 95KFILE FINDER VERSION 3.0 FOR WINDOWS Powerful file search program for Windows-
WINCAT32.ZIP 1993-06-08 00:00 274KWinCat/PRO 3.2:Disk&CD Catalog/FileManager. Catalogs floppydisks,CD's,harddisks etc., also contents of ARJ,ZIP,LZH,PAK,ARC,ZOO. Easy to use and very fast (turbo Pascal). Interfaces with all DOS/Windows programs (e.g. WinZip) using userdefined associa- tions.Extensive search/sort capabilities. Features:reads 4DOS descript.ion,import from text-file,export to DBF file,various reports. And what's more : it's AidWare !
WINCAT41.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 548KWinCat/PRO 4.1 Disk & cdrom Catalog. Todays most advanced cataloging system !
WINCLNUK.ZIP 1994-09-15 00:00 73KPolaris WinClean - helps you get a quick view of all the files on your hard disk and allows you to easily delete unwanted items.